Wat Sri Suphan (Silver temple) at Chiang Mai, Thailand

วัดศรีสุพรรณ จังหวัดเชียงใหม่. Wat Sri Suphan (Silver temple) @ Chiang Mai. This ornate, Lanna-style Buddhist temple was originally built during the Mangrai dynasty.

Wat Sri Suphan is located on Wua Lai Road, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province. It is a temple with a history of construction since the past more than 500 years during the reign of King Muang Kaew King Chiang Mai, Ratchathani and Queen Sirisawadee. His mother, Mahathewi, graciously ordered Pahammat named Chao Muen Luang Chakham Build a temple named “Wat Srisuphan Aram” later called for short as “Wat Sri Suphan” inside the temple is the world’s first silver temple. Where the people of the community join forces to continue to carry on the silverware in the Wua Lai community which is a famous silver handicraft community of Chiang Mai.

Getting to Wat Sri Suphan

Private car

From the road around the city, turn onto Wua Lai Road. Then go straight for about 600 meters, you will see the sign Wat Sri Suphan on the right then turn right for another 50 meters. Soon you will see Wat Sri Suphan.

Public bus

Able to use the red car that runs around the city get to Wat Sri Suphan.

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