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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 41 Recap

Back then, Duan Ran lied that the two cars could give birth to a new car in ninety-nine and eighty-one days. Ding Ding believed that he gave Duan Ran, but this was a lie that Duan Ran deceived Ding Ding. After losing his car, Ding Ding kept this in mind. In fact, Ke Duan Ran just thought Ding Ding was funny, so he deliberately teased Ding Ding, but in Ding Ding’s view, Duan Ran looked down on him and bullied him, forming an inferiority complex and distorted revenge for a long time. These days, there is another person who is also out of touch with Yu Shi. Ding Ding has also asked Yu Shi Tan to cooperate and claimed that the boss of QE will be President Shen in the future.

Duan Ran discovered that Yu Shi was a little bit desperate and asked why. Yu Shi lied that he was almost hit by a car outside the door, and the other party threatened to beat him. Duan Ran immediately became unwilling to find someone to vent Yu Shi, and He claims that he can only bully the world no matter what, and if outsiders bully the world, he will work hard with others and be moved in the world’s heart.

Ding Dinglai proposed to change the CEO of Rui, and claimed to find someone who has the same philosophy as President Shen. But Duan Ran thinks that Ding Ding doesn’t count, and everyone needs to vote. Ding Ding asked how many shares Yu Shi occupied? He also asked Yu Shi to hold the stocks on his behalf. Everyone thought that Yu Shi would not agree to it, and they felt that Ding Ding was humiliating himself. Yu Shi remembered what Ding Ding had threatened.

Ding Ding threatened Yu Shi to target his master’s family, preventing them from continuing to live, and Yu Shi was forced to agree. Ding Ding now owns more than half of the shares, so one person decided to let Yu Shi be the CEO. Yu Shi opposed it on the spot. Yu Shi was willing to give Ding Ding the shares, but he was absolutely unwilling to be the CEO. Ding Ding ignored it and wrote it before coming. The CEO appointment contract was not allowed to be disapproved by Shi Shi. When Su Su got angry, Yu Shi hurriedly followed up and explained to Su Su.

A master Yu Shi owed a debt and died in the cell. It was President Shen who took care of the master’s family and also took Yu Shi into QE. Therefore, he must also work for President Shen. The master still supports him. Grown up benefactor. But this explanation cannot be understood by Su Su. Su Su thinks that Yu Shi shouldn’t be so sorry for Duan Ran even if there are 10,000 reasons, and Su Su also asked Yu Shi to break up.

Ding Ding asked Qian Xixi to be the broadcaster, and Duan Ran to be Qian Xixi’s operation. Duan Ran was furious at Ding Ding, and called Ding Ding not worthy of sitting there, and he didn’t match Qian Xixi’s fingertips, but Ding Ding felt he was bullied Human abilities are all learned from Duan Ran.

Yu Shi wanted to say something to Duan Ran and Qian Xixi, but Ding Ding scolded him again. The fifth brother and others were angry at the betrayal of the world and prepared to jointly resign. However, Ouyang came back from vacation. Ouyang believed that Rui was the result of everyone’s efforts. He could not give up and give up, but Ding Ding’s equity determined that he had the right to speak, so now Can not come back, can only wait for the opportunity to settle accounts after autumn. This remark was also heard by Ding Ding, but he did not turn his face with Ouyang.

Qian Xixi went back to be the broadcaster, and Duan Ran helped Qian Xixi prepare the dressing room. Ouyang praised Duan Ran as a warm man. Duan Ran felt that he was no longer the sharper he used to be, and he could not bring Ouyang anything. I hope Ouyang can leave. But Ouyang insisted on staying with Duan Ran, believing that Duan Ran will definitely be able to create a new century.

It was the first time for Ding Ding to speak with everyone on the live broadcast of Rui. However, Qian Xixi publicly pushed back because what he said was incompatible with Rui. Duan Ran also believed that Ding Ding should listen to Qian Xixi more because Ding Ding had just returned to China. Don’t understand. This made Ding Ding very faceless.

In order to prove that he was not incapable, he said that he helped Chen Lang deal with Fu Rui. At the same time, he asked Yu Shi to secretly take pictures of his fifth brother’s design. He was so angry that Duan Ran turned around and left. Yu Shi hurried after Duan Ran to explain, but accidentally fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Shi was sent to the hospital.

Because Yu Shi’s behavior also made him resented by everyone, and he was unwilling to associate with him, Yu Shi explained that he was forced to have difficulties, but no one paid any attention. Ding Ding accused Duan Ran of tripping Yu Shi on purpose and kicked Duan Ran out of the company. Duan Ran went to find Mr. Shen and his son. After staring at them for a long time, he left without saying a word. Duan Ran packed his things and left Rui. .

Duan Ran couldn’t believe that Yu Shi, whom he believed most, was actually the biggest traitor. Qian Xixi sent Duan Ran back along the way, and he felt distressed as Duan Ran looked tired. Suddenly, Duan Ran was idle at home, and he was a little depressed. He wanted to manage Rui well, but in the end he still didn’t manage Hao Rui and was beaten to the ground by Rui.

Qian Xixi reappeared in the live broadcast room after a long time, but no one remembered her anymore. Duan Ran bought a lot of products in the live broadcast room in order to support Qian Xixi, but no one bought it again except Duan Ran.

Ouyang is responsible for training the new model broadcaster. Ding Ding came to please Ouyang and specially customized a sofa for her to rest, but Ouyang did not accept it. Zhang Jiayun also received a letter of admission from Cambridge, but Zhang Jiayun was going to the cloud live broadcast to arrange Duan Ran and Qian Xixi to go, but Qian Xixi claimed that Rui was her favorite baby.

Chen Lang came to discuss business with Mr. Wu, who was tempered by the dispute. Mr. Wu heard about Duan Shengyun, but he didn’t understand why Duan Shengyun would get him out of the field for Chen Lang.

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