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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 36 End Recap

Knowing that I won’t be the Big Dipper Cup, time shed sad tears. He was surprised when he heard Fang Xu’s call in the taxi, and hurriedly asked his brother to take him to Honghe’s residence. Hong He told Time that he stopped playing chess. Time thought that Hong He was to help him, so he angrily said that he didn’t need his charity. Hong He said that Time is full of imagination, and he just doesn’t like playing Go anymore. It’s quite boring, just say it and leave the time.

Time saw Hong He took a taxi and followed him to the hospital. He saw Hong He taking care of his seriously ill father. Hong He told his father that he would go to learn crafts tomorrow if he stopped playing chess. Time only understood why Hong He Give up Go. Although Hong He loves Go, his dad is more important to him. Time knew that he owed Hong He the Beidou Cup, and Hong He asked him to get a trophy back.

After returning home in time, I couldn’t help feeling sighed after thinking about all these years of experience. For the first time, I felt very lonely, and he missed Chu Ying very much. When taking pictures with Yu Liang, Time was gloomy and felt that he shouldn’t be standing here. Yu Liang let him win the championship is the best explanation to Hong He. Time has become accustomed to having someone behind him make suggestions, and now they all left. , He lamented that this might be the price of growth, Yu Liang said that time still has him.

After the announcement of the scheduled stage list, Shen Yilang quickly called his mother to say that he had set the stage to become a professional chess player. Bai Xiaoxiao, who was in college, heard the news of the scheduled match from the radio in the hands of her classmates. She hurriedly borrowed to listen but heard nothing. She was about to go forward but saw Shen Yilang coming in front of her, knowing that she would keep her promise. He set the stage and the two couldn’t help but laugh at each other.

After nine years, Yu Liang finally waited for a battle with Time. Time made him play chess without frowning. Yu Liang asked him to be more serious. This was their competition for the master. While playing time, he said that he had a stomachache and was leaving. Yu Liang pulled him and asked him whether he played the two games nine years ago. Time said that was not nonsense, but Yu Liang felt that there was another person’s shadow in the chess of time. .

He wants to go back to time but time has to tell the truth with him. Time said he told him the truth and looked at Yu Liang’s expectant eyes. Time told the truth that Yu Liang had won. Yu Liang was the main general. He lay on the windowsill and told to himself. Chu Ying, although he lost to Yu Liang this time, he would catch up soon. He said that if Chu Ying could see him, he would blow a gust of wind to him, but the leaves outside the window did not move. Time couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

At night, he dreamed of Chu Ying. He was very happy, but Chu Ying smiled and didn’t speak. He gave the folding fan in his hand to Shi Shi and left. Shi Shi yelled not to leave and then woke up. His mother walked over and said that he was talking in sleep. Chu Ying couldn’t help smiling when he saw the folding fan on the table.

Fang Xu told Shiguang and Yu Liang that they had a tacit understanding in the double match. He asked them if they had any. Both of them thought they knew each other well. Fang Xu asked them to go to his bar for training. They must stay and eat together. Only if they act in the same way and think together. Time felt that the bar couldn’t concentrate on playing chess, Yu Liang thought of a quiet place, which was his home.

Unexpectedly, the two of them didn’t meet each other and wanted to pinch as soon as they met, but they couldn’t think of a battle with Fang Xu. Time complained that they had zero tacit understanding. Seeing that the two of them had a dispute over a bowl of noodles, Fang Xu hurriedly stopped and said that he would help them. To find ways to. Then he asked Shirakawa to do sparring for the two of them, showing what a golden partner is. However, the two high-ranking players lost to Shiguang and Yu Liang because they did not trust each other, and Yu Liang made Shiguang believe in him all the time.

After that, Shiguang and Yu Liang went to find the teacher and class teacher to play a double match. Shiguang and Yu Liang lost, the teacher and the class teacher suggested that they should play the emotional game of Go. The tacit understanding and trust are there, and time feels that they still lack confidence. Fang Xu asked them to wait for their opponent in the Youxuan Chess Room. They thought that Fang Xu would find two rookies and let them abuse them. Unexpectedly, the seniors Sangyuan and Zhao Bingfeng would come.

The two of them faced off against the predecessors anxiously, and finally won a small win. Sangyuan and Zhao Bingfeng took out the national youth team uniforms and gave them to them, and asked them to wear it to get a championship back. Then they rushed to the Fangyuan City High School Go League to help the Sijianke Go Club, and finally won the men’s and women’s championships in the 13th middle school. Shi Shi and Wu Di were very happy to win the championship.

Shi Shi was even more excited to tell Chu Ying that they had won the prize, and to share with him the honor at this time. Later, Shi Shi and Yu Liang watched the new little chess friends working hard for Go outside the chess hall. They expressed their feelings for the friendship that they had gained from playing chess over the years. Yu Liang was grateful for Shi Shi to accompany him to play chess for nine years . The two finally entered the Beidou Cup competition together, and finally won with a clear advantage, thus kicking off the new wave of Chinese Go.

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