Tibetan sea flower

Tibetan sea flower
Other names: 藏海花
Author: Sanshu of the Southern School
Genre: Novel, Tomb Robber Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Nanpai Sanshu is another masterpiece after “Tomb Notes”, a story about 5 years after the finale of Tomb Notes 8. A legend that belongs solely to the “suffocating oil bottle”. Wu Xie’s five-year peaceful life was interrupted by Jin Mantang’s sudden visit. Jin Wantang unexpectedly knew that the scorpion pattern on the moonstone brought out from the ancient building of Zhang’s family was related to the juvenile stuffy oil bottle. In search of clues, Wu Xie went to Nepal and then to Medog, Tibet.

In Medog, all kinds of clues related to stuffy oil bottles are coming! This is a brand new journey. Wu Xie and Fatty followed the footsteps of the stuffy oil bottle into the hinterland of the snow-capped mountains. This time, can Wu Xie solve all the mysteries?