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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 35 Recap

The Go Championship qualifiers were about to begin. Yu Liang was still waiting for time outside the door anxiously. Fang Xu ran out and asked him to enter quickly and asked him whether the Beidou Cup was important or time was important. Yu Liang told his senior to go to Korea with Time. Participating in the Beidou Cup is important. He also said that if time does not come, he will not participate in the Beidou Cup.

Fang Xu asked him to wait for the last 5 minutes. Yu Liang agreed. Seeing that the game time was about to come, Yu Liang turned in a low mood and was about to go back. The time behind him stopped him. In fact, he came early, but he hadn’t played chess for half a year, so he was always outside for fear of being asked. Yu Liang gave him the entry certificate and then drove him to the arena.

Time’s opponent was Wang Chong. He was telling Hong He that time was afraid of coming. When Hong He looked back and saw Time, he could not help but stand up in surprise. Wang Chong couldn’t help being surprised when he saw Time. After the battle started, Time picked up a piece as if he heard Chu Ying say that he had been there all the time, and he couldn’t help but feel confident in his heart and landed the piece firmly on the board.

Jiang Xueming happily told the members of the chess club that Shi Shi had skipped class to play the Beidou Cup, and everyone was very happy for him. Is anyone worried that he will win if he hasn’t played for so long? Gu Yu is full of confidence in time and believes that he must be fine. Wang Chong didn’t put time in his eyes, and even laughed at the level of time. However, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes after putting it down. He didn’t understand how time was calculated to this point.

Shi Shi pointed to his head and said that he had someone here, and told him all the possible methods of Wang Chong. Wang Chong asked who it was. Time said that this man was a chess idiot, and taught him to replay and play scores. This man has never lost in the black game, and said that some things will not change after a thousand years. Then time continued to settle, saying that Wang Chong could not make it to the ranks.

This time he missed one game in the qualifiers, which means he can’t lose a game in the next game. Yu Liang once again asked Shi Shi why he didn’t play chess. Shi Shi didn’t want to say much, but only told Yu Liang that he would keep going the way of Go. Yu Liang let time go well. If he couldn’t win this competition and couldn’t get a place to go to Korea, he would look down on him for the rest of his life, and said that this time he was here to be the blaster of time.

Hong He asked Xu Hou to eat a barbecue and wanted to let Time return to the team. Xu Hou agreed, but Time felt that it was not the time. He felt ashamed to see everyone and wanted to wait until he got the Beidou Cup promotion. He didn’t expect to be heard by Mu Qingchun at the next table. He felt that as soon as Time won two rounds, he would be boasting. Tomorrow Time will be playing against him, but Time is not afraid of him. After returning, Hong He asked Shi Shi where he was confident that he had not played chess for so long. Shi Shi said that as soon as he closed his eyes, it was Go. Go had already taken root in his mind, and he did not go to waste for a moment.

After that, Mu Qingchun felt confident that he would win time in the game. At the beginning of time, he used Bai Ziqiu’s moves but was at a disadvantage. He knew that he could not blindly imitate Chu Ying. Chu Ying once told Time that they would not distinguish between each other when he mastered them. . So time changed the style of chess and finally won Mu Qingchun. Mu Qingchun wondered how he came up with this move without playing chess for half a year. Time has said that Bai Ziqiu’s chess may be out of date, and his own chess is not good, but Bai Ziqiu and him can win together. He thanked Mu Qingchun for making him wonder how to play chess in the future.

Time and Hong He went to see Shen Yilang. Shen Yilang easily won the first six rounds in the fixed stage match. Time made Shen Yilang have to set the upper stage this time, otherwise he couldn’t pass this hurdle in his heart. Shen Yilang felt that Hong He was weird, a bit of a strong smile, and Time also felt that something was wrong with him, but Hong He said nothing.

Then time defeated Yue Zhi, and together with Yu Liang and Hong Ha, they won the spot in South Korea. At this time, Fang Xu suddenly received bad news that the three Korean players retired from the bone test over age. The organizers temporarily changed the competition system and the three-person competition became a two-person competition, which means that time will not go away. When time learned, he fell from the joy of victory to the bottom of depression.

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