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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 2 Recap

Jiao Jiaren bandaged the blood hole on her hand in the emergency room and was seen by the passing director Gu. Shuo Shuo’s father arrived at the hospital early in the morning. Shuo Shuo’s mother accused him of being busy with work all day long, and she was emotionally broken and crying. Jiao Jiaren heard the news and rushed to comfort the two and took them to the intensive care unit to visit her son.

Deng Ziang told them that Shuoshuo’s liver damage is now serious, and the follow-up diagnosis and treatment plan can be determined after the consultation. After the family left, Deng Ziang asked Jiao Jiaren to the office with a straight face.

Xu Bingze quarreled with the security guard because he did not have a parking space. The security reminded him that only doctors with the title of deputy director and above who have worked for 15 years can reserve exclusive parking spaces. Xu Bingze is angry that he has been working for 14 years and 9 months, and another 3 months. You must reserve a parking space for him. When I went to the restaurant for dinner, Xu Bingze overheard a colleague’s discussion that Deng Ziang would become Dean Gu’s son-in-law in the future, and he was about to step aside. Xu Bingze felt uncomfortable.

Deng Ziang criticized Jiao Jiaren for being unorganized and undisciplined in the office, thinking that helping others break the bottle would make a great contribution. Team spirit is to talk about, but a good team must have a clear division of labor. If she helped others cause her work to be unfinished, it will The gain is not worth the loss. Tong Xin Puwai’s daily workload may be the same as she had spent a month in Yunnan Hospital. She must get rid of her self-righteous stinking problem, otherwise she will not be able to do the job. He saw Jiao Jiaren’s bloody hands, furious, and reprimanded her for not cherishing the most important hands of the surgeon, which was nothing short of a life.

At this time, Xu Bingze heard the noise and rushed over. He rounded up and said that the emergency department praised Jiao Jiaren today. Deng Ziang simply said that if the emergency department wanted Jiao Jiaren to go to the emergency department, she couldn’t teach herself anyway. She said that she was finished and left in a huff. Jiao Jiao was so wronged that she shed tears, and said pitifully that she had come to Tong Xin with all the hardships. She couldn’t be driven away like this, Xu Bingze comforted her and said that Deng Ziang was talking angry, even if she was really going to drive her away, there are other doctors who can teach her, Jiao Jiaren was relieved.

The nurse Fang Man gave Xiaochao three needles but couldn’t get it. The child’s mother strongly asked for a replacement. Fang Man burst into tears. Lei Hao rushed to hear the news and got the needle while chatting with the children. He soon recovered. Fang Man wondered that Xiao Chao was not afraid of getting a needle. Lei Hao told her that Xiao Chao was Tong Xin’s frequent visitor. Fang Man blamed herself very much. She knew that because of her unprofessionalism, the child had increased the pain for no reason.

Cheng Zhitao wondered why Deng Ziang cared about Shuoshuo but was ruthless towards Jiao Jiao who saved Shuo Shuo. Deng Ziang told him that because Jiao Jiao was able to perform well, he spent more time thinking about testing him, if he could not pass his own test. , It shows that her psychological quality is not good. He suggested that Cheng Zhitao take the time to look at Jiao Jiaren, and Cheng Zhitao laughed at Deng Ziang’s tofu heart.

After get off work, Wang Hang from the intensive care unit ran into Jiao Jiaren at the entrance of the hospital and learned that Jiao Jiaren was using navigation to find Tongxin Hospital’s apartment. He enthusiastically helped her lead the way and caught the shuttle bus from another unit. Jiao Jiaren praised that Wang Hang would save more money than herself.

Fang Man on the other side returned to the hospital apartment and saw that her father, second uncle, eldest cousin and second cousin were already waiting for her. The four took turns to let her practice acupuncture with their arms. Fang Man was moved. She was the first cousin to pierce, but she didn’t. The other three people were so frightened that they didn’t dare to let her try again. Several people were pulling, and Wang Hang pushed in. He mistakenly thought that the gangster had entered the apartment, and the guy who picked up the door was about to fight. Fortunately Jiao Jiaren came in afterwards. When the situation was clarified, Wang Hang made an oolong and ran away. Fang Man’s father learned that Jiao Jiaren was the one who helped his daughter break the bottle that night, and he was very grateful.

When Gu Jiaren returned home, her father was angry at Jiao Jiaren, who was poorly qualified and unruly, and asked for leave for her. Gu Lifeng reminded her daughter not to draw conclusions without knowing others. You can’t make mistakes by yourself.

After Fang Man’s family left, she learned that Jiao Jiaren was disappointed because she hadn’t caught up with the outreach training for her that night, but Jiao Jiaren didn’t care at all. Fang Man told her that she had just graduated from the nursing department and came to the hospital two weeks earlier than her. The two newcomers of the same age quickly got to know each other and talked to each other about what they had experienced when they first came to the hospital: Fang Man thought he was the one who brought him. The gentle nurse nurse was a young man, Lei Hao. Jiao Jiaren said that her teacher, Deng Ziang, is absolutely extinct and does not respect women.

From now on, she will use the 200 yuan that Gu Jiaren paid for her laundry as pressure and try to stay in the hospital. If she can’t, she will use the money to buy a station ticket and return to Yunnan. She doesn’t want to be looked down upon by related households. . Fang Man said that Gu Jiaren graduated from a prestigious school and studied in the United States. She came to the hospital based on her strength. The two were wondering who the legendary household was?

At this time, Deng Ziang was having a romantic candlelight dinner with his girlfriend Liu Minghui in a western restaurant. And Xu Bingze, who is in the same department, is discussing with his wife Xia Yongning about the children’s schooling at home. The wife wants to transfer her youngest daughter Lin Lin to a special English kindergarten, but Xu Bingze thinks it is unnecessary. Xia Yongning heard that Dean Gu had specially recruited a related household for Deng Ziang to lead.

She thought that this person should be led by Xu Bingze. Xu Bingze always couldn’t seize the good time. Now Lin Lin’s tuition for special language kindergarten is several times more expensive. If there is no chance in Tong Xin, he might as well go to a private hospital to make at least more money. Xu Bingze disagrees, because private hospitals have fewer intractable diseases, and the Tong Xin platform is better.

The next day was the time for the director’s rounds, and the department doctors were required to come to the department in advance. Jiao Jiaren was late because she did not know this rule. She stood at the door and was accepting Deng Ziang’s criticism. Treating her as a patient’s family member, she blocked the door. When she learned of Director Sun’s identity, she couldn’t wait to find a place to sew in. She hurried to the door to apologize to Director Sun.

Director Sun just said that general doctors must be sharp. Insight, her photos are hanging outside. Jiao Jiaren never remembers the points she went through every day. However, she can stick to the principle to prevent herself from entering the office, so she should add points. This plus one minus is also even, Sun The director encouraged Jiao Jiaren to cheer up in the future, which was extremely embarrassing.

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