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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 42 Recap

Because Duan Shengyun has stepped down now, and the cloud live broadcast is now half-dead, so Mr. Wu will not cooperate with Chen Lang at all. Zhang Jiayun called Chen Lang and learned that Chen Lang’s current situation was not optimistic, so she used mystery to tell Chen Lang that he would come to an assist in the near future.

After Duan Ran had nothing to do, he started making egg tarts. In the company, Ding Ding had been walking around Ouyang and didn’t want Qian Xixi to stay in the company. Ouyang specifically asked Qian Xixi to be her administrative assistant. , Tintin agreed. Ding Ding also proposed to have dinner with Ouyang, Qian Xixi called Ouyang away again, and the two planned to fight Ding Ding with the enemy.

Duan Ran was fine to make egg tarts at home, and made all kinds of egg tarts. After eating, Duan Shengyun and his wife both wanted to vomit, so I hope Qian Xixi can persuade Duan Ran. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi had forgotten that they were at home. They hugged each other and talked about the future. Qian Xixi knew that Duan Ran was deliberately making herself look busy. In fact, they were always thinking about Rui and hoped that both Rui and Qian Xixi were In Duan Ran’s future plan, Qian Xixi persuaded Duan Ran to go to YunLive to help.

At that time, YunLive may be the beginning of the future, but Duan Ran didn’t want to repeat everything and fail again. Duan Ran did not immediately agree. this matter. Duan’s mother gave the two a drink. Seeing the two cuddling together, she heard Duan Ran saying that Qian Xixi is his girlfriend. Duan’s mother couldn’t tell what it was like. Duan’s mother also told Duan Shengyun about it. This was her. Things that have been worried about.

Duan Mu acted like a baby and asked Duan Ran to go on a blind date. Duan Ran simply took out his own egg tarts for Duan Mu to taste again. Duan Mu complained repeatedly. The new clothes designed by Brother Wu were sold on the live broadcast platform, but it was discovered that the processor did not double the line according to the standard, so people felt that the product quality was not good.

Ding Ding proposed to destroy this batch of goods, but Qian Xixi thinks that there is no problem with the fabric, but the thread pressure problem. He will re-process the clothes with the clothes. Now the clothes orders have gone out for thousands of pieces. Before it was too late, Jiang Zheyang also expressed support for Qian Xixi. Ouyang did not accompany Qian Xixi to work overtime at night because of something.

In the evening, Ouyang came to see Duan Ran, only to find that the two were arranged by their parents for a blind date. Ouyang also officially confessed to Duan Ran that he had always loved Duan Ran and he had never changed. At the same time, Lao Qian and Qian Xixi’s video, watching Qian Xixi with a haggard face, Lao Qian hopes to let Qian Xixi go abroad. He also wanted to be able to guard Qian Xixi by his side, just as Qian Xixi guards Rui.

Duan Ran told Ouyang that he was already with Qian Xixi. At first he dared not face the relationship, but later found that he could not escape. Later, Qian Xixi and Jiang Zheyang got in touch with him and he became jealous. Knowing that the reason why he was so generous to Qian Xixi before and that everything can be given to Qian Xixi is actually because of love. Ouyang didn’t blame Qian Duanran, she didn’t expect much before coming to the blind date, and now she has completed her mission in Rui, so she wants to leave. Ouyang wanted to give Duan Ran the brand in his hand and let him go back as a bargaining chip, but Duan Ran wanted to give this to Qian Xixi.

Duan’s mother came to Qian Xixi, and she bluntly knew about the relationship between Duan Ran and Qian Xixi, so she hoped that they would separate. Duan’s mother admitted that it was her mistake that killed Qian Xixi’s mother 13 years ago.

When Duan Shengyun first started her career, she was busy with outside affairs every day, while Duan’s mother was very busy and painful every day. She could not see the hope of life and the future. In order to relieve the pressure, he always took Qian Xixi’s mother to drink. That day, he took Qian Xixi’s mother to drink. The two wandered on the road, both clamoring to drink. Duan Mu went back to the bar to buy wine, but when she turned around she found that Qian Xixi’s mother, who was standing in the middle of the road, was hit and killed by a car.

Unable to get in touch with Qian Xixi’s father, Duan’s mother took care of Qian Xixi and grew up, vowing to treat Qian Xixi as her own daughter and let her grow up happily, but every time she saw Qian Xixi’s mother, Duan had a kind of Guilt. Only now did Qian Xixi understand why Duan Mu always looked at her with guilty eyes. Duan’s mother raised Qian Xixi as an adult.

He didn’t dare to tell Qian Xixi’s mother the true cause of death. He was afraid that Qian Xixi would not forgive her. He was really unwilling to face Qian Xixi every day. His heart was full of suffering, so he hoped for money. Hexi and Duan Ran break up. Qian Xixi cried, and blamed Duan Mu for always starting from her own point of view, never from Qian Xixi’s perspective.

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