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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 1 Recap

The eldest lady of the Xia family, Xia Ranran, walked on the streets of England and called her father, saying that she was really out of money and she would die here if she didn’t give her money. Xia Ranran didn’t get a response, so she called her father’s assistant, but was told that he was in a meeting. Xia Ranran was framed for possession of drugs, and communicated with the police in bad English, so she could only fill out a random phone number for the police to contact him, and said that she was his girlfriend. This call belongs to Xia Ranran’s mother, but the one holding this number is Shao Mingzhe, who is also the only person she knows here. After Shao Mingzhe rushed to the police station to understand the situation, the police said that she would keep her for investigation. Xia Ranran helplessly asked for help saying that she was only him. This sentence touched Shao Mingzhe’s heartstrings. This is not the first time he has heard such words.

Shao Mingzhe paid Xia Ranran the bail, and Xia Ranran relied on him, saying that he would return the bail to him after the investigation was clear. Shao Mingzhe ruthlessly rejected Xia Ranran when he got home, but thought that Xia Ranran called that night and said that she was abandoned by her father, and her mother only gave her this contact information. The returnable Xia Ranran took home. Su Mo, who was living abroad, cooperated with the police in questioning, and was very worried about Lin Xiangan, who was deeply attached to her. Xia Ranran couldn’t sleep and ran to Shao Mingzhe to spit out bitterness. It turned out that she was framed by her stepmother and was sent to the UK to study with her father. She came to the UK to find her mother, but she did not expect that the address and phone number she gave herself were wrong. of. Shao Mingzhe slowly fell asleep listening to Xia Ranran’s babbling words.

Xia Ranran took the initiative to help Shao Mingzhe clean up, when she accidentally saw a little monster doll in the past, she suddenly came to mind. She once gave one to Su Mo and Lin Xiangan. Shao Mingzhe was very excited when she saw that she moved the doll, so he took it and warned her not to disturb other people’s things. Shao Mingzhe went to work, Xia Ranran found sleeping pills under his bed. The suspect was still not found.

Shao Mingzhe promised to take good care of Xia Ranran, but when she returned home at night, she found that she was drowsy because of an overdose of sleeping pills. Shao Mingzhe sent Xia Ranran to the hospital for gastric lavage. In the same hospital, Lin Xiangan was injured because of repairing the door to Su Mo. Su Mo was very worried. Su Mo accidentally discovered Shao Mingzhe’s shadow and chased him out, but Shao Mingzhe was fleeting, and Su Mo was in a daze.

Xia Ranran just wanted to take a few sleeping pills and get a good night’s sleep. Shao Mingzhe was a little scared and complained that he was frightened every time after meeting her. Xia Ranran lost his temper with a few tears. Shao Mingzhe made porridge for Xia Ranran to feed her. Xia Ranran said that he would leave tomorrow and would not cause him trouble. Shao Mingzhe hated her but actually cared about her. Early the next morning, Xia Ranran was busy washing dishes in the kitchen. Shao Mingzhe was picking thorns next to him, and Xia Ranran splashed him with water maliciously. Shao Mingzhe apologized for offending Xia Ranran’s relatives yesterday.

Xia Ranran also admitted her mistake. Shao Mingzhe took out a prepared contract and said that she could get a passport to live here before the police solved the case, but she wanted to clean the house. To cook and wash the dishes, he had to match his schedule, and even read to Shao Mingzhe before he went to bed, because Shao Mingzhe had insomnia, but Xia Ranran’s nagging voice was especially helpful for his sleep. Xia Ranran was unwilling to sign this contract with 10,000 people.

Xia Ranran bought a lot of discounted items and went home. The police station called and said that the two had caught them and asked them to go once. Xia Ranran couldn’t wait to take Shao Mingzhe to the police station. The two people confessed that an Asian gave them money to frame Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran got rid of the suspicion and got her passport.

After packing her things, she decided to return to China. Shao Mingzhe asked her who the Asian man the police said was. Xia Ranran didn’t know, but she knew that this matter was probably arranged by her stepmother Peng Jing behind her back. Shao Mingzhe reminded her that she might not be able to avenge her if she returned to her current strength. She advised her to think carefully, otherwise she would be avenging herself by going back like this. Xia Ranran called her male girlfriend Egg Roll, and Egg Roll urged her to return home.

The reason Shao Mingzhe wanted to keep Xia Ranran was because he couldn’t sleep without her babbling. He accidentally found Xia Ranran holding his doll in his hand, and the two robbed him. Shao Mingzhe accidentally threw Xia Ranran on the bed, and walked out with the doll, only to find that this was indeed not his own, a little annoyed.

Turning around, Xia Ranran took the suitcase to leave, Shao Mingzhe hurriedly stopped, and unreasonably asked her to compensate for the economic losses. Xia Ranran noticed that he didn’t want to let him go, so he arrogantly asked him to apologize. Shao Mingzhe offered a lot of conditions, saying that she would help her tuition when she was admitted to the university. After all, she can only get revenge if she improves herself. Shao Mingzhe apologized awkwardly, and Xia Ranran took the doll and recorded it.

Lin Xiang’an moved with her because she was worried about Su Mo’s safety. Su Mo knew that the rent here was very expensive, so she offered to pay half of it for one person. Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe to help him get admitted to the University of London. Shao Mingzhe felt that her English proficiency was a idiot.

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