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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 18 Recap

When Feng Xi thought about it, he knew that only Zuo Xiang would use Dongyue’s life to persecute him. Fortunately, the ordnance had been transferred a lot by Murongyi. The rest was originally intended to leave tomorrow, but people are not as good as the sky. Feng Ximing It moves immediately. Knowing that Dongyue had an accident, Feng Ziyuan was the first to sit still, and Daole had to go to save people. Feng Ziyuan was worried about her, so she passed the peace blessing that Xiaosi had given her to Daole. This is her most precious thing, but Kudole thought she would treat herself as a younger brother, but eventually accepted it.

The song and dance troupe went through the gate of the city. Even if it was due to the inconvenience of the woman, the guards did not prevaricate. When the situation was critical, the servant sent Feng Guifei’s handkerchief and secretly exchanged it without paying attention. creed. Don’t look at the monk’s face to see the Buddha’s name, in the name of Concubine Feng, who would dare not let Murong Yi go.

Qingxiao rescued the three princes who were trapped in Xiangfu. He immediately ordered all the guards of Yufeng Pavilion to go to Qishan for support. He blamed him for not checking for a while, but he did not expect that Zuoxiang’s move was murderous. On Qishan, Feng Xi obediently handed over the weapons and rescued Dongyue. Daole lit a fire in the dark, and the lead burned inch by inch. Feng Xi held Dongyue’s hand tightly, ready to escape at any time. But Chi Jinhai saw through the line of fire. He cut the line of fire and cursed Feng Xi for being scheming, and both sides immediately broke their faces.

There are people from the left side everywhere. Feng Xi and the others are really passive with less to more. But it is this passive situation that let Dongyue know that Feng Xi’s skills are so good. Several soldiers surrounded him and he was still at ease. Because of protecting Dongyue and Daoraku, he hits an arrow. In the end, helpless, Feng Xi ignited several boxes of firearms, taking advantage of the explosion to scare away the enemy for a moment, but Feng Xi was still doomed to escape after he got over. At this time, the three princes came with people, although the left side is eager to kill Feng Xi, but if he does not stop at this moment, the emperor in the court tomorrow will know about his prince under house arrest.

When Feng Xi wakes up again, Dongyue will be by the side of the couch. It is indeed a pleasant thing to see the beauty when he wakes up and opens his eyes. Dongyue was worried about Qishan’s ordnance. Feng Xi said that this was only left by him for self-preservation, and the number was not as much as one-tenth of the loss of the Ministry of War. Seeing her worrying about him so much, Feng Xi felt soft in her heart, holding her tenderly for a long time. Dao Le’s situation was not good, he was also injured, and there was a long sore on his back, but no matter how he applied the ointment, he did not get better.

When I left the room, Dao Le saw Feng Ziyuan asking the maid Xiao You for an exquisite medicine bottle. Could it be that he was going to make a new medicine for him? He was happy to see Lu Chuan come out happily. This time, Qi Shan’s miscellaneous talks estimated that he was ready Written. Who knows when you ask, what Lu Chuan said about Qishan was that three men were jealous and fought for a winter moon. This had nothing to do with the facts. At this time, Dao Le saw Feng Ziyuan send the new medicine bottle to Feng Xi’s room. He was lost for a while. It turned out that he was wrong, and it was for Feng Xi.

In the evening, Dao Le sat alone in the courtyard holding a drink to get drunk, and compared himself with Feng Xi in his mouth, and fell heavily on Feng Ziyuan’s shoulder while talking. Feng Ziyuan was supposed to help him back into the room, but he woke up suddenly, his eyes fixed on Feng Ziyuan, step by step, he forced her to the tree behind him, he didn’t want to be a younger brother, he wanted to tell Feng Zi The difference between Yuan Yuan and his younger brother, so like a dragonfly, Dao Le kissed Feng Zi Yuan lightly.

When he woke up the next day, there was a bottle of ordinary ointment beside Doraku’s bed. I asked Feng Ziyuan to find out that yesterday’s exquisite bottle of medicine was not usable by Daole, so the bottle of medicine was simply given to Feng Xi, and Feng Ziyuan made another bottle for Daole in the middle of the night. Sent over. It turned out that Feng Ziyuan cared about him so much, and Dao Le couldn’t help jumping for joy. Moreover, Feng Ziyuan’s darts now become more and more proficient, and four darts hit the target. Faced with such an excellent result, Daole pretended to be disdainful and provoked Feng Ziyuan to clean up.

For some reason, Dongyue’s wound has not healed after several days. Now it has been 15 years since Qiyuan, the war is about to make her feel relieved. The third prince came to visit Dongyue. She had no hatred for Feng Xi, and she was still explaining for it, asking the third prince not to try to punish Feng Xi with this matter, but even if she didn’t say it, Feng Xi would use it early. The explosion destroyed all the evidence. The third prince had the intention to show her his friendship, but with Dongyue’s current dedication to Feng Xi, his friendship would not be responded to.

Dongyue also knew what he wanted to say, not knowing whether it was whispering or telling, she began to blindly review herself. It was she who couldn’t help falling in love with Feng Xi, she was greedy for moments of happiness, she still had things to do, and she was going to leave after all.

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