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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 7 Recap

Xia Ranran recalled the scenes from four years ago, with a lot of emotion in her heart. Su Mo gave Lin Xiangan a video. She was already packing her bags and preparing to go back to China. Lin Xiangan asked if she remembered the scene when they first met. In fact, Su Mo had already planned to teach that person at the time, but Lin Xiangan and Xia Ranran were one step ahead. Shot. Xia Ranran talked to Eggroll about the year of the third year of high school, when Su Mo transferred to their class, Xia Ranran recognized her as the girl on the bus at a glance, and spoke out heartlessly.

Xia Ranran followed Su Mo and asked her to report the crime easily, but Su Mo was too lazy to take care of her. Lin Xiangan and Su Mo got closer and closer. Because of their poor family background, Su Mo often ate snacks sent by Lin Xiangan’s suitors. Xia Ranran and Su Mo fought each other with a bit of taunting, and they were scolded by the teacher.

Later, the egg roll found out the reason for Su Mo’s transfer in high school and told Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran discovered that Su Mo was fighting with others to make money in the video game city, so she kindly invited her to dinner and called her, but Su Mo just refused to agree to go to the police. Xia Ranran was not angry, and wanted to be friends with Su Mo. Su Mo Sayazi ran away when someone suddenly chased him. Lin Xiangan and Xia Ranran who passed by rescued Su Mo and drove away the girls. Lin Xiangan took Xia Ranran to the hospital to bandage the wound. Xia Ranran stole a kiss while he was not paying attention, feeling that she liked each other as much as she did.

The police went to the school to find Su Mo, Xia Ranran, and Lin Xiangan, and told them that the pervert on the bus had been arrested because they called the police in time. Xia Ranran was very happy, and the relationship with Su Mo was getting better and better. Once Xia Ranran gave Su Mo and Lin Xiang’an a monster doll. However, immediately after yesterday, the police came to Xia Ranran and Su Mo from the gang of female hooligans. Xia Ranran took the responsibility and turned around and learned that Lin Xiangan had also been called to talk. Lin Xiangan’s grades were very good. The teacher thought he and Xia Ranran were in love, but Lin Xiangan Liankai denied that they were just good friends.

Xia Ranran was sad when he heard these words, thinking that Lin Xiangan would not admit that he liked herself. Lin Xiangan looked at Su Mo in the distance and said that they shouldn’t talk about what they like or dislike now. Xia Ranran misunderstood again, and vowed to go to the same university as Lin Xiang’an and get the notice to be his girlfriend. In order to protect Su Mo, Xia Ranran dropped out of school.

Withdrawing from the memory, Xia Ranran went to dinner with the egg rolls, and the previous things could only be passed by with a smile. Shao Mingzhe’s mother came to the company to look for him, but was told that he was not in the company but went to the store. Shao Mingzhe felt that he could learn more in the store. Shao Mingzhe’s mother took out some information about celebrities. Among them was Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe had already reached the time to start a family, and of course she had to worry about it. Shao Mingzhe found Xia Ranran’s information very interesting, and quickly rejected the blind date arranged by his mother. Shao Yunping was also very optimistic about Xia Ranran, and asked Shao Kai what he thought of her. Shao Kai really believed Shao Mingzhe’s statement and thought she was a marry freak. Shao Yunping called Xia Hongyuan on the spot. Xia Hongyuan complained that he had received many blind date calls in the past few days. Shao Mingzhe was also interested in Xia Ranran, and Xia Hongyuan was embarrassed.

Shao Kai didn’t understand why Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran went on a blind date. He clearly didn’t deal with Xia Ranran. Shao Yunping hated iron and steel. Shao would later fall into the hands of Shao Mingzhe and Shao Kai. Xia Ranran is very The important factor is that Shao Yunping asked Shao Kai to marry Xia Ranran in the door quickly, and what would love do afterwards. Egg rolls and Xia Ranran found out that Peng Jing had specially placed large-screen advertisements in order to force Han Yun to show up while shopping. Shao Kai ran to Shao Mingzhe and asked why he and Xia Ranran had a blind date. Shao Mingzhe said that his mother arranged it.

Shao Kai wanted Shao Mingzhe to go with him on a blind date with Xia Ranran. When the time came, he said that he did not like them. Shao Mingzhe felt unsafe and persuaded Shao Kai not to go on a blind date like himself. Shao Kai still agreed after thinking about it for a long time. I don’t want this to be his real purpose.

Xia Hongyuan heard that Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe didn’t deal with each other and it was a bit tricky, and he didn’t know if Shao Yunping asked him to push. Although they are competitors, the two companies can work together to do many projects that cannot be done. Xia Hongyuan talked about Lin Xiangan’s return again, Xia Ranran was stunned and said that he didn’t know. Shao Kai sent a message about Xia Ranran for dinner on the weekend.

Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe to pick up his clothes. Shao Mingzhe replied that he did not want to. Xia Ranran immediately stuffed the clothes into the trash can and took a photo. Xia Ranran said that she would go on a blind date with Shao Kai. Shao Mingzhe told her not to go. Xia Ranran replied rebelliously and went! Omelet thinks that Shao Kai is a second-generation brain-dead rich and wants to stop Xia Ranran from going on a blind date, but Xia Ranran stubbornly thinks he is his best bargaining chip.

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