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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 2 Recap

Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe reached an agreement to leave each other’s mobile phones to supervise each other. Xia Ranran said that if he was admitted to the university, he would go to a Michelin restaurant to have a big meal. Shao Mingzhe smiled disdainfully. Shao Mingzhe began to counsel Xia Ranran, and life was a good one, and Xia Ranran made more and more progress. Lin Xiangan paid the rent without telling Su Mo, although it was three days late, he also found a part-time job in order to bear the burden. Su Mo was admitted to Cambridge University, and Lin Xiangan invited her to celebrate together in the evening.

Xia Ranran was also admitted to the University of London as he wished. It snowed in London, and Xia Ranran took Shao Mingzhe to a restaurant for dinner. Shao Mingzhe looked at the rudimentary environment and thought she wanted to save money. Xia Ranran smiled and said that he had a lot of money behind him. He might as well save money and pay for his tuition. Shao Mingzhe gave Xia Ranran his barbecue, and Xia Ranran was very happy.

Lin Xiangan prepared Su Mo’s favorite meals and red wine. Su Mo knew his feelings for herself, but this feeling was a burden to her. She lived alone in her heart, and she had to become a better self to go back. Worthy of him. Su Mo was rushed to the UK by her sweetheart’s mother. She said that maybe when she succeeded in school, she would consider letting them be together. Lin Xiangan collapsed a little, feeling that love cannot wait. That person loves Su Mo, why should they hurt each other.

Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran to the amusement park, and Xia Ranran yelled happily on the carousel. Shao Mingzhe advised her to choose another way of life, to live for herself and not to be blinded by revenge. Shao Mingzhe hoped that Xia Ranran would be as happy as today, and Xia Ranran smiled. Lin Xiangan helped the drunk Su Mo back to the room, but Su Mo was chanting Shao Mingzhe’s name, that was the sweetheart she was thinking of.

Shao Mingzhe found that there was an extra painting in his home early in the morning, which was the London Eye painted by Xia Ranran yesterday. Xia Ranran looked at Shao Mingzhe with gentle eyes, even the eggs were fried into a heart shape, Shao Mingzhe was a little confused. Xia Ranran followed Shao Mingzhe for a run, chasing behind him with a face full of idiots. Xia Ranran was uncharacteristically, and was able to drip water gently towards Shao Mingzhe. In the evening, Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran to read to herself.

Xia Ranran held two little monster dolls in this sleeping pill and said that they were a pair. Shao Mingzhe retorted. Xia Ranran heard his doll recording for the first time. It was a woman’s voice saying sorry, goodbye. Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran if she liked herself. Xia Ranran was stunned, suddenly lost her temper and threw the paintbrush on him, saying, who do you think you are! Xia Ranran ruined her painting with tears, and felt weak at the moment.

Su Mo suddenly had a nosebleed while drawing, Lin Xiangan felt very distressed when she saw it, she hadn’t slept for several days. Su Mo didn’t care at all. She came to the UK from China for Shao Mingzhe. She must graduate with excellent grades before she can go back to find him. As for her taking a rest, it has nothing to do with Lin Xiangan! Shao Mingzhe said that the company lacked a software painter Xia Ranran could try it, Xia Ranran had no choice but to agree. Lin Xiangan told Su Mo that he had found Shao Mingzhe, and he was also in the UK now.

Lin Xiangan gave the address to Su Mo. He has not opened the address. Su Mo is very annoying. Does he think he can’t find it? She can find it whenever she wants, but she can’t do it! Lin Xiangan couldn’t manage that much, he only hoped that Su Mo would be happy, even if he didn’t give this happiness. Su Mo struggled for a long time before opening the address.

After Xia Ranran had finished her work all night, Shao Mingzhe gave her ten pounds to let her have breakfast. Xia Ranran dozed off and stuffed her mouth carelessly. Since the last time, she has been cold to Shao Mingzhe. When it comes to that matter, Xia Ranran said that she had to deal with a lot of things. There is no energy to think about emotions. Su Mo went to the apartment where Shao Mingzhe was located, but learned from his neighbors that he and a girl lived here. They were a young Chinese couple. Su Mo didn’t want to believe it, but in a blink of an eye he saw Shao Mingzhe getting off the car and going upstairs with Xia Ranran who was sleeping on his back. Su Mo was bored in the darkness when he returned home, Lin Xiangan comforted that he was there anyway.

Shao Mingzhe helped Xia Ranran make a 3D image to show her mother. Xia Ranran was very happy when she saw her mother, but she was fleeting. Some people say that the whereabouts of her mother Han Yun invited Xia Ranran to a very remote warehouse. Taking the opportunity to blackmail, Xia Ranran ran desperately, and Shao Mingzhe rushed to rescue her in time. Shao Mingzhe had something to do with this incident.

He had asked the customs to find Han Yun’s entry and exit records. She was not in the UK. Shao Mingzhe made Xia Ranran worry a little bit, don’t let him worry about it any more, he also signed up for her to participate in the emerging designer competition, and her painting entered the final. Xia Ranran once again angered that he would return to China after paying off his money, and would never disturb him again. Xia Ranran turned back to the room, and Shao Mingzhe picked up the bracelet she had dropped. Su Mo’s work also entered the finals.

Lin Xiangan, as her boyfriend, took the opportunity to propose a diamond ring for her to celebrate. Su Mo resisted and said that he was not ready yet. Shao Mingzhe worked at home alone, and suddenly the gas leaked next door, and the smoke filled him. He took the bracelet and rushed out. Xia Ranran was very worried about Shao Mingzhe when he came back to see this scene. He called him without answering, and was in the crowd without seeing him.

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