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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 9 Recap

The egg roll admired Shao Mingzhe very much. Xia Ranran answered the call. It was Lin Xiang’an, but Shao Mingzhe grabbed the phone and hung up the phone. After all, she was her girlfriend in public, and she met him in front of him. Ex-boyfriend cannot call. Xia Ranran was speechless, and in turn asked the egg roll why he asked Lin Xiang’an for help. The egg roll innocently said that he owed her. Chen Luo and Lin Xiangan met and wanted to take him to see the shop. Omelet felt that Chen Luo was weird. Xia Ranran didn’t take it seriously. He began to ponder Xia Hongyuan’s illness. According to reason, his illness has long since recovered. There must be no problem standing up. Jing was doing tricks, and Xia Ranran wanted to change Xia Hongyuan to a doctor.

Chen Luo led Lin Xiangan to see a shop, and the shop was owned by him. Lin Xiangan asked who meant it. If it was Xia Hongyuan, he would take it with his heart, but if it was Peng Jing, he could not take it. The egg roll asked Xia Ranran what the relationship between her and Shao Mingzhe was. Xia Ranran took out the contract between her and Shao Mingzhe, saying that they were only a cooperative relationship, and that Shao Mingzhe would not fall in love with someone easily after he suffered an emotional injury. Xia Ranran felt that he was on the thief ship. This contract was really unequal. Chen Luo told Xia Hongyuan what Lin Xiangan had said. Xia Hongyuan was very pleased, but he didn’t understand why Lin Xiangan had so good grades and still studied in the UK.

Shao Kai received the news that the new director was Lin Xiaodong, and Shao Yunping already knew that Lin Xiaodong’s son Lin Xiangan and Xia Ranran were close, and Shao Yunping felt that Xia Ranran, a good daughter, helped the project easily. Shao Yunping scolded Shao Kai and asked him to work as a worker in the assembly line. He must take down the Nanjiao project! Xia Ranran and Dan Roll discovered Su Mo’s advertisement, and Shao Mingzhe also saw it. She is finally coming back. After Su Mo got off the plane, Lin Xiangan called and told her to wait for ten minutes. Su Mo accidentally saw the interview between Xia Ranran and Xia Hongyuan, and thought that four years ago, he was almost taken away because his father owed money. Xia Ranran saved her and took her back to his home.

Lin Xiangan received Su Mo. Su Mo is now a very popular fitness coach with many fans. The purpose of the two coming back this time was to get married, but Su Mo didn’t wear the ring on his hand, but made a necklace and wore it around his neck. Lin Xiangan said that he had seen Xia Ranran a few days ago, and Su Mo did not answer. Lin Xiangan took Su Mo back home. This house has a yard, so Su Mo can design it himself. The egg roll began to frantically complain about Su Mo, saying that she had robbed someone else’s boyfriend, and now she has become the future daughter-in-law of the director. Shao Kai asked him to investigate Lin Xiaodong, especially the relationship between Lin Xiangan and Xia Ranran.

Xia Hongyuan heard that Su Mo was preparing for the wedding with Lin Xiang’an. Su Mo is still a popular online fitness expert. Their new models are also going to market this year. Xia Hongyuan decided to discuss cooperation with Su Mo and didn’t care about Xia Ranran’s feelings. The store manager gave Shao Mingzhe a red envelope, which contained two movie tickets. Shao Mingzhe called Xia Ranran and made an appointment to watch a movie together at seven o’clock in the evening, but Xia Ranran was too late to refuse.

Shao Kai found Xia Ranran and felt that she had played some tricks on Shao Mingzhe to become his girlfriend. Also, because of the Nanjiao Project and Xia Ranran declared war, she said that she wanted her to agree to a condition that the advertisement could be given to her. This is a big cake. . Shao Kai wants Xia Ranran to marry herself and divorce after three years, so she needs to think about it. Xia Ranran couldn’t understand it a bit. Suddenly received a call saying that Xia Hongyuan was ill, and Xia Ranran hurried to the hospital.

Lin Xiang’an and Su Mo were looking at the furniture. The landlord suddenly called to sign the contract now. Lin Xiang’an had to rush to sign the contract and left a card to Su Mo and asked her to buy what she wanted. Shao Mingzhe’s mother was also looking at furniture in the store, and she happened to meet Su Mo. Many years ago, Mother Shao accidentally ran into Su Mo and Shao Mingzhe’s love affair, and then there was a scene later. Mother Shao sneered when she saw Su Mo wearing an engagement ring on her hand and said that Shao Mingzhe was about to get married and that the woman was a good daughter. Su Mo felt very disappointed and left the furniture store in a daze.

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