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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 4 Recap

Li Chuyao reported to Longxiang, Han Zimo’s father’s company, and she was assigned to work as an intern in the President’s Office. After Qi Yi, the assistant to the chairman, introduced Chu Yao to everyone, Chu Yao asked her what work she had to do. She said that the company was quite idle, so she asked Chu Yao to brush up her circle of friends. Li Luoshu bought a cake and went to Longxiang to find Chuyao, but saw that she got in Han Zimo’s car and left. He was a little bit disappointed and planned to go home.

When Luo Shu first entered the community, he met Chang Dale. He asked when Dale would return to Beijing. Dale said that they would still discuss cooperation. He took the cake from Luo Shu and walked forward. When he got home, Luo Shu found that his parents were not there. He asked Dale what he was looking for, and Dale took out the USB flash drive and plugged it into the computer. He also did research in his company these days. Let Luo Shu take a look at his research.

As a result, Luo Shu sat in front of the computer while watching and listening to Da Le, and felt that Da Le had a good idea. Dale, who was sitting behind him, opened the cake and dug a piece of cake. He asked Luo Shu if he wanted a bite. When Luo Shu looked back, he couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed when he looked back at the cake. This was the starter cake he bought for his sister.

Dale was a little embarrassed and said that he would buy another one later. Luo Shu said that it was unnecessary, and she would not come back for dinner anyway. Dale read Luoshu and said that he had a good idea, so he proposed to join Minyi Technology, and Luoshu asked him to go back to the company and discuss with everyone. After they returned to the company, Luo Shu asked Dale to talk to everyone about his ideas. Dale said that the user base of their products is very narrow, that is, a small number of medical personnel, but the requirements for technology have been greatly improved. Yu himself dug a big hole for himself. If technological innovation fails to keep up with user needs, users will soon be abandoned and withdraw from the market. Top products are wasteful if they don’t use ideas, so they have to revise and change the product direction.

Luo Shu asked Dale how he wanted to change, and Dale said to change fitness. They only need to change the product direction and software program, and the number of users will be doubled. Luo Shu didn’t want to sell Xinyi Technology just like that. He planned to continue, and other partners agreed. Luo Shu announced that Chang Dale joined Xinyi Technology. Everyone applauded and welcomed.

Chuyao met Zimo’s father in the company elevator, Han always saw the name on her badge and knew that she was Li Chuyao. When Chuyao called him Uncle Han, he said with a cold expression that this was the company’s calling for her attention. He reminded that Chu Yao relied on strength in Longxiang, and Zimo was a fart in him. Qi Yi and Chu Yao were going to the conference room to send documents to the client.

Before entering the conference room, Qi Yi instructed Chu Yao that these files had names on them, and each file corresponds to a client, so she must not make a mistake in the order. After entering, Qi Yi sent documents in front, and Chuyao sent documents immediately afterwards. She unexpectedly tripped and the things in her hand were scattered all over the place. She hurriedly picked up the documents and continued to send them to customers one by one. Some customers read the documents and said The file sent to myself is wrong.

President Han was very angry, so he called Assistant Qi in front of him to talk about such an important business activity, could he call someone with a brain. Assistant Qi explained that Chu Yao is a new intern and is not very familiar with work. Mr. Han listened to the table and said angrily that she is a rookie, is Assistant Qi a rookie too? He doesn’t matter what way she got to the company, he can do nothing but leave. Seeing that Mr. Han did not show any mercy to Chu Yao, Qi Yi’s attitude towards Chu Yao also became very rude.

After get off work, Chuyao had dinner with Lin Yu. Both of them were worried about work. Chuyao was troubled by work, because Qi Yi was always looking for trouble with her, while Lin Yu had trouble with Qin Yun about getting married. While chatting, Qin Yun came over to accompany the smiling face to apologize to his wife, and said that all matters of marriage are to her. Seeing that Lin Yu had a lot of drinks, Qin Yun quickly took her home. She also faintly returned home, waiting for her Luo Shu to see that she was drinking, and quickly handed her a glass of boiled water. As soon as Lin Yu got home, he called Zimo and said that Chuyao had been bullied at his company.

The next day, Chuyao was busy at work. Zimo came to the company in a handsome suit with roses in his hand. He walked to Chuyao and said that he had liked her for a long time, and asked her to be his girlfriend. He even kneeled down on one knee. She wouldn’t get up if she didn’t agree to him, and the colleagues next to her laughed and clapped their hands together. Chu Yao was a little embarrassed, she went to pull Zimo up, and Zimo said that she acquiesced in pulling him up.

Chu Yao pulled him to a place where no one was there, Zimo took out his wallet and gave it to her for safekeeping, Chu Yao complained that Zimo’s brain was flooded, this was a company. Zimo smiled and said that after seeing him chasing her, no one dared to bully her. Chuyao refused to be his girlfriend and turned away. Back at the seats, everyone was talking about her in a low voice, Qi Yi left her to stop giving her work.

After returning home, she told Luo Shu about the company, feeling that she could not stay in the company. Luo Shu went to Zimo and asked him to calm Qi Yi and let her understand that Chu Yao was not a threat to her. The next day Zimo waited for Qi Yi at the door of the company. He smiled and apologized to her when he saw her. He said that he did a little too much yesterday. He liked Chuyao very much. Introducing her to the company was also a springboard. Let her jump to the next step. Go to their home. Qi Yi said she would take care of Chuyao. Zimo said that Chuyao likes to be busy, so she will arrange any work for her.

Subsequently, Qi Yi’s attitude towards Chu Yao changed. Not only did she arrange things for Chu Yao, she was also kind. Chu Yao felt very surprised. She happily sent a message to Luo Shu to tell him about it. Luo Shu was also very happy to receive the information. . When Dale read Luo Shu and pushed his sister to Zimo, he couldn’t help saying that they were inappropriate. Luo Shu saw that he was so caring about Chu Yao and said that he liked his sister. He disagreed because he didn’t want to be his brother-in-law. .

Luo Shu and Niu Siyi went to the gym to find coach Zhang Zhiyuan, wanting to hear his opinions on their products. When Coach Zhang heard that they did not apply for a card to promote sales, he was a little bit resisted. Luo Shu asked Siyi to apply for a one-year fitness card. This way they can have more opportunities to communicate and help them do product testing in the future.

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