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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 20 Recap

Only after talking harsh words did Mrs. Rou drive away, even if it was to repay the kindness of the protector of the day, all these years were enough. Madam Rou bid farewell to Feng Xi with tears in her eyes. She believed that they would meet again. Everyone was driven away, but Dongyue persistently refused to leave. Even if he said harsh words a hundred times, he did not get angry. Feng Xi had no choice but to move out of Lu Yuantong, and then Dongyue was thrown away.

It didn’t take long for Feng Xi to leave, there was an assassin behind Feng Xi, Dongyue’s white jade flute sounded at this moment, and she hurried away, only to see blood dripping from the edge of the cliff, and she didn’t respond to Feng Xi’s call. , Feng Xi stopped her behind. Seeing that she was so worried about him, Feng Xi kissed her without hesitation.

Sure enough, she was still reluctant to leave her, and brought Dongyue to the small courtyard where they first met, where the holly flowers were still blooming. Feng Xi transferred this article to Dongyue’s name early in the morning. It was already Dongyue’s house, so the government did not take it away. So the two had a few days of pastoral pleasures here for a short time. Dongyue didn’t work meticulously and was always injured accidentally. Feng Xi was concerned about his fingers being cut by the bowl. The strange thing is that she can no longer heal herself instantly, but becomes more and more like a normal person, taking a long time to heal slowly, and Feng Xi even teases her with this.

In the teahouse, Feng Xi’s letter from the Ministry of War wisely asked Feng Xi to meet Lu Yuantong’s subordinate Zang Fei, and brought the Gyeonggi defense map to be sent in sincerity. Unexpectedly, the wooden box was opened and the map was empty. In the Yufeng Pavilion, the Gyeonggi defense plan was placed right in front of the third prince. At this time, even if you bring the plan to report to the emperor, it may not be safe. It is better to wait for the spies to come back three days later and make plans.

Feng Xi gave Dongyue a step. At first glance, Dongyue just changed the branch for Mrs. Rou and added two or three pearls, so she didn’t want it. In fact, this one is a pair. Although Mrs. Rou’s one is gorgeous, it is only rich and honorable. Although this one is simple, but it implies infatuation, Feng Xi specially left this one to her sweetheart. At this time, the cuckoo in the sky is crying, Dongyue said that it is better to go home, Feng Xi said that it is not bitter, but in short, it is a bird that sings for love, listening to the call of the bird,

Before going to bed at night, Dongyue hesitated, Feng Xi was generous, took the quilt and went to sleep in the study. Dongyue was still a little bit unhappy, so she sent him there. In the study, a woodcarving maid was enshrined in front of the stage, and Feng Xi dared not neglect the incense. This was the only relic left by his sister. He will live well as his sister hopes, and Dongyue also prays, hoping that the concubine will protect Feng Xi’s life. When she returned to Dongyue, she put the white jade flute into the box, because she now had someone she wanted to protect.

In the casino, Yan Biao pressed the big and the small at the gambling table, and there was no money left, but the left side’s dark line had been against Yan Biao, and Lu Chuan Feng Ziyuan had no chance to start. Lu Chuan had an idea, when Yan Biao came to ask the God of Wealth to disperse the wealth, he pretended to be the God of Wealth to disperse the wealth. In the outskirts, Feng Xi was dressed as a casual hunter today, holding an arrow and a bow, and calling out Feng Ziyuan with a whistle to inquire about the situation outside.

The palace matters were properly arranged and Yan Biao had enough money. He would definitely spend money in the casino. Feng Ziyuan wondered why Feng Xi was so rich, but why he cut back on Dao Le’s share of the law. What’s weird about this, Feng Xi wants to urge him to make progress so that he can take Feng Ziyuan in the future.

The next day’s Kyoto miscellaneous talks were everywhere, saying that Yan Biao, the seller seeking glory, and Feng Guifei died unjustly. Upon hearing this, Zuo Xiang immediately ordered Yan Biao to be quietly dealt with. In the imperial concubine palace, the maid sorted out the relics and found a bag of children’s clothing. Luzhu immediately reported it to the emperor. The emperor passed the imperial physician and learned that Feng Guifei seemed to have signs of early pregnancy before his death. It was just that the imperial physician did not think that he had had no children for many years meaning.

Later, it was announced that Lu Chuan came to see him. The Taishi Bureau asked for a visa. It was considered that Feng Guifei might have died unjustly, and she had proved her innocence by suicide. Lu Chuan suggested that the emperor should go to the temple to pay his respects, so as to comfort the dead. That made sense, the emperor decided to go to the induction temple in person tomorrow.

The jade medal Feng Xi gave to Dongyue is gone. He can’t find it anyhow. If he loses it, he loses it. Now everyone is in front of Dongyue, and he is worried about what Yupei will do. Feng Xi embraces her gently. Stroking her long hair.

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