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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 40 Recap

Duan Shengyun has bought back the shares of Cloud Live from Ding Ding and now holds 60% of the shares of Cloud Live. Duan Shengyun once again handed Cloud Live to Chen Lang to do it, and asked Chen Lang to also use Cloud Live within a year. Pull on track. Chen Lang was very grateful to Duan Shengyun for this, but he didn’t expect that he would still believe in himself.

Mr. Shen always wanted to change QE into a comprehensive entertainment center and put sales online, but Duan Shengyun always disagreed. Mr. Shen was unwilling to apologize for Duan Shengyun, but Ding Ding persuaded Mr. Shen that he should grab the first deal. Blaming Ding Ding and Duan Ran for fighting, almost broke his game, and asked Ding Ding to tell him whenever he did anything about Duan Shengyun. Ding Ding believes that although Duan Shengyun bought the cloud, at present, it is impossible for the cloud to come back. The title of three months is enough to make the cloud disappear in this world.

Qian Xixi and Duan Ran hugged back together, talking about Ding Ding along the way. Ding Ding didn’t speak anything before, but now he always screwed it up with her everywhere. Every word was sent back by Ding Ding. I remember that Ding Ding was very fun when I was a child, and the meaty duo were also good to cheat. They lied to Ding Ding’s four-wheel drive.

Mr. Shen originally wanted to give Qian Xixi and Duan Ran a red envelope. Qian Xixi and Duan Ran greeted him at the door, but he didn’t expect that the person who got off the bus was Ding Ding. Ding Ding wanted to take a look at Mr. Shen instead. At the same time, Mr. Shen temporarily requested a meeting, and pushed Duan Shengyun to the meeting. Duan Shengyun did not know this in advance.

Chen Lang had nothing to do and went to Rui to help with work, but accidentally saw Ding Ding leave. Chen Lang told him Ding Ding had been secretly dealing with Duan Ran, and the things that plagiarized Rui before were all done by Ding Ding and threatened by Ding Ding. What Zhu Wan did, while Chen Lang kept in the dark.

Duan Shengyun also convened a board of directors with the help of President Shen, so that everyone accused Duan Shengyun of privately buying the cloud and set up a self-contained stall. Duan Shengyun explained that he only wanted to temporarily build the cloud and wait until everything is successful before integrating the cloud live into QE . Duan Shengyun hopes to keep the online and offline side by side now, even if the offline loses money, he will do it.

He also firmly believes that the online is only an extension of the offline, and the offline must exist. Mr. Shen firmly believes that there is no future offline, only the establishment of a comprehensive entertainment center can seize the future. Everyone agrees with Mr. Shen’s decision, but Duan Shengyun believes that the offline shopping experience is irreplaceable no matter how the era develops.

At the request of President Shen, everyone must vote on whether to continue or change the way of operation in the future. Duan Shengyun resigned in angrily. Qian Xixi hurried back after receiving the news and Duan Ran.

In fact, Duan Shengyun had already started investigating Mr. Shen, knowing that he had been thinking about the position of chairman, but at that time he and Duan Shengyun had jointly invested to keep Rui, so he felt that the two should be of one mind, and Mr. Shen unexpectedly deviated. President Shen thanked Duan Shengyun for his help before, but he had to do this for Ding Ding. Ding Ding is President Shen’s son, but he is always inferior to Duan Ran.

In fact, Duan Shengyun also guessed that the person behind him who kept pushing Chen Lang to leave was Ding Ding, but At that time, Ding Ding changed his name to Charlie Ding, and the Shen family planned to gradually annex QE from the beginning. But Duan Shengyun also reminded Mr. Shen that the strength of the children should not be underestimated, and don’t think everything is seamless.

Duan Shengyun has always admired Chen Lang, and his biggest wish is that the three people can work together to do a career. I believe that Chen Lang’s previous actions were provoked by others. Duan Shengyun didn’t want to continue arguing with Mr. Shen. He felt that the two men had the biggest conflict It’s just the difference in business philosophy. Duan Shengyun also believes that the future world is young

In fact, Mr. Shen’s heart is not at ease. Although he sat in that position, he was also uneasy to betray the friendship. Ding Ding proposed to let Mr. Shen support him on the board of directors. Mr. Shen agreed. This is the second time he is sorry for his friends and hopes.

Make no mistake in this decision. Ding Ding praised Mr. Shen for his business philosophy more advanced than Duan Shengyun, and hoped Mr. Shen could believe in his ability. In fact, what Ding Ding could not forget was that Duan Ran lied to him on the four-wheel drive when he was a child, and always could not forget Duan Ran’s ridicule of him, making him a fat man.

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