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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 6 Recap

Xia Ranran was soaked in the rain, and the egg roll asked her if she really liked Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran hurriedly denied that Shao Mingzhe was more suitable for her alliance than Shao Kai. Xia Ranran was speechless and refused to call Shao Mingzhe. Phone. Xia Hongyuan asked if Peng Jing really didn’t know about Xia Ranran’s affairs in the UK, and his expression was very serious. After Peng Jing was startled, he quickly began to sell badly. Xia Hongyuan immediately stopped pursuing the matter.

Shao Kai ran to Shao Mingzhe and asked him if he had gone to Xia Ranran’s house for dinner. It turned out that he received a photo of Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe together, saying that they had fallen in love in the UK. Shao Mingzhe said that Xia’s family is very complicated. Shao Kai shouldn’t go to the muddy water, Shao Kai easily believed it. Xia Ranran was lying on the bed tossing and unable to fall asleep, calling Shao Mingzhe a narcissist in her heart, and she would not like him. Opening the doll and listening to Shao Mingzhe’s apology, Shao Mingzhe couldn’t fall asleep either, but when he opened the doll, he heard only Su Mo’s sorry.

Xia Ranran was caught in the rain today and had a high fever most of the night. Shao Mingzhe couldn’t sleep and drive around in circles. Has Su Mo already lived the life he wanted? Shao Mingzhe wanted to throw the doll away, but unexpectedly found that Xia Ranran was arguing with the pharmacy owner on the roadside. Shao Mingzhe quickly helped Xia Ranran give her money and pulled her into the car.

Shao Mingzhe sent Xia Ranran home, took care of her and drank the medicine. Xia Ranran fell asleep and hugged his arm and refused to let go. Shao Mingzhe took care of her helplessly all night. Shao Mingzhe was woken up by the phone early the next morning. Xia Ranran was still asleep on the sofa. Shao Mingzhe took her temperature and found that her fever had gone and left. Chen Luo called and they made an appointment to see the house today. Xia Ranran woke up and found that he was covered with Shao Mingzhe’s coat. Did he send him back yesterday? Xia Ranran didn’t take this matter to heart, just as a dream.

Chen Luo took Xia Ranran to see the house, and gave her a card saying that Xia Hongyuan gave her. Lin Xiangan has returned to China and has not returned to China for four years. The changes in his family are indeed great. Xia Ranran accompanied Xia Hongyuan in an interview. Xia Ranran specifically mentioned Han Yun and said that she had just talked to her on the phone. Peng Jing immediately hit Han Yun’s idea, and told Madam Qiao that a client would donate five million if they could see Han Yun. Madam Qiao felt that this was a good thing to take care of.

Lin Xiangan was preparing to rent a store, but he accidentally discovered an interview between Xia Ranran and Xia Hongyuan, and the two passed by. Mrs. Qiao had an appointment with Xia Ranran and wanted to invite Han Yun back to participate in the charity exhibition. Xia Ranran said that she would try her best. However, Xia Ranran hadn’t agreed yet, and Peng Jing released the news that Han Yun was coming back to participate in the charity exhibition. Xia Ranran immediately went home to ask her guilt, and Peng Jing pitifully said that she was doing charity. The exhibition cannot be cancelled easily. Peng Jing pretended to apologize to Xia Ranran and said that it was good for Han Yun to come back. After all, there are still many things for her to deal with, and Xia Hongyuan also meant that.

Xia Ranran had a headache because of this, and she didn’t even know where Han Yun was. Lin Xiangan heard that the egg roll shop was on the street where he wanted to rent a storefront. Egg rolls and Xia Ranran were in the store because of Han Yun’s affairs. Xia Ranran thought of a way. Shao Mingzhe made a 3D holographic image. There were no flaws, but she really didn’t want to ask Shao Mingzhe, he was just a poisonous bird. Lin Xiangan came to the egg roll shop and met Xia Ranran unexpectedly. The atmosphere of the three people meeting was very embarrassing. The three of them went to the coffee shop next door. Because of what happened back then, the egg roll was very hostile to him, but Xia Ranran was unexpectedly calm.

Xia Ranran drove the egg rolls out and said that he wanted to chat with Lin Xiangan alone. They are old classmates, Lin Xiangan felt that Xia Ranran had changed a lot this time when he came back, and said that Su Mo would be back in a few days. Xia Ranran couldn’t help but stop, they hadn’t reached the point of smiling and enmity. The egg roll came back and drove Lin Xiangan away. Lin Xiangan said that he would go to her charity exhibition in a few days, and he was very happy to see Xia Ranran again.

Sending away Lin Xiang’an, Xia Ranran seemed to be taking time off, and the egg roll asked her if she still liked Lin Xiang’an. Xia Ranran still insisted on denying that she was just not mentally ready to see him. Four years ago, Xia Ranran simply and enthusiastically liked Lin Xiang’an. On a bus, the two rescued Su Mo who was molested by the pervert and sent the pervert to the police station. However, the police said that the client would need to testify.

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