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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 30 Recap

Wu Yingxiong witnessed the good wood being chopped to pieces. He was very annoyed, but he didn’t dare to attack. Wei Xiaobao revealed that someone wanted the emperor to report that he had hidden weapons in the wood in an attempt to rebel against the court. Wei Xiaobao also acted on orders and made Wu Yingxiong. List, promised to compensate according to the price, Wu Yingxiong dare not let him compensate for the loss.

Yunnan admiral Zhang Yong, Wang Jinbao, and Zhao Liangdong were arguing outside. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly called the three of them in to ask the reasons. Only then did they know that they were arguing between the Yunnan and the horses, and wanted to know that Wu Yingxiong deliberately transported the Yunnan horses from Yunnan to this place. He approves the wood and takes the opportunity to ask Wang Jinbao to help him with a pony. Wu Yingxiong stops him in every possible way, and Wei Xiaobao immediately takes him to the racecourse.

Wang Jinbao circled Wei Xiaobao’s horse, and he saw that it was a good horse, but it was disused by the brocade. Wei Xiaobao wanted to see his horse. Wang Jinbao pulled out a short stature horse. The horse claims to be a new stallion between Sichuan and Yunnan. Zhao Liangdong teased that this was a string of stallions. Wang Jinbao was furious, and the two fought if they didn’t agree. Wu Yingxiong hurriedly stopped. Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to ask his horse to compete with Wang Jinbao’s horse. Wu Yingxiong also bet 1 million taels of silver, and Wang Jinbao bet 200 taels of silver.

Wei Xiaobao returned to return to the emperor. The emperor knew that the wood Wu Yingxiong had brought was okay. He was vaguely disturbed. He was worried that picking up the light would make a fuss about the matter. The emperor Xilingxiao Riding Camp strengthened the guard of the palace. Princess Jianning was clamoring to see the emperor.

The emperor was not in the mood. Wei Xiaobao hurried out to comfort her. Princess Jianning was angry and wanted to file a complaint with the queen mother. She wanted to stop her desperately. She made an excuse that the queen mother was sick. Jian was staying to accompany her in bed to recuperate, but the queen mother disagreed, so Princess Jianning left the sachet she had with her, and then left angrily.

The more Princess Jianning thought about it, the more sad she became. She went to see the Queen Mother six times in a row and was driven out. She went to the pond alone in a daze. Wei Xiaobao kindly persuaded her to stop disturbing the Queen Mother. Princess Jianning didn’t. Hearing, she was still angry about sinking to death. Wei Xiaobao desperately blocked her. Princess Jianning thought it was because she married Wu Yingxiong. She wanted to kill Wu Yingxiong to show her loyalty to the Queen Mother. She wanted to persuade her not to act recklessly, so she had to sell her misery to the Queen Mother. .

Princess Jianning was disdainful of selling miserable food, so she poisoned Wu Yingxiong’s food and wanted to take the opportunity to kill him a hundred, but Wu Yingxiong never came back. Princess Jianning quietly came to Wu Yingxiong. She heard Wu Yingxiong outside the window, and Wang Jianbao and Zhang Yong discussed it. Race with Wei Xiaobao, wanting Wei Xiaobao to win the race, so as not to slander him ahead of the emperor. Princess Jianning went to notify Wei Xiaobao overnight that she vowed to stop the match and crush Wu Yingxiong’s conspiracy.

Princess Jianning came to the stables secretly and added a laxative to the forage trough. Wu Yingxiong brought Wang Jinbao to Wei Xiaobao to bet on horses early in the morning, but he was worried about being criticized by the people and suggested to go betting on horses outside the city. Wei Xiaobao mocked Wang Jinbao and repeatedly confessed his mistakes to Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly came to see the emperor.

The emperor couldn’t wait to tell him the great news. Shang Kexi and Geng Jinzhong agreed to withdraw the domain. They were on their way to the capital. Only Wu Sangui was left alone. It is inconvenient to transport from thousands of miles, Wei Xiaobao suggests to use Yunnan Horse for transportation.

The emperor received reliable news that Wu Yingxiong used Yunnan horses to transport wood as a pretense. He wanted to ride a stamina horse back to Yunnan. Wei Xiaobao realized that the situation was not good and admitted that he and Wu Yingxiong were betting on horses in the suburbs. The emperor sent him to chase him immediately. Wei Xiaobao concluded that Wu Yingxiong could not run far because Princess Jianning had added a laxative to the fodder.

Wei Xiaobao came to Wang Jinbao and Zhang Yong for the first time. They denied colluding with Wu Yingxiong and promised to accompany him to chase Wu Yingxiong. Wei Xiaobao, Wang Jinbao and Zhang Yong took people out of the city to chase after them. They found that the horse dung of Dianma was heading east, and they hurried To chase. The emperor finally agreed to see Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning was very happy, but she became a widow when she thought of Wu Yingxiong’s death. She could only be locked up in a house to die. The emperor promised not to restrict her freedom.

Wang Jinbao and Wei Xiaobao followed all the way and saw two Yunnan horses died on the road due to diarrhea. They followed the route and finally caught Wu Yingxiong who had escaped. Wei Xiaobao ordered him to be taken back to see the emperor and Zhao Liangdong

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