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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 19 Recap

Wanbi’s joyous news reached Feng Guifei’s ears, and the court lady Luzhu deliberately reminded her that it was time to have a baby. In the future, the emperor will die, and each concubine will have a prince to stand by. The people from Chi Jinhai searched the Qishan explosion site, and Feng Xi destroyed everything, but it was not without gain. He found Feng Xi’s purse. The Zuoxiang looked at this purse with exquisite embroidery and a poem praising Qixi Festival. He immediately thought that it might have been embroidered by Concubine Feng Gui for Feng Xi. He kept it for good and might still be useful in the future.

Feng Xi sends Daole a lot of printed tickets to Uncle Yan every month to repay his kindness in the past years, but Yan Biao, Uncle Yan’s son, is a gambler who spends money like water, and every time he sees Daole, he is hungry. Eat eyes. The leftists here carefully investigated the details of Feng’s siblings, and they arrested Yan Biao, and learned that Feng Xi and Feng Guifei were not relatives, so they decided to count the two siblings together with Wanbi.

After Dao Le gave the money, he found Feng Xi’s purse by the way. I heard that camellia appeared in the Imperial Garden in the palace. This was the secret sign of Feng Xi’s appointment with his sister. But when the sisters and brothers in the palace said that they had never met, Feng Xi immediately realized that they had been calculated. But it was too late. The matter was brought to the emperor’s face, and she falsely accused that the two were not brothers and sisters, and that the late-night affair was cheating, and Yan Biao was brought to testify, but that’s it, Feng Xi still had something to tell. , A purse is said to be embroidered for Dongyue, Yan Biao is a gambler is not credible.

As for the late-night meeting, it was said that the imperial concubine begged her son to ask Feng Xi to find medicine for her, but after searching the palace pills, she found that it was not a medicine for seeking a child but a medicine for avoiding child. This matter offended the Emperor Ni Lin, and the Emperor ordered the imperial concubine to be banned, and Feng Xi was imprisoned. The third prince came to visit in prison, and he wanted to rescue Feng Xi before Lu Yuantong wrote to protect him. This kindness was his. Dongyue also noted his kindness and asked the third prince to help her see Feng Xi, but Feng Xi didn’t want to see him, but wanted to see another person instead.

In the imperial concubine’s palace, Feng Xi eagerly thought of a way. Whether the avoiding pill was her sister’s own or was planted by Wanyi, he would retaliate. But in fact, Concubine Feng has always liked Feng Xi. They are not relatives, but they can only be regarded as relatives. She was pretending to be Feng Xi in her heart, and she did not want to be pregnant with other people’s children. These words have been hidden in my heart for many years, and now they are said to be relieved. In the end, Feng Guifei asked him to perform another trick of the bird’s arrival. Feng Xi, as she wished, only had Dongyue in his heart. After all, he couldn’t pretend to be with Feng Guifei. Between other emotions.

Out of the imperial concubine palace, Feng Xi thought more and more wrong, and hurried back to see her sister who had already drunk poisoned alcohol in the palace. She said that she had no concerns about her heart, and now that death would be regarded as helping Feng Xi get back up soon. She knew Feng Xi must be planning something, but the premise is to live and live for her. The emperor will be here soon, there is not much time to leave, Feng Xi kowtowed heavily, got up and left.

When the emperor came, Concubine Feng Gui was already dying, holding the step that the emperor had given her in her hand, she was innocent by her death certificate, and finally lost her breath in the emperor’s arms. Feng Xi recalled her sister’s smirk in prison all these years. She was always so gentle to him and died because of him. In such sadness, Feng Xi was waiting for the emperor’s imperial decree. Dismissed him and went to Zhumingyi to think about it.

Dismissed all the people from the Feng mansion, Feng Xi had a drink alone, and arranged for Daole Feng Ziyuan, Feng Ziyuan was sent to contact Lu Chuan, Daole was the first to be unhappy, and asked Feng Ziyuan to appease Feng Ziyuan. A Ping An blessing, the little brother Xiao Si’s one was replaced from Dao Le’s hands, because she no longer regarded Dao Le as her younger brother! And Mrs. Rou. Knowing that she would not leave, Feng Xi said a lot of unfeeling words. If she wanted to stay, she would go to work as a messenger for Dongyue. After all, she is the person Feng Xi likes and the daughter of Feng Mansion. the host.

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