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The Stage 装台 Episode 1 Plot

The Russian performance team came to the Xi’an Qinqiang Troupe to perform. Female dancers were rehearsing on the stage. As a result, the people who installed the stage were squeezed down because they were rushing to see the beautiful women, and fortunately they pulled the rope. But this big living person hung in the center of the stage, and the soft scene fell together, which made the two leaders of the dance group angry. Tie Kou hurriedly asked Diao Dashun, the person in charge of the installation, to deal with it. It is not easy to have a high-level performance in this inland city, and it is also not an easy opportunity for the installation.

Tie buckle wrapped round a stall of cured beef with steamed bun and spicy soup, to give the Russian team a taste. Shunzi gobbled up his meal, then rode his tricycle back to his home in the village in the city. It was his creed to spend the money he earned hard. His wife Cai Sufen’s foot was injured, and Shunzi rubbed her ankle with wine. This Cai Sufen was accidentally hit by a tricycle and injured her foot and got the certificate with him. Shunzi handed all the money she earned to Sufen and asked her to close the account at home. Sufen also really met an honest person, determined to give up the house she rented, and officially moved in.

Shunzi told his brothers about his new daughter-in-law, which was the fate he picked up. People were fascinated by the beautiful women’s performance. Tie Kou found that the two dance troupe leaders had disappeared. Shun Zi and others were looking for someone in the theater, only to find that Tie Kou was also missing. If people run away, Shunzi’s wages won’t be returned. The people under his staff were also taken away by the police station because they locked the Russian female dancers in the theater. Shunzi brought the people back. Several people gathered around the noodle stall and ate the steamed buns, wondering how to pay.

Halfway through the meal, the merchant who rented the stage lighting had to come and take things away. Shunzi hurried over with the leader Qu, but the leader was steady, and in a few words persuaded the other party that they should ask the renter for something, and even call the police. When the business left, Director Qu reprimanded Shunzi for being so relieved of the performance that Yeluzi took back. Shunzi was also deceived. Now he can only stare at things in the theater and the actors in the hotel to see if he can find it. Run away the organizer and the iron buckle.

The eighth uncle who lives on the street accompanies his pet dog Mao Daner all day long and guards his ex-wife who runs a small supermarket opposite. Helping the ex-wife to run away the gangster, the eighth uncle finds that his cherished hairy egg and a black dog have first tasted the sweetness of love. The eighth uncle roars hatefully, whoever commits my scumbag will never end with him! Those who don’t work will have nothing to look for, and this matter is rushing to look for him. The eighth uncle still feels distressed that his hairy egg is being matched by a stray dog. Turning around, his ex-wife wants to go on a blind date with someone younger than him, which makes the eighth uncle feel angry.

The performances of the Qin Opera Troupe are becoming fewer and fewer. As the director of Tie Kou, he originally wanted to bring the performance to make everyone earn some money, but it turned out to be such a thing. The men couldn’t get the money, they wanted to resell the lamps, and blame Shunzi. Shunzi is also very anxious. He is a city dweller with such a group of migrant workers from other counties, which means that it is not easy for everyone. If you want to make some money together, you have long wanted to do this business. .

Shunzi bought a Guoguo and came to Teacher Dou. She wanted to tell her depression, but she couldn’t say anything when she arrived. Teacher Dou brought Shunzi to the restaurant and ordered draft beer and skewers for him, comforting him that if he wanted to start a little bit in case of trouble, he would be better off at his age.

Shunzi returned home and found a small black dog with low eyebrows under the stove. Thinking about his recent stall, he felt that the dog was as helpless as himself. He found a cardboard box for the dog to live in. Go in, take things and go out. Tiekou’s wife loved to sing the Liyuan Opera all her life, and she even sang herself as a Danish. Shunzi came to Tiekou’s house holding the quilt. She stayed at home and didn’t leave, but Tiekou’s phone was turned off, and Tiekou’s wife was furious and helpless.

Zhuan Zhuan and Dun Dun have been following the Russian dancers, but because of the large number of their travels, they are simply unable to resist. Tie Kou finally returned home to see Shunzi, he also kindly wanted to do some work for them, but in the end he kindly did something bad.

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