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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 5 Recap

Xia Ranran wanted to change his bet. If Shao Kai lost the weekend, he would accompany her home for dinner. Shao Kai hesitated to agree. Shao Kai had a guilty conscience and quickly called Shao Mingzhe for help, but Xia Ranran had already gone when Shao Mingzhe arrived. Shao Kai, who had been abused by her to the point of exhaustion, felt inferior and went to the hospital crying. Shao Kai told Shao Mingzhe about the bet with Xia Ranran just now. He always felt that it was a trick. Shao Mingzhe quickly stated that going to a girl’s house for dinner is not a trivial matter. He also told him that he and Xia Ranran had known each other a long time ago, saying that she was a marriage freak. The last boyfriend started planning a wedding after talking for a month. Shao Kai panicked suddenly, and Shao Mingzhe said intimately that he helped him deal with this matter, and Shao Kai was so moved that he almost cried.

Peng Jing found Chen Luo and took out Xia Ranran’s case in the UK, saying that Xia Ranran would be seen by Xia Hongyuan before Xia Ranran went home for dinner on Saturday, so she would check Shao Kai and Xia Ranran by the way. Chen Luo reluctantly agreed, Peng Jing told him not to forget that she paid for his mother’s treatment for him, and his development in Hongyuan was just a matter of his own words. On Saturday, when Peng Jing went to bed together, the servant had to change the family portrait of three. Chen Luo told Xia Hongyuan that Xia Ranran seemed to be coming back with friends today. Peng Jing eavesdropped at the door and was almost exposed by her son Chenchen.

Chen Luo took Chenchen to practice piano, and Peng Jing asked Chen Luo to stay for dinner. Xia Ranran was about to go home but couldn’t contact Shao Kai. After contacting Dome Roll, she found that she was still blocked by him, so she could only decide to go home by herself. Chen Luo played with Chenchen. Peng Jing asked him why he hadn’t sent Xia Hongyuan information. Chen Luo felt that there was no need to make such a big mess, but Peng Jing was very determined and persuaded Chen Luo to think about which side he wanted to stand on.

Xia Ranran returned home, and Peng Jing quickly took Chenchen to call her sister, saying that her friend had arrived. Xia Ranran thought it was Shao Kai, but he did not expect it to be Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran quickly took Shao Mingzhe to the side and asked him why he had to drive him away uninvited. Shao Mingzhe found that the servant was taking a sneak shot and quickly hugged Xia Ranran into his arms. Shao Mingzhe said Xia Ranran shouldn’t drag others in, and reminded her to face a lot of difficulties when going downstairs for a while. Offense is the best defense.

When dinner was over, Peng Jing asked Xia Ranran to formally introduce Shao Mingzhe. Shao Mingzhe took the initiative to hold Xia Ranran’s hand and said that it was her boyfriend, and kindly fed her food. Peng Jing asked Xia Ranran to talk about what happened in the UK. Shao Mingzhe took the initiative to say that Xia Ranran was very strong, and once was slandered and went to jail and was not beaten. Xia Hongyuan and Peng Jing were immediately shocked. Xia Ranran also took the initiative to confess that she was ignorant when she first arrived in the UK, drinking all day and making many friends that she shouldn’t make.

During that time, she called Xia Hongyuan a lot, but Peng Jing told She Xia Hongyuan wanted her to fend for herself. Xia Hongyuan asked when Peng Jing said that she would let her fend for herself. Peng Jing immediately felt wronged and said that she was afraid that Xia Ranran would cause more trouble.

Xia Ranran showed the feeling of the prodigal son turning around, and Peng Jing brought the topic to Han Yun. Xia Ranran said that it was because of this incident that she contacted Han Yun. Shao Mingzhe went on to sell Xia Ranran miserably, and by the way emphasized that his surname was Shao, saying that he and Xia Ranran’s project had already received 5 million pounds of investment. Xia Hongyuan asked about the relationship between Shao Mingzhe and Shao Yunping, and Shao Mingzhe answered frankly that he was his second uncle.

When Peng Jing learned that Shao Mingzhe was the Shao family, she panicked and was so angry that she couldn’t eat any more. After eating, the family sent Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe to leave, and Chenchen also gave Xia Ranran gifts. Xia Hongyuan asked Chen Luo to implement Xia Ranran’s affairs in the UK. What Shao Mingzhe said today was true or false, and Xia Hongyuan knew very well. Shao Yunan is the father of Shao Mingzhe and the former president of the Shaw Group. If he had not retired two years ago, it would not be Shao Yunping’s turn, and he might not be the successor of Shao Group.

Xia Ranran also knew the identity of Shao Mingzhe, and was a little angry at this moment. Shao Mingzhe returned her necklace to her and took out a card saying it was a dividend, but Xia Ranran insisted on pestering him to apologize and recorded it with the doll. Xia Hongyuan didn’t want Xia Ranran to live in someone else’s house. He asked Chen Luo to take her to see the house tomorrow. By the way, he would pay attention to Lin Xiaodong. Lin Xiaodong’s son is Lin Xiangan, Xia Ranran’s classmate and her former favorite.

Xia Hongyuan felt that when Xia Ranran grew up, he and Han Yun would end up eventually, but Peng Jing still had to wait. Xia Ranran knew that Peng Jing would not be willing to wait. Shao Mingzhe analyzed that her presence disrupted Peng Jing’s hands and feet. Shao Mingzhe drank Xia Ranran and quarreled while helping her to wear a necklace. Xia Ranran suddenly felt a little guilty, thinking of all the rain and going home in the UK, Shao Mingzhe couldn’t catch up. Omelet felt that Xia Ranran had overreacted, and asked her if she really liked living with others, Xia Ranran felt guilty.

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