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The Stage 装台 Episode 3 Plot

Chrysanthemum hugged Xiao Hei back home, Sufen went up to communicate with her, grumpy, she yelled that there was no Sufen in the house, and she would never let her dominate in this home. Shunzi came back and took Sufen to meet the brothers’ dinner. Chrysanthemum sneered. If he had treated his mother so affectionately, her mother would not have followed others.

Shunzi originally thought it was the brothers having a meal together, but it turned out that not only the Russian dance troupe, but also the head of Tiekou and Qu came. Everyone celebrated the happy event that Shunzi and Sufen married together. With this festive spirit, the head of Qu told everyone that there was a very important performance under the Qin Opera Troupe. They must do it well and not lose the chain. This time Shunzi had a lot of energy, and he hurriedly yelled the brothers to toast leader Qu and Tiekou together.

Although the second generation has no worries about food and clothing, as an actor of the Qin Opera Troupe, he has always dreamed that one day he can stand in the center of the stage and sing well. But Captain Qu thought that his kung fu was not solid enough, how could this Qin Opera be accomplished with just two strokes of a little doll. The second generation himself knows that he has been studying seriously with his master and is looking forward to becoming a pillar one day.

There was no one in the house, so the eighth uncle came to the second floor to look for Chrysanthemum, and wanted to take Xiao Hei out of anger. As a result, Chrysanthemum misunderstood the eighth uncle to be frivolous, and even cut the eighth uncle’s face with the scissors. The eighth uncle called this, but the misunderstanding was so big that he ran away. Juhua thought that he had lost his mother and his father was looking for a new love, making people bullied until he had no personal control. On the other side, Uncle Eight ran to the hospital to treat the wound in a panic. The doctor saw that the wound was caused by man-made injuries, and asked Uncle Uncle to call the police to deal with it. Uncle Uncle was unwilling to listen to this.

The crowd was lively, and the man who was looking for Sufen also entered the noodle shop, but everyone was drunk awkwardly, so he hugged him and poured a lot of wine. The man looked at Sufen, who was shy and smiling, with a cold face. He staggered out of the noodle shop when he drank too much. He kindly gave him a stool for him to sit down and drink a bowl of water. He looked at Sufang. They got on Shunzi’s tricycle and the two went home.

Shunzi tells Sufen that she also has a second daughter named Han Mei. Han Mei’s father died early in a car accident, and his mother died of breast cancer two years ago. So Fen learned that Shun Zi had been married twice, but Su Fen herself was single. Shunzi is a responsible and honest person, but he is not too difficult for others. If Sufen doesn’t like him, she can go to the same place and return the card. Sufen didn’t think so. She was a real woman and she knew who she was with and had a good time.

Upstairs, Chrysanthemum played the Bailongma song that her mother taught herself when she was a child. Shunzi went up to see her but was accused by her. She wanted her father to find her eighth uncle for a fight, but Shunzi refused to do it. Chrysanthemum took her from the cabinet. Ding took out the fire tongs and said that the fading blood on it was an iron proof that a straight hit his mother. Shunzi cried out injustice.

It was her mother who smashed her head with pliers, and he still had scars on his head. The two of them talked about it all night, looking at her elderly father, Juhua’s eyes were distressed and guilty, but she was stubborn and unwilling to show her dependence on her father. Shunzi woke up in the morning and watched Sufen, who had been waiting for herself all night, caught a cold. She rushed to give her daughter-in-law a medicine for her to drink, and told her not to provoke her.

The group of people who installed the stage got together to have breakfast again, waiting for Shunzi to go to the Qin Opera Group to start work. Working hard to earn money and earning money to marry a wife is a tricky goal in life, but the speed of making money can’t keep up with the price increase of the betrothal gift. Everyone ridiculed him for being illiterate and educated, but the red punch he trained is still powerful. While teasing, Chief Qian, who is in charge of logistics, came to condolences them, claiming that if the show is fancy this time, he will go to the south to tour for two months and prepare them psychologically.

Chief Qu introduced to Chief Qian the drama “Human Face Peach Blossom” performed in Wanwanqiang. Chief Qian also knows some operas. He also knows a little about Qin Opera, and it is easier for two people to talk.

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