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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 3 Recap

Xia Ranran rushed into the building to rescue Shao Mingzhe. When Shao Mingzhe saw her rushing in, she chased him up. The two searched for a sound in the smoke. Xia Ranran finally found Shao Mingzhe who was fainted on the ground. In the hospital, Xia Ranran told Shao Mingzhe who woke up that he had finally rushed into the apartment to rescue him. Shao Mingzhe was a bit speechless. He wouldn’t lie here if he didn’t see her rushing in like crazy.

Xia Ranran suddenly hugged Shao Mingzhe, crying while laughing and saying that everyone around her had left her. Fortunately, Shao Mingzhe was still alive and he did not leave. Shao Mingzhe left a note saying that someone wanted to invest in a new project of the company, and asked her to have dinner with her at night, but Xia Ranran received a call from the egg roll at this time, saying that she would lose her home if she didn’t come back.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Shao Mingzhe waited in the dining room. Looking at the bracelet, he thought that the words Xia Ranran said in the hospital were warm. She had already entered her life, how could he leave. But Xia Ranran didn’t come. Shao Mingzhe had to pack the food back. He knocked on the door thinking that Xia Ranran was still angry and awkward, but he didn’t expect that Xia Ranran was not in the room and couldn’t even get through the phone. After opening the closet, the clothes were empty, and there were a lot of information about her family in it. Only then did Shao Mingzhe know that she had never given up revenge.

After Xia Ranran returned to China, Xia Ran quickly asked Dan Roll what happened to her family in recent years. Dan Roll said that her father had a car accident three years ago. Peng Jing blocked the news. The company was run by Chen Luo and Peng Jing. At that time, Xia Ran It was Peng Jing’s ghost that Ran couldn’t contact his father. A few days later, Xia Ranran’s father’s birthday was Xia Ranran’s father. This time, Peng Jing wanted to take the opportunity to occupy the magpie’s nest because of uncharacteristic fanfare. Xia Ranran helped a woman who was beaten when he saw an injustice on the road, which attracted the attention of the rich second generation Shao Kai.

Shao Kai drove the sports car to catch up, Xia Ranran and the egg roll in the car laughed until they were silent. Peng Jing has opened a gallery in the past few years, and Xia Ranran and the egg roll have come to inquire about the enemy. Peng Jing fell in love with Mrs. Joe, the wife of the president of a listed company, but she hadn’t done it yet. Xia Ranran decided to take the initiative to get Mrs. Joe. Xia Ranran went to work as a teacher in Mrs. Qiao’s studio, and Shao Mingzhe met his cousin Shao Kai after returning home.

Shao Kai mentioned the Hongyuan Group cocktail party when talking with his father, and Shao Mingzhe knew that this was Xia Ranran’s company. Shao Mingzhe was looking for Xia Ranran, so he didn’t want his family to know that he was back. Shao Kai teased that he finally had emotions and desires. Shao Mingzhe and Shao Kai talked about Hongyuan Group Chairman Xia Hongyuan. It is said that Xia Hongyuan was a small business man selling shoes, but later married the daughter of the Han family, Han Yun, and took the opportunity to develop rapidly. However, Xia Hongyuan was not very good. He raised a junior outside, and Han Yun and him had been separated for a long time without divorce, which made people wonder. Shao Mingzhe also talked about Xia Hongyuan’s daughter, and would accompany Shao Kai to the Hongyuan Group reception.

At the reception, Peng Jing saw Shao Mingzhe and Shao Kai flatteringly and went to say hello. Shao Mingzhe saw her coming and left quickly. A man followed Xia Hongyuan, his secretary Chen Luo. Tonight is also Xia Hongyuan’s birthday dinner. He sat in a wheelchair and said that four years ago he had become a person unable to take care of himself because of an accident. So I am very grateful to Peng Jing for taking care of him. Today he wants to give Peng Jing a name. And marry her as his legal wife. When the two were loving and loving, Xia Ranran suddenly appeared on the stage, and Xia Hongyuan missed her very much. At this moment, seeing her back is even more happy, and she stood up when she was excited. Xia Ranran picked up the microphone and said, Han Yun will be back soon, and he also prepared a birthday gift for Xia Hongyuan, which was a family portrait of their three members.

Xia Ranran’s few words hurt Peng Jing’s face, and the onlookers cried out wonderful. After the dinner, Shao Kai came to Xia Ranran to start a conversation. Xia Ranran was too lazy to talk to him, but saw Peng Jing coming over and talked to him. Shao Kai made an appointment with Xia Ranran for dinner tomorrow. Xia Hongyuan asked Xia Ranran to get in the car to take her home, and the driver to take Peng Jing and her son back. Seeing the family leave, Shao Mingzhe was a little relieved in the distance.

Xia Ranran came back silently and killed Xia Hongyuan by surprise. In recent years, he thought Xia Ranran was angry and didn’t contact him, so he asked Han Yun. Xia Ranran said Han Yun was pretty good, and he was always thinking of him. Xia Hongyuan said, their fate was over long ago. Xia Ranran suddenly felt aggrieved, tearfully trying to tell Xia Hongyuan about her experience in the UK, and finally swallowed it back. Xia Hongyuan persuaded Xia Ranran to go home, but Xia Ranran refused, saying that he did not want to disturb their lives.

Xia Hongyuan asked Chen Luo to see Xia Ranran tomorrow, and by the way to undo Han Yun’s disappearance, don’t let Peng Jing know. Peng Jing, who had always been very worried, saw Xia Hongyuan coming back and hurriedly greeted him. Xia Hongyuan hoped that she would believe in herself. He wanted to marry Peng Jing sincerely. Peng Jing pretended to be virtuous and said that Xia Ranran would come back for dinner in a few days and she would cook some dishes for her.

Shao Mingzhe couldn’t sleep, so he fell asleep listening to Xia Ranran’s recording. The next day, Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe who were running in the morning met and twisted their feet in shock. Shao Mingzhe returned home holding Xia Ranran, Xia Ranran was full of doubts, wondering why he knew where he was, and completely forgot about the location of his mobile phone. Shao Mingzhe said that Xia Ranran had taken a wrong move and that Han Yun, who was missing, should not be moved out. Although Xia Hongyuan and Peng Jing could not get married now, they found out how she should explain.

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