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The Stage 装台 Episode 2 Plot

Tie Kou quarreled with his wife Dan, and got up and persuaded him to fight, and even if he couldn’t get his money back, it was not easy for those migrant workers who pointed to their wages to live, and their money had to be returned by themselves. The three came to the noodle restaurant opened by the second generation. The second generation entered the shop and saw Shunzi and Tiekou. He quickly said the meal was a treat for himself, and exchanged good drinks for them. This second-generation father is a coal boss. He has a good family background and a capable person. Shunzi is very satisfied with this kid.

Mao Dan’er was indeed pregnant. Eighth uncle was sadly unable to accept this fact. The person introduced by his ex-wife’s natal brothers came to her. Eighth uncle yelled that he was the landlord. He also came in and sat down and stared at each other vigorously. The other party drove out.

Cai Sufen moved to Shunzi’s house, but saw three brothers, oil cake, hemp knife and pie, squatting at the door. Cai Sufen could only pretend to pass by and dare not enter. Shunzi came back with the bedclothes and mistakenly thought that they were also asking for money. The three hurriedly took out the things they bought to apologize, and called sweetly to Cai Sufen’s sister-in-law. Cai Sufen paid out two hundred yuan for them to buy some food, leaving them to eat at home.

The oil cake poured a basin of water into the yard, and a young and fashionable girl happened to come in. The basin of cold water was poured down, and she screamed in hatred and made all three of them get out. Shunzi hurried out, panicking when she saw this woman. Cai Sufen misunderstood that Shunzi turned around and picked up his luggage and went out. Shunzi quickly went up to explain that it was his daughter Diao Juhua. When Diao Juhua was a child, her biological mother ran away with others.

She was worried that her father would not want herself if she found someone. She watched Xiao Hei hurt her leg when she ran in, and she used to be angry with Shunzi, scolding and smashing. Shunzi said that she was not afraid of this girl, and at the same time she closed the curtains and locked the door, for fear that the pungent daughter would come down and do something.

Cai Sufen put on an apron and cooked noodles for them, so she carefully stayed at Shunzi’s house. Cai Sufen, who prepared the meal, asked Shunzi to call for Juhua. Shunzi frowned reluctantly and stood on the stairs and shouted that the meal was ready. After Juhua took a look, she hurriedly returned. Shunzi was full of sadness as he ate. Cai Sufen’s noodles tasted like his mother’s, which made Shunzi feel a sense of warmth when he was alone for so many years. Cai Sufen held her face and put the chrysanthemum at the door, but the chrysanthemum did not say a word to her to take it away.

A young man looked around on the streets of Diaojia Village to find Sufen. The eighth uncle stared at him and asked him whether he was looking for someone or a dog. The young man turned his head and left without saying anything. Although Chrysanthemum is grumpy but not bad-hearted, she sits on a second-generation motorcycle holding Xiao Hei and comes to the pet shop for treatment. She happens to be seen by the eighth uncle on the side of the road.

Shunzi came to the group and the man who had run away with donations was retrieved. It turned out that the iron clasp and the foreign leader had been chasing after Shijiazhuang to bring the bastard back. They were there to ask for money for everyone. Shunzi received a call from Chrysanthemum, and Chrysanthemum would treat the little black dog after taking the money that Shunzi had just sent. He also bought a pile of dog food and dog pots, saying that the dog should not suffer.

The eighth uncle came to Shunzi’s house to look for the little black dog, and watched Sufen muttering that Shunzi was a good person, that is, such a grumpy daughter on the stall was very awkward. Shunzi and his group took their wages to eat noodles and drink some wine as usual. The brothers yelled and called Sufang out. They asked for a meal together as a support scene for Shunzi, so that they could decide on this. relationship.

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