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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 17 Recap

Feng Ziyuan’s drunk walking legs were soft, and Daole helped her out of the restaurant a few steps before sitting on the stone steps at the door. Being drunk makes people dizzy. Feng Ziyuan recognized Daole as a P4 for a while, remembering the days when she took care of P4, and then remembering that the person in front of him was Daole. After a few trivial words, she fell asleep. Daole’s shoulder. Dole looked at her flushed cheeks, naive and cute, and couldn’t help approaching, and finally kissed her gently on the cheek.

Feng Xi’s family of three on the street was still shopping. It happened that Lantern riddles were hanging high. Xiao Wen wanted to guess and take a look. Feng Xi couldn’t understand her characters even after looking at her. Who knew Wen Xin asked him a piece of lantern riddles, and the answer was toad. , Waiting for Feng Xi to tell her the answer to the mystery, how could this not be, this is basically making fun of him with lantern riddles, cursing him in a different way.

When I arrived at a jewelry shop, the original treasure of the town shop here was the one that was given to Mrs. Rou. Knowing that Dongyue was jealous, Feng Xite brought her to pick it again. Who knows that Dongyue didn’t see it, but Xiao Wenxin gave it to herself. Feng Xi picked a hairpin for her and bought it as Dongyue gave it to her. After leaving the shop, Feng Xi carried Xiao Wenxin on his back.

The three thought that the lantern would be over and were about to turn around, but they heard that there was a firework show. The fireworks were dazzling, and the gorgeous bouquets bloomed in the dark night. Before today, Xiao Wenxin rushed to the Yufeng Pavilion to ask for the blessings of the three princes, leaving Dongyue and Feng Xi both to enjoy the dazzling beauty.

Speaking of which, almost all of Da Yin’s lantern riddles came from Feng Xi. He came out to make a living at a very young age, and he had done all kinds of jobs. The most money was the lantern riddles of the Lantern Festival. In fact, today is not only Xiao Wenxin’s birthday, but also Dongyue’s birthday. Feng Xi didn’t know until then, and she couldn’t prepare. It just happened that the fireworks were hanging in the night sky, so they would come to see the fireworks and guess the riddles every year today.

Another early morning, the Jiaman Song and Dance Ensemble attended the pilgrimage. With Murong Yi as the head, they presented a dance for the emperor. The graceful dance and the delicate and flexible figure were greatly admired by the emperor. After finishing the dance, Murong Yi presented a wreath to the female official Dongyue who was also on the court. After that, I went to the palace and met Concubine Feng. I heard that Concubine Feng had an excellent embroidery. Since Feng Xi cut her price, I asked a concubine to embroider the silk kerchief as compensation. After all, Feng Xi was holding down the ordnance. It will be shipped out through Murongyi.

When Feng Ziyuan woke up, she really hoped that yesterday was a dream, and Daole hesitated outside the door, hoping that she would remember it and fearing that she would remember it. The two people deduced what happened last night without embarrassment or embarrassment for a long time at the door, so Feng Ziyuan was absent-minded during the practice that day. When Daole touched her hand, she always thought about strange places, uncomfortable all over.

When another day of martial arts practice passed, Feng Ziyuan thought that she had done something wrong yesterday when she saw that Daole was late in martial arts practice. When she turned around, Daole gave her a bouquet of white flowers. Feng Ziyuan started as soon as she saw it. I can’t stop sneezing.

Xiao Wenxin saw that Dongyue’s wreath was beautiful, and was about to ask for it to wear it. She just met Feng Ziyuan who was sneezing. She said that Le Quqishan also picked these flowers for her, and Jiaman Murongyi gave it to Dongyue. It is also a flower like Qishan, which means that Murong Yi went to Qishan. The more and more Dongyue thinks about it, the more strange it is. Go to Qishan to find the place where this flower grows.

The terrain here is excellent, surrounded by mountains and water, and it is a good place to hide weapons. At the same time, the third prince also noticed Qishan and came to ask Dongyue. She did not tell the truth, and even helped Feng Xi to get rid of it. Even the Qishan map was not shown to the third prince.

Seeing from the left has a chance to take advantage of it. In the early dynasty, he was close to the three princes and learned that Feng Xi’s men had recently appeared near Qishan. The three princes cooperated with the left minister to determine several suspicious ordnance dens in Qishan, so the left minister imprisoned the three princes in the mansion and began to set up a trick to lure Feng Xi. In Feng’s mansion, Xiao Wenxin ran to tell Feng Xi that Dongyue was gone. There was only one earring, and the other earring was sent by someone at this time, with a letter attached to him asking him to replace him with the weapon.

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