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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 4 Recap

Shao Mingzhe took out the contract and asked Xia Ranran to settle the money owed to him. From then on, they did not owe each other. Xia Ranran said that he had no money and was forced to sign an IOU. Shao Mingzhe would add one more. Subject to geographical restrictions. Peng Jing came suddenly, and Xia Ranran saw that she hurriedly stuffed Shao Mingzhe into the bedroom at the door and told him not to come out.

Peng Jing came to the door with a gift and said that Xia Hongyuan said she liked this. Peng Jing took out a copy of Han Yun’s entry and exit records, but she never went out. Shao Mingzhe received the call, saying that grandpa knew he was back and asked him to go home for dinner. Peng Jing didn’t believe that Xia Ranran and Han Yun had been together for the past three years. The money Xia Ranran needed in the UK for these three years was also a large amount of expenses, and Han Yun didn’t bring much money when he left.

Peng Jing asked Xia Ranran to make a price, and Shao Mingzhe suddenly came out of the bedroom to give Xia Ranran a head start, holding her shoulders and asking Peng Jing for 500 million. Hongyuan Group has a market value of more than one billion, Xia Ranran is a reasonable heir, and Han Yun and Xia Hongyuan can get more than 500 million for the divorce. Peng Jing was very disgusted and reminded Xia Ranran that she had a bad vision in choosing men. Peng Jing left arrogantly, Xia Ranran then drove Shao Mingzhe away. When Shao Mingzhe left, he said he could help her, but Xia Ranran didn’t take it seriously.

Shao Kai called her before Xia Ranran waited in the restaurant. Xia Ranran said that he hadn’t promised to eat with him, and even revealed that he had a girlfriend to show her hospitality to other girls. Shao Mingzhe returned home to play chess with his grandfather. Grandpa wanted him to return to Shao and told Shao Yunping to let him return to the company. Shao Mingzhe said that his project in the UK went well and he couldn’t just leave it like that. Grandpa asked Shao Mingzhe to grasp with both hands and follow Shao Yunping to learn about the group.

Shao Mingzhe returned to his apartment and thought of the past with Su Mo. There are traces of their lives everywhere. Chen Luo went to Xia Ranran and asked her whether she would stay here this time or just come back for a look. Xia Ranran was very worried that Chen Luo was Peng Jing’s person, so he refused to answer anything easily. Chen Luo said that Xia Ranran’s purpose in coming back was very clear to Xia Hongyuan, and advised Xia Ranran not to be aggressive. Many things cannot be done by himself. Chen Luo said that Xia Hongyuan let her go home for dinner on the weekend, and Xia Ranran made an appointment on Saturday.

Shao Yunping took Shao Mingzhe to the company and made him the new head of the finance department. On which side Chen Luo was on, Xia Ranran was still undecided in his heart. Chen Luo was a very clever man, and perhaps it would be best to stand on either side of the middle. Xia Ranran wanted to win over Chen Luo, what she could not give to others. The egg roll reminded Xia Ranran not to forget how Peng Jing had a bite back.

It turned out that when Peng Jing had a child, she slandered Xia Ranran and pushed her downstairs. Xia Hongyuan still believed it. Without dealing with Peng Jing, Xia Ranran couldn’t do it alone, and one more helper would be more than one enemy. The egg roll allows Xia Ranran to pick clothes in her shop. After all, the aura of going home for dinner on Saturday cannot be too weak.

Shao Mingzhe thought of Xia Ranran at Xia Hongyuan’s birthday party when sitting in the office, which was very interesting. Suddenly a few women came to the egg roll shop looking for Xia Ranran, claiming to be Shao Kai’s girlfriend, Xia Ranran snatched her girlfriend. Xia Ranran backhanded the woman’s lesson and asked her to call Shao Kai to speak clearly in person, but she didn’t expect Shao Kai to not answer her phone at all. Shao Kai was talking to Shao Mingzhe. After Xia Ranran called, Shao Kai immediately picked up the phone.

Xia Ranran stammered Shao Kai’s question in a few words. Shao Mingzhe heard that Xia Ranran was calling and was a little worried. Shao Kai dropped him. Hurried over immediately. Xia Ranran suddenly had an idea, falling in love with Shao Kai, Shao’s ally is indeed very suitable, and Shao Kai’s risk coefficient is zero, just an unbearable rich second generation. Shao Kai drove away the models and returned to the store, apologizing to Xia Ranran like the domineering president.

Shao Mingzhe has been restless since Shao Kai left, for fear that Xia Ranran would take herself in for revenge. Xia Ranran took Shao Kai to play billiards. Shao Kai wanted to bet that Xia Ranran would be his girlfriend. He didn’t expect Xia Ranran to easily beat him and let him do dozens of push-ups. Game after game, Shao Kai could not stand still.

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