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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 3 Recap

Both Li Chuyao and Li Luoshu had grown up and had their own things to do. Dad didn’t want them to be chained at home because of his mother’s illness, so he reported to the work unit and wanted to apply for early retirement. Chuyao knew that her father did this for her and her younger brother. She didn’t want her father to give up her job, and he had won so many awards. She told him that she had found a job here in Hangzhou, and she would come to take the Luoshu class in the future. Take care of this home.

Later, Chuyao called Han Zimo to ask about work. Han Zimo said that she could come to work at any time. After Chuyao finished the phone call and came to the living room, Luo Shu sitting on the sofa showed her one of the company’s existing product bracelets. Her mother couldn’t stay at home because of her illness. He specially designed this hand. ring. It can not only detect the heart rate, but also the positioning system and vibration device, so that even if they are not there, it can remind mothers to take medicine on time, and if something happens, they can also know her location for the first time. warm. She had misunderstood Luo Shu before. He did too much for this family. Luo Shu laughed and said that this family is his entire life motivation.

Chang Dale was pulling his suitcase and preparing to return to Beijing. He did not expect to encounter two bad guys on the road. One pretended to borrow his cell phone to make a call, and the other took the opportunity to take his suitcase and ran away on an electric bike. He didn’t catch up and went back. I found that the person who borrowed his mobile phone was gone. He lost his ID card and wallet. After reporting the case, he was penniless and came to Luoshu’s house to stay for one night. Luoshu disagreed, afraid that he would irritate his mother again, but his father was a police officer. When Le encountered difficulties, he quickly let him in, made him noodles and let him live in a room with Chuchen.

In the evening, Da Le was laying on the floor in the Luoshu Room. He asked Luo Shu about their cooperation. Luo Shu felt that Da Le did things but his mental character made him unable to work with him at ease. He did not understand his ability and ideas at all. . Dale felt that their team could not do without him. The design concept of Luoshu’s bracelet was aimed at telemedicine, but he felt that the telemedicine concept itself was a dead end. Only by transforming and doing fitness would there be longer-term development, and he It is the person who can help Luoshu successfully transform.

At that time, Luo Shu designed the bracelet for his mother’s illness, and has not considered the development of fitness. Dale persuaded Luo Shu not to sell the product hastily, otherwise he would regret it as much as him. Luo Shu said that it had nothing to do with him, and Dale mumbled to ask his sister to persuade him tomorrow. His sister was unhappy to say whether he was interested in his sister. Dale hurriedly explained that he just thought that Chuyao was more reasonable, and the two of them didn’t put the lights on to sleep.

Early the next morning, Li mother saw a figure hurriedly entering the bathroom, thinking it was Chu Chen, but Chu Chen and Chu Yao both came out of the room. She was surprised to ask who the person in the bathroom was. Luo Shu was in a hurry. Said it was a classmate who came to borrow books, but stayed too late last night.

Li’s mother asked his classmates to come out for breakfast, and Dale leaned out behind Luo Shu and smiled and called to his mother. When Chuyao asked him to call Auntie, he smirked and called Auntie. Mother Li looked at him and said that he was not Chuchen’s classmate, she couldn’t remember his name, Luo Shu quickly said that he was Lele.

After dinner, Luo Shu asked Dale to go back to the company with him, and Chu Yao told Luo Shu to make arrangements for Daqing. At this time, she received a call from Han Zimo asking her to report to his father’s company as soon as possible. She also said that she would call her brother to celebrate with Lin Yu and Qin Yun in the evening. Seeing that Chuyao was not very happy when she hung up the phone, Luo Shu asked her what was going on.

She said that Zimo asked her to work in his dad’s company, but she always felt that she was awkward going in through the back door. Luo Shu comforted her only First seize the opportunity to have room to display your talents. Chu Yao also said that there would be a party in the evening, and Zimo invited Luo Shu to go with him. Luo Shu told him to go before he spoke to Da Le. Luo Shu didn’t want to go. Chu Yao deliberately said what to do if he was drunk at night, and Da Le said that Very dangerous, Luo Shu had no choice but to tell him to go.

At the evening party, Lin Yu announced that she and Qin Yun were getting married, and everyone was happy for them. Dale drank a little, he swayed to the bathroom. Luo Shu didn’t worry and followed him. Chu Yao got up to help Dale pour water. While she was not there, Lin Yu asked how Zimo and Chu Yao were doing, Zimo Feeling worried, Lin Yu asked him to make a public confession to Chuyao at the company.

Luo Shu watched Chu Yao and Zimo joking on the rooftop, and when Dale saw it, he said that the relationship between the two people who grew up with childhood sweethearts would have subtle changes, such as Luo Shu and his sister. Luo Shu told him not to talk nonsense. It’s useless for Dale to say that he doesn’t admit it. The look in Chuyao’s eyes at Luo Shu just now couldn’t deceive him. Zimo drove her to pick her up on the first day of Chuyao. She felt that this would not affect her. Zimo agreed to only send her downstairs to the company before she agreed to get in the car.

On the way to the company, Zimo told Chuyao that if someone bullied her, he would help her settle. Chuyao said that she would do a good job and handle the relationship with her colleagues, so that Zimo would not interfere. When Luo Shu returned to the company, everyone discussed the product. Niu Siyi said that it is impossible for them to sell things to Mr. Wu now, but because he is in the industry, no other company is willing to cooperate with them. Luo Shu said that in fact With their current ability, they can do it themselves.

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