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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 8 Recap

Chen Luo accompanies Xia Ranran to buy the clothes before leaving, and the egg roll urges her to be more cautious. Chen Luo felt that the egg rolls made sense, and even if they wanted to deal with some people, there was no need to use such methods, Xia Ranran disagrees. Omelet asked Lin Xiangan to meet and told him that Xia Ranran agreed to a blind date. He was betrayed by his best friend and crush, and how he went to England. After returning to China, she decided to include his marriage. Omelet Thinks all this is Lin Xiangan’s fault.

Shao Kai made an appointment with Xia Ranran, but Shao Mingzhe called and said that he was sick, but Shao Mingzhe was always worried and hurried to Xia Ranran’s location. Xia Ranran went to the coffee shop and said straight to the door that he had no problem getting married with him. In this marriage, Shao Kai could enjoy the maximum freedom of marriage, and he could do whatever he wanted to do, date any beautiful woman, Xia Ranran would not interfere, as long as It would be good for them to act like a model couple in front of everyone. Shao Kai was stupid. Xia Ranran bluntly confessed that their marriage was an exchange of interests. Shao Mingzhe swaggered to the coffee shop and sat next to them.

Eggroll told Lin Xiangan all the things. Lin Xiangan expressed his willingness to help. Eggroll hoped that Lin Xiangan would give the project to Hongyuan Group after his father became the director. Lin Xiangan said that he could not control this matter. Eggroll had to let Lin Xiangan accompany him. Omelet attended the party to express his attitude, and Lin Xiangan agreed. Shao Mingzhe pulled Xia Ranran to leave, saying that she could not marry Shao Kai, and in desperation he kissed Xia Ranran and told Shao Kai that she was his girlfriend. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran away, leaving only Shao Kai stupefied in place. Xia Ranran was very angry.

Shao Mingzhe knew what she was thinking. She just wanted to use Shao Kai to get revenge, but she chose the wrong partner. Shao Yunping would not let Shao Kai be at her mercy. I was afraid that Xia Ran would not be at his mercy It’s not just Peng Jing that Ran has to deal with. Shao Mingzhe said that Xia Ranran’s better partner was him, but Xia Ranran refused because she hated Shao Mingzhe and he never considered the feelings of others. Shao Mingzhe gave her three days to think about it. As for the kiss just now, Xia Ranran was really angry but could kiss back. Xia Ranran was so angry that she gritted her teeth but was helpless.

Omelet felt that Shao Mingzhe liked Xia Ranran, he was obviously jealous, Xia Ranran didn’t think so. Peng Jing investigated Shao Mingzhe and discovered the 3D holographic imaging technology he was working on. Shao Yunping called Xia Hongyuan to ask about a blind date, and Xia Hongyuan said he wanted to ask Xia Ranran.

Xia Hongyuan’s legs were sore, and she quickly called her servant Xiao Cui to take the medicine. Peng Jing took the medicine from Xiao Cui’s hand and said that she took it, but she just stood outside the study watching Xia Hongyuan’s illness and threw the medicine outside. Xia Hongyuan couldn’t help getting up, but she fell down because of leg pain. Peng Jing called Xia Ranran and said that she had a friend in Egypt and wanted to see Han Yun. Xia Ranran lied that Han Yun was there last time. Egypt is hospitalized. Xia Ranran refused, and Peng Jing smiled sarcastically, how long will you have to tell this lie. Peng Jing took the medicine into the study and saw Xia Hongyuan falling to the ground with a panic face.

Xia Ranran came to Shao Mingzhe. Tomorrow is a charity sale. She can only hope that Shao Mingzhe can help her make a 3D holographic image. Of course, Shao Mingzhe refused to agree so easily. Xia Ran was anxious. She had already thrown away all her self-esteem when she came, and said that she could agree to all his conditions. Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran to be his girlfriend and asked her to sign a cooperation agreement. Xia Ranran had to sign the contract. Shao Mingzhe told Xia Ranran that if she told a big lie tomorrow, even though Peng Jing could not get married to Xia Hongyuan, she would only find Han Yun to find her.

Han Yun had no entry and exit records, indicating that she was in China. She announced that Han Yun was missing, but her chances of finding her mother increased. Lin Xiangan went to the charity auction, because he almost couldn’t come in without the invitation card. It was Chen Luo who brought him in. Peng Jing saw him hurried forward. Xia Ranran was in the lounge, and Peng Jing brought Lin Xiangan in. Lin Xiangan said that he would give her no matter what happened. Xia Ranran appeared holding Lin Xiangan, and Lin Xiangan said that they were friends and he was willing to help her. However, Shao Mingzhe appeared suddenly and took Xia Ranran to the stage. Lin Xiangan was immediately stupid to learn that he was Shao Mingzhe.

Shao Mingzhe was right. Lying can only buy her some time, so Xia Ranran announced the truth. Han Yun has been missing for four years, and I hope everyone can help find it together. Chen Luo said that Xia Hongyuan had no knowledge of Han Yun’s disappearance and would actively search for Han Yun’s whereabouts. Xia Ranran celebrated with Shao Mingzhe and the egg roll. Shao Mingzhe told Xia Ranran that he must move back home and continue to look for Han Yun.

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