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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 5 Recap

Niu Siyi Tucao did not sell the products, and she wasted money by applying for a fitness card for a year. Li Luoshu asked her if Coach Zhang and his trainees could help them test the products, how much the online cycle could be shortened, Siyi answered at least two weeks Well, Luo Shu said that the card is nothing, and teased that her small body should be practiced.

During the meal, Han Zimo asked Dad Li Chuyao if Li Chuyao was serious about her work, and Zimo’s mother also came to ask her how she was. Dad said that her attitude was okay, but there was a problem with her brain. Dad is an old fried dough stick. And Luo Shu was eating at home while looking at his mobile phone. His mother asked him if he was in love. Dad smiled and said that it was a good thing. One day he would take them home to take a look.

Luo Shu said that they wanted too much and they didn’t fall in love. , Speaking, he put the phone on the table. After a while, a message came from the mobile phone. Chuyao picked up his mobile phone to see which little girl it was. She was surprised when she saw the information. She asked Luo Shu what was the situation, and Luo Shu said that the other party had been sending him messages recently. She asked how they hooked up, Luo Shu replied that the other party hooked him, he took the phone from Chuyao and got up and left.

Mother asked Chuyao curiously what the girl was like, and her parents couldn’t help being surprised when she heard that Chuyao said it was a man. While Luo Shu was washing the dishes, Chuyao curiously asked him why he and Zimo had been in contact so frequently recently, and they were sending messages even after eating. Luo Shu said that maybe Zimo saw that his company was developing well and wanted to cooperate. Chuyao reminded him that Zimo has nothing serious , Let him not be fooled. Luo Shuxiao Dao Zimo could still fool him, so that Chu Yao would not be fooled by Zimo.

Niu Siyi was struggling to lift the barbell in the gym. Not far away, Coach Zhang looked at the bracelet in his hand and told Luo Shu that his bracelet was quite practical. Luo Shu feels that this is now mainly used for heart rate monitoring. If you want to expand into the fitness field, there are still many aspects that need to be improved. He seems to have a lot of people who apply for a fitness card, but very few people stick to it. Coach Zhang also discovered this problem. He said that people are impatient now, and there is no effect in watching fitness for a month or two. The weight does not decrease but increases. Not coming.

Luo Shu thinks that if his wristband can report every change in body fat, muscle and moisture through the mobile phone software, so that everyone can understand the effect of fitness more intuitively, it should inspire more people to stay on the road for longer. After hearing this, Coach Zhang thought it was a good idea. Suddenly Niu Siyi could not hold the barbell raised above his head. Seeing that it was about to hit it, Coach Zhang and Luo Shu hurried over. Coach Zhang grabbed the barbell but accidentally injured his foot. Siyi quickly apologized and sent Coach Zhang to the hospital. Fortunately, no bones were injured.

Although he was on crutches, Coach Zhang still insisted on going to the gym. Si Yi felt that his behavior was a little numb and he couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted. Luo Shu told her to stop seeing him after he took him. She decided to fight quickly and get out of Coach Zhang’s quagmire. Dale and another male colleague took the initiative to accompany her. When he arrived at the gym, Siyi smiled and invited Coach Zhang to go to their company to get familiar with him.

Coach Zhang said there were two other students who asked her to wait. A female employee brought tea to Siyi. She told Siyi that although many female trainees surrounded Coach Zhang, he only focused on fitness. Her words changed Siyi’s view of Coach Zhang. At this time, Dale suddenly fell on the ground and his leg cramped. He was holding his leg in pain and groaning. Coach Zhang hurried over to help him stretch and stop the cramp.

There was thunder and lightning at night, and Chuyao was very worried about her parents who went to the mountain hotel for two days. She couldn’t make the phone call. She was worried about mudslides and landslides. She was very anxious. Luo Shu told her not to think so much. Nothing will happen. The two made calls one after another but still couldn’t get through. Luo Shu asked her to go back to the room to rest first, and he would tell her if she had any news. When Chuyao said that he couldn’t sleep, Luo Shu brought a blanket and put it on her, and then sat down beside her.

He estimated that there was no signal from parents, and they would call as soon as there was a signal. They put their mobile phones on the coffee table and waited for the call. Chuyao was afraid that Luo Shu was cold, so they took the blankets they had on them and put them on him. They cuddled up and felt very warm. Waiting and waiting, Chu Yao was too sleepy, and couldn’t help falling asleep leaning on Luo Shu’s shoulder. Luo Shu looked at her and couldn’t help but think of the scene when they were playing happily as a child.

The next day it rained and the sky cleared. Luo Shu did not sleep all night. Suddenly the phone rang and Chuyao was awakened. The two hurriedly put their mobile phones on the hands-free. Dad told them it was okay. The rain was heavy last night and the mountain was broken The phone is dead after powering up, so I called them as soon as I charged it up this morning. Seeing that her parents were okay, the brothers and sisters couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Luo Shu asked her to go to bed again and he went to buy breakfast. Chuyao got up and went back to the room. Luo Shu couldn’t help rubbing the sore shoulders that she had leaned on all night.

Dale invited Luo Shu to dinner. Luo Shu knew that he was jealous of Coach Zhang, so he said that Si Yi was a good girl and made him hurry. He asked Luo Shu if Zimo caught up with Chuyao, would he be jealous as a younger brother. Luo Shu laughed and said how jealous he was, and Dale said that he would be jealous if he changed. This day, a lady came to the company to find Luoshu and asked about their company’s situation. Everyone mistakenly thought she was an investor, so they enthusiastically asked her to sit down and introduce the company’s products to her.

Just as he was talking about Luo Shu coming, his auntie turned around and went out, she followed him out, he asked her how much she wanted, she said one hundred thousand, Luo Shu promised to call her as soon as possible. After the lady left, Luo Shu fell into painful memories. When he was a child, his mother left behind and evaporated. He worked part-time to earn money and returned the tuition to his aunt, and suffered from her cold words. When Chuyao saw him unhappy and asked him anything, he didn’t say anything.

The next day, Luo Shu and Chu Yao met the lady just after they went out. Luo Shu said that they would do what they promised her, but the lady said in a weird manner that he was afraid of him running away. Luo Shu asked Chu Yao to go to work first, and then pulled Take the lady into the room to talk. Chuyao thought it was strange, but she still went to work first.

In the evening, Chuyao called Luo Shu to ask him to come back for dinner. Luo Shu said that he could not go back to eat, and then she called him again, but he did not answer. At the beginning of the next day, Yaoyao opened the door of Luoshu and found that he was not there. She was very worried and ran to the company to find him and was not there. A colleague said that he had an aunt who came to look for him.

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