Chinese Plot

The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 32 Recap

Wei Xiaobao eavesdropped on Zheng Keshuang’s conversation with A Ke outside the window. A Ke hated Wei Xiaobao and swore that he didn’t want to see him in this life. Wei Xiaobao was not convinced. Wei Chunhua grabbed him by the ear and left. After a meal, I complained that he came back without saying a word in advance.

Wei Chunhua personally fed Wei Xiaobao to drink lotus seed soup, and asked him to run for his life after drinking. Wei Xiaobao wanted to accompany her for a few more days. He also explained that the affairs of Mao Shiba and General Soldier had been settled. Wei Chunhua didn’t believe it at all. The guy came to call Wei Chunhua, She asked Wei Xiaobao to wait obediently. Wei Xiaobao was lying in bed and wanted to sleep, but remembering that he still had business to do, he took advantage of Wei Chunhua’s carelessness and put Mongolian sweat medicine in Zheng Keshuang’s pot of wine.

Wei Chunhua sent the wine to Zheng Keshuang’s room, Zheng Keshuang gave her money to send her away, Wei Xiaobao saw this scene, quietly returned to the room to pretend to sleep, Wei Chunhua also felt tired, so she lay down on the bed to sleep. When Wei Xiaobao heard his mother start snoring, she quietly got up and went out, unexpectedly Wei Chunhua also pretended to sleep.

Wei Xiaobao came to Zheng Keshuang’s room and saw him sleeping with Ake. Wei Xiaobao was furious and forcibly dragged Zheng Keshuang, who was not awake, down. Wei Chunhua came afterwards, thinking that Wei Xiaobao was going to steal the guests’ money. After teaching him a lesson, Wei Xiaobao hurriedly took out the silver slip hidden in his boots. Wei Chunhua believed that he had stolen it and forced him to return it to the guest. Wei Xiaobao had to bite the bullet and give it to Ak, and Wei Chunhua insisted that he return it to Zheng Keshuang. .

Wei Chunhua also wanted to teach Wei Xiaobao a lesson. He hurried away with the excuse of abdominal pain. Wei Xiaobao brought Shuang’er, Zeng Rou and others to the Lichunyuan to catch the thieves. Unexpectedly, Zheng Keshuang and A Ke were lying together again. He forcibly pulled Zheng Keshuang out of bed and found his own banknotes from him. Geldan and the senior sister Aqi suddenly appeared in Zheng Keshuang’s room. Wei Xiaobao warmly welcomed his arrival and wanted to take the opportunity to slip away. Geldan believed that he had stolen Zheng Keshuang’s money and forced him to hand it over. Wei Xiaobao had to do it.

Shuang’er and Zeng Rou were worried about Wei Xiaobao, so they came in to look for him. They were knocked out on the spot by the Tibetan master Sang Jie brought by Geerdan. Geerdan admitted that he came here to meet Zheng Keshuang. Wei Xiaobao wanted to escape with his magical actions. After being captured by Aqi, Wei Xiaobao used his three-inch tongue to match Geldan and Aqi, and tried to get close to Geldan. Wei Xiaobao faked the imperial decree and persuaded Geldan and the emperor to put down Wu Sangui together, and promised to let him Guldan was sweating profusely, and he also rewarded the mulberry knot.

Geerdan and Sang Jiexin thought it was true. Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to propose to marry them with Jinlan. The three of them ended on the spot. Aqi congratulated them on their great cause and suggested they drink to celebrate. Wei Xiaobao didn’t want to drink the leftover wine, so he was served with a new wine. Fat Toutuo came in pretending to be the second person in the shop. Wei Xiaobao lied that the second person in the shop just now belonged to Wu Sangui, and begged Geldan and Sangjie for help.

The shopkeeper came to deliver the wine, and Wei Xiaobao bitterly forced him to ask him if he had any accomplices. He admitted that there were a few others, and Wei Xiaobao put Mongolian sweat medicine in the wine and wanted to kill them all. Wei Xiaobao asked them to take off their veils. Wei Xiaobao forced them to drink a glass of wine. He also called the three young men in for a drink. They Pick it up and drink it all.

Wei Xiaobao pretended to take out the silver ticket to reward them. The masked Su Quan slapped Fat Toutuo, and then six people suddenly collapsed to the ground. Aqi also fainted. Wei Xiaobao took Su Quan, Fang Yi and Mujian. The three of Ping Ping put on the bed and had to stand guard for them. Zhao Liangdong put Aqi, Su Quan and others in prison, and Wei Xiaobao watched them overnight.

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