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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 31 Recap

Wei Xiaobao deliberately smeared his face with black mud and hurriedly rushed to return to the emperor. He lied that he was chasing suspiciousness and fell into the mud. Princess Jianning could see at a glance that he had wiped it on his face deliberately, but did not want the rebel to recognize him. In order to avoid the disaster of blood and light, Wei Xiaobao shouted wrong, the emperor stopped pursuing it, and praised Princess Jianning and Wei Xiaobao. Princess Jianning complained that Wei Xiaobao did not kill Wu Yingxiong, Wei Xiaobao worried that she would become a widow, and the emperor worried that Wu Sangui would take this It’s a big fuss. If Wu Yingxiong is to be returned to the princess mansion, as long as he delays a few days, the emperor will be able to raise more food and grass, and he will have one day more chance of winning when he fights Wu Sangui.

Princess Jianning took the opportunity to offer a reward. The emperor fully agreed and invited Princess Jianning to eat hot pot. Wei Xiaobao waited on their siblings. Princess Jianning took advantage of the situation to touch Wei Xiaobao’s ass. Wei Xiaobao avoided it. Princess Jianning used the wine. Jin recommended Wei Xiaobao to be the Marshal, and she was Wei Xiaobao’s wife, Wei Xiaobao complained repeatedly.

Wei Xiaobao sent Princess Jianning back to the house, and Princess Jianning forcibly took him into the dormitory. Upon learning of this, the emperor sent the eunuch to Wei Xiaobao to send snacks. Wei Xiaobao quietly came out of the princess’s bedroom early in the morning and received the royal meal from the emperor. Wei Xiaobao had a guilty conscience and asked the eunuch in detail to find out what happened. He was so scared that he ran away.

The emperor wrote the inscription and asked Wei Xiaobao to go to Yangzhou to engrave on Shi Kefa’s loyal stele. Wei Xiaobao asked Wang Jinbao and Zhang Yong for credit. The emperor promised that they would follow Wei Xiaobao in the future, and threatened Wei Xiaobao. Then the emperor gave Wei Xiaobao three plays, and Wei Xiaobao took Shuang’er and others to watch the play together.

Wei Xiaobao was so sleepy that he snored, but he had to wait patiently to finish watching. Wei Xiaobao clicked on “General Yang”. The actors invited Wei Xiaobao to play Yang Silang and took the opportunity to take him backstage before Wei Xiaobao recognized them as Qian Lao. Ben, the Taoist Xuanzhen, Feng Jizhong and Xu Tianchuan, they wanted to see Wei Xiaobao, so they got into the theater troupe to meet him, and Shuang’er came backstage afterwards. Wei Xiaobao asked her to continue to arrange listening to the opera.

Wei Xiaobao took the money and the four people back to the mansion, telling them that he had no choice. The emperor sent him back to Yangzhou to build the Martyrs’ Shrine of Shi Kefa, and exempted Yangzhou from taxes for three years. Wei Xiaobao wanted to detour to Wangwu Mountain in Henan Province to fight against Stubbury, Qian Laoben Persuading Wei Xiaobao and Situ Bolei to unite and oppose the imperial court. Feng Ji was worried that Wu Sangui would take the opportunity to ally with the imperial court. Wei Xiaobao wanted to kill Wu Sangui first. Xu Tianchuan suggested to send the letter to Situ Bolei first. Wei Xiaobao sent the four of them to deliver the letter. .

In fact, Wei Xiaobao didn’t want to fight, let alone hurt the innocent people. Shuang’er admired him. At this moment, brothers Zeng Ruanhuang from Wangwushan came to see Wei Xiaobao with Ma Daixiao. Wei Xiaobao learned the whole story in detail. Wu Sangui sent Barang Xing to ask Situ Burei to help against the court. Situ Burei disagreed, Barang Xing He brutally killed him, thanks to Xu Tianchuan, Qian Laoben and others who arrived in time and killed Barangxing on the spot. Together, they thanked Wei Xiaobao and the brothers of Tiandihui. Wei Xiaobao persuaded them to die. They wanted to join the Tiandihui, Wei Xiaobao. Naturally, I cannot ask for it. Wei Xiaobao left Zeng Rou alone and took the opportunity to express his heart to her. When both of them saw this scene, they felt sad.

Wei Xiaobao sent Wang Jinbao to see the emperor and brought his handwritten letter. The emperor asked Wang Jinbao to read it out on the spot, but Wei Xiaobao’s paintings reported to the emperor about the restoration of Wangwu Mountain, and the emperor was happy. Wei Xiaobao led his team to Yangzhou in a mighty force. The prefect Wu Zhirong brought civil and military officials to greet him outside the city gate. Wei Xiaobao praised Wu Zhirong and promised to reward him again, and then entered the city.

Wei Xiaobao read the imperial decree to Wu Zhirong and others to pardon Yangzhou’s taxes for three years. Officials asked to help Wei Xiaobao, but Wei Xiaobao politely declined. That night, Wei Xiaobao came quietly to see his mother in Lichunyuan. From the window, he saw his mother Wei Chunhua seduce Zheng Keshuang and Ake who was dressed as a man. Wu Yingxiong kicked him out. Wei Xiaobao was so scared that he hurried to hide and heard Wu Yingxiong want to be here. See Guldan.

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