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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 4 Recap

After get off work in the evening, Jiao Jiaren ran into Deng Ziang at the entrance of the hospital. She told Deng Ziang that she knew she had a lot of problems, but if he raised them, she would be able to correct them. Deng Ziang said that they both lost in today’s game, and tomorrow’s game is a ward round. , Jiao Jiaren is confident that she can win, Deng Ziang ran away with her lips curled up. Jiao Jiaren said to herself that she would be able to run past him if she changed her shoes. Wang Hang, who was passing by, told her that even if she changed her shoes, she would not be able to run Deng Ziang. Because he is a professional, Deng Ziang believes that general surgeons must have a strong physique. Commute. Wang Hang rushed to the supermarket shuttle bus, Jiao Jiaren hurried with him.

For everyone, home is a warm harbor, but for Deng Ziang, it is just a fixed place for him to rest. Without the noise of the hospital and the smell of disinfection, he enjoys being alone at home. Jiao Jiaren came along and felt that the prices of convenience stores were too high, so she picked and picked only a bucket of instant noodles and went back to the apartment for dinner.

It was late at night, and Gu Jiaren was still reading the information and refused to go to bed. Her mother felt sorry for her daughter and asked her husband Gu Lifeng to remind Deng Ziang that she should not be too strict with her daughter. Gu Jiaren came to Tong Xin as a springboard and she wanted to be a leader in the future. Gu Lifeng did not agree.

The wife’s statement. Jiao Jiao on the other side also worked hard almost all night. For the two beautiful ladies, this evening was a duel in the air. They were both secretly competing, and they would never lose to each other in the exam tomorrow. At this time, Deng Ziang, who was called a great god by everyone during the day, was also secretly working hard at home. He was practicing sutures with banana peels.

In the morning rounds the next morning, Deng Ziang tested the familiarity of the two beautiful ladies with the medical records, and both of them responded fluently. He also asked how to deal with emergencies during the duodenal anastomosis. This question puzzled Jiao Jia, and Jia Gu won. Jiao Jiaren was not convinced, and Deng Ziang announced that he would give them another try at noon, but this one alone will determine the outcome of the game.

At lunch, Jiao Jiaren and Fang Man took turns asking Wang Hang about the test questions, but found nothing. To everyone’s surprise, the topic Deng Ziang gave them was to play a game. When the two of them played a game together, the game ended when one side opened the game, and they had to answer their own questions while playing the game. During the test, Dean Gu Also quietly stood behind to watch the battle. Gu Jiaren was able to answer Deng Ziang’s exam questions while playing games. Jiao Jiaren couldn’t play games. Asking Gu Jiaren did not respond.

She was very busy and quickly opened up and the game ended. She was not convinced, and she was angry that how could she choose a doctor exam to play games? Deng Ziang told everyone that there are records in the surgical literature that surgeons who can play games have a 37% reduction in surgical error rate and a 27% increase in surgery efficiency compared to surgeons who can’t play games. Games can stimulate the hippocampus, exercise visual acuity and Hand-eye collaboration ability. Jiao Jiaren has nothing to say.

But after returning to the office, Deng Ziang told Gu Jiaren in private that she had actually lost the game. Because no matter how powerful the doctor is, she needs the cooperation of people next to her. Jiao Jiaren has the willingness to cooperate with her in the game, but Gu Jiaren has been charging and fighting alone, which is completely personal heroism. But Gu Jiaren disagrees with his statement. She believes that when the strength of her comrades is too weak, she should protect herself first, and victory or defeat is the most important thing.

Jiao Jiaren saw her crying mother Shuo Shuo downstairs. Mother Shuo Shuo cried and told her that her family had decided to give up the treatment of the child. They were afraid that the family would go bankrupt and could not be rescued. She rejected Jiao Jiao’s practice of letting the hospital leader come forward to help. Jiao Jiaren suddenly realized that perhaps it was her own words that night that made Grandma Shuo Shuo give up treatment, and her heart tightened.

Xu Bingze asked Jiao Jiao to stay or leave. Deng Ziang said that she was willing to gamble and lose. She had normal qualifications and did not follow the rules. Xu Bingze advised Deng Ziang not to be too harsh on the newcomer. Deng Ziang suggested that Xu Bingze bring her, and he went to Dean Gu. The two went to Dean Gu’s office one after the other, sang a double song, and finally asked Dean Gu to agree.

Deng Ziang then came to the office and deliberately asked Jiao Jiaren to pack her things and leave. Xu Bingze told Jiao Jiaren that he would bring her by himself. He warned Deng Ziang that Xiao Jiao would be his student in the future and he was not allowed to tease her again. After Deng Ziang left, Jiao Jiaren told Xu Bingze about Shuoshuo. She blamed herself because her mistake might harm a child. Xu Bingze comforted her to say something wrong. As long as what she said was objective, the family’s choice was more For economic reasons, even if they save their children, their families will face new conflicts in the future. The hospital treats occasionally, often helps, and always comforts. This is a fact whether Jiao Jiaren accepts it or not.

Shuo Shuo suffered a brain hemorrhage at night, interrupting the waiting of the family who had been grieving for a long time. Jiao Jiaren is willing to make the best effort for his recovery, but at this moment, she can only pray, wait and guard in silence.

Deng Ziang told Shuoshuo’s parents that the child is in urgent need of cerebral hemorrhage surgery, but he may face the possibility of bleeding again after the operation, and there is a risk of liver failure. If the family members agree to rescue, they will do their best to treat. Fortunately, the operation was successful and the child’s vitality was very strong. When Jiao Jiaren heard the news, she happily picked up Deng Ziang and Gu Jiaren. She couldn’t wait to rush to the window of the intensive care unit to see Shuo Shuo. She happened to ran into Dean Gu.

Dean Gu told him that when she first became a doctor, she also had a lot of complaints and grievances, but when she saw the child getting better day by day, she felt all that she had suffered before. Suffering and tiredness are not important. Because they are not only curing patients, but the future of the entire world. Jiao Jiaren wanted to ask Dean Gu a question. Dean Gu said that he would like to know the answer Jiao Jiaren would give him. Jiao Jiaren told Dean that she would answer with practical actions.

After get off work, Gu Jiaren deliberately waited for Deng Ziang to have dinner with Deng Ziang to celebrate the success of the operation downstairs in the hospital. Deng Ziang politely refused. Unexpectedly, Gu Jiaren kissed him. This scene happened to be seen by Wang Hang passing by.

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