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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 3 Recap

Director Sun led the department doctors in the rounds. Regarding the patient’s condition, Jiao Jiao and Gu Jia’s pathological characteristics were examined. Jiao Jiaren’s answer was incomplete. Gu Jiaren added timely, and the answers were consistent. Obviously, her professional knowledge is more solid and proficient than Jiao Jia’s .

Director Sun was very satisfied. She told everyone to always remember that as a pediatrician, you should have a firmer grasp of basic knowledge than doctors in other departments. When we came to a foreign boy during the rounds, because the child’s father could not understand Director Sun’s Chinese, she specifically stopped Jiao Jiaren, who was at the end, and wanted her to translate the doctor’s words in English, but Jiao Jiaren’s spoken language was not good. , She was in trouble, Gu Jiaren rushed to help her in time to do a translation. On the first day when Jiao Jiaren officially went to work, she met the director’s ward round. She did not perform well in the first big exam. She was completely suppressed by her competitor Gu Jiaren.

Jiao Jiaren hid in the corner of the corridor and was extremely depressed. Fortunately, a big sister in the same department came over gently to comfort her and said that she broke more than 3,000 bottles in one night. This kind of patience and meticulousness is not something everyone can do. She is amazing, and she will learn more in the future. It will be fine. Jiao Jiaren felt a touch of warmth in the care of her colleagues. She knew that breaking the bottle was not a great feat. The big exam just now was just the beginning. She would have to work harder to come to Tong Xin.

Deng Ziang’s girlfriend, Liu Minghui, went to the hospital to accompany her on her birthday at noon. Deng Ziang was dissatisfied with her girlfriend who came to the hospital to find herself. Her excessive enthusiasm made Deng Ziang very uncomfortable. He took out a birthday gift for his girlfriend-a necklace and told her Corey has arranged surgery and cannot accompany her to celebrate her birthday at night. Liu Minghui was angry that Deng Ziang had missed appointments countless times. She lost her face in front of relatives and friends.

Seeing his girlfriend was very angry, Deng Ziang held her to explain, but was caught Liu Minghui turned around and slapped a slap. Liu Minghui predominantly prevented Deng Ziang from answering the emergency department call and warned him to break up if they dared to leave. Deng Ziang turned and left without saying anything. This scene was seen by Jiao Jiaren and Fang Man not far away. Fang Man vaguely heard that Deng Ziang refused to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday and dumped him, calling him really a scumbag.

After the rounds, Gu Jiaren did not understand why her father had to come to the pediatrics department by herself. Her colleague told her that because saving a child, it is not only the patient, but the hope and future of the whole world. What Dr. Xin kept in mind.

After get off work at noon, Gu Jiaren was having lunch in the office. A patient’s family ignored the child’s stool and held it in front of her for her to see. Gu Jiaren avoided disgustedly. The two were arguing. Deng Ziang came in and he quickly helped After seeing the child’s mother before leaving, Deng Ziang reminded Gu Jiaren: Don’t bring her princess disease to the hospital. How could she not see that the child’s stool color was so obvious that she felt sick again. He quickly covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom and threw up.

Deng Ziang told Director Sun that this Gu Jiaren would not work either. He was going to give these two beautiful women some strong medicine. Gu Jiaren came out of the bathroom and just met Jiao Jiaren and Cheng Zhishou holding soup. Jiao Jiaren kindly offered her to drink. Who knows that Gu Jiaren will not see the soup at all.

Seeing that Dodge can’t help but upset it, Director Sun and Deng Ziang heard the news. Came here, and after learning the reason, Deng Ziang told Director Sun that the two problematic students had a stinking problem and couldn’t teach them by themselves, so they admitted their mistakes. Deng Ziang said that he must pay a price for making a mistake, and he only left one of the two. The first topic he asked was drinking soup.

When he drank all the 5 bowls of soup on the table in two minutes, Jiao Jiaren drank it against the clock. Not to be outdone, Gu Jia took a few sips. But then I couldn’t drink anymore and ran out and vomited. After Jiao Jiaren drank everything, she couldn’t help but throw up Deng Ziang. She hurried to the bathroom and ran into Gu Jiaren at the door. Gu Jiaren told her that she won this time, but she would not let her win a second time.

Corey arranged for Jiao Jiaren to organize her medical records. She saw a child who was in urgent need of a gastroscope. The family went to go through the procedures, so she took the child for an examination. During the examination, the child felt uncomfortable and vomited all over her body. Deng Ziang arranged for the second assistant of Gu Jiaren in the department of surgery. During the operation, Gu Jiaren applied to go to the toilet.

Deng Ziang agreed, but asked for an immediate replacement. Gu Jiaren quit and said that she could bear it. The operation lasted for 20 hours. After the operation, she was extremely uncomfortable. Deng Ziang told Gu Jiaren that now she is an official doctor, of course he will be strict with her, and sometimes she is in a bad mood, and I hope she will not take her heart, be careful not to be surpassed by Jiao Jiaren and be miserable, Gu Jiaren Confident that you will never be surpassed.

Deng Ziang went back to the office and criticized Jiao Jiaren that she should do her own thing first, instead of helping indiscriminately. She didn’t plan to do things, and let patients see them in a mess. After walking out of the office, he reminded Gu Jiaren not to underestimate his opponents. Sometimes she is clever and mistaken. Jiao Jiaren can come to Tong Xin from a small place, and she is a person personally selected by Dean Gu. It’s not easy for her. Gu Jiaren disagrees, thinking that in her own world, she has never had an opponent.

In the evening, Shuo Shuo’s mother came to the general office in tears. She was terrified. She was afraid that her son would leave her at any time. Jiao Jiaren comforted her and said that the best doctors in the whole hospital are trying their best to treat Shuo Shuo. She bought some food, please. Jiao Jiaren showed Shuo Shuo’s father and grandmother to Shuo Shuo’s grandmother, because they thought she hadn’t taken good care of Shuo Shuo.

Jiao Jiaren took things to the two elderly people and told them of Shuo Shuo’s current situation. They learned that the cost of treatment was very expensive, and they were more concerned about whether the hospital could Promise to save the child? Jiao Jiaren told them that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, the hospital will go all out. After Jiao Jiaren left, thinking that her family seemed to have fallen into despair under the exhaustion and weight, she had a thought in her heart: Shuo Shuo is still in their hearts, is it still worth saving?

Cheng Zhitao learned that Deng Ziang had broken up with his girlfriend, and suspected that it was because of Gu Jiaren, which Deng Ziang denied.

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