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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 6 Recap

Li Luoshu came to the hospital and found Chen Shuang’s ward. He stood at the door hesitantly. At this moment, the nurse came out from inside and asked him who he was looking for when he saw him. Luo Shu said that he was Chen Shuang’s nurse. The nurse told him that the patient had a very serious brain tumor and that the eyes could no longer see the optic nerve, and he could not take care of himself. But her family sent her here to leave her alone, and let Luo Shu give her family a message that the patient should not be separated from others.

Luo Shu walked into the ward, and saw her pale mother with her eyes closed on the bed. He couldn’t help but feel sad. Hearing her mumbled that he wanted to drink water, he quickly poured a glass of water to cool it down and brought it to her. He helped her sit up and watched her take a cup to drink, reminding her to drink slowly and it was very hot.

She heard the unfamiliar voice and asked him in surprise. He said that he was a new nurse. She thought it was the elder brother who hired him. She couldn’t help but annoyed that she was useless. She did all the trouble to the eldest brother and watched her finish drinking. She lay down. He was about to go out but was stopped by her. She asked Luo Shu to ask if there was any news about the person her elder brother helped her find, and send her a letter as soon as possible. She has been waiting here. Luo Shu asked her to walk out of the ward without worry, sitting on the bench in the corridor, he was in a mixed mood.

Mother Li hadn’t seen Chuchen for several days. That night she pushed open the door of Chuchen and found that he was not there and was very anxious. Her wife comforted her that there would be nothing wrong with her child being too busy studying, but she was still very worried. Worried about the dangers of Chuchen, Chuyao told her mother that she had called Chuchen and he would not be back for a few days after the exam. The father and daughter helped her go back to the room to sleep. She walked and said that she could review the exam at home. Due to being too anxious, she suddenly fainted because of shortness of breath. Chuyao and his father rushed her to the hospital. Chuyao couldn’t help but contact Luo Shu. Very depressed, her father comforted her that he would come back.

Before Luo Shu finished his homework at her home, Chu Yao once sent him home, so she found the uncle of Luo Shu’s house based on her impression, and the uncle asked her who was from Luo Shu. She said it was the sister of Luo Shu’s friend. Auntie on the side heard that she was a elder sister and that Luo Shu lived with her, so she curiously said that they had an unusual relationship. The uncle found her speech unpleasant, so angrily asked her to cook.

The uncle told her that Luo Shu should go to the hospital, and his mother was about to die. Chu Yao was surprised when she heard it. The uncle couldn’t help recalling the past. When he was a child, Luo Shu and his mother, uncle and aunt went to visit his father’s grave. Then his mother entrusted him to the uncle and left, and never came back. Auntie talked coldly to Luo Shu all day long, and when he was older, he would work part-time while studying to make money and repay the tuition. The uncle said that the last time she saw her aunt in the community, she went to Luoshu for medical expenses. He knew that Luo Shu was kind, and he would definitely go to the hospital to see her when he knew that his mother had a terminal illness.

At this time, Luo Shu was feeding her mother in front of the hospital bed, and her mother talked about Luo Shu. She did a lot of sorry for her son, so she did not dare to contact him all these years. She couldn’t help but shed tears. I really want to see my son again before dying, apologize to his son and say sorry, want him to hold his hand and call her mother and she will be content. Luo Shu stretched out his hand to hold his mother’s hand, but in the end his hand just clenched the sheet tightly.

Luo Shu came to the hospital this day carrying fruits and lunch boxes. He saw many people sighing around the door of the ward. He had an ominous premonition in his heart. He walked into the ward quickly and saw the nurse covering his mother with a white cloth. To push her away, he squatted down and held his mother’s hand exposed outside the white cloth, and shouted sadly to his mother that he didn’t hate her.

Chuyao rushed to the hospital and saw Luo Shu standing in front of the empty hospital bed with her back to her. She seemed to realize what had happened, so she walked over and took Luo Shu’s hand. Luo Shu turned around and hugged her into her arms. Leaning his head weakly on her warm shoulder, Chuyao patted him on the back to comfort him not to be sad. Luo Shu didn’t hate his mother, but he didn’t understand why she abandoned him back then and came to him now. Chu Yao said she might regret it.

When they came home, they saw that their father was rubbing their mother’s shoulders with them on his back, and seeing that Chuyao and Chuchen had not come back, their mother couldn’t help but worry. She felt that she was exhausted. When Chuyao was going to school in Beijing, she was worried that her daughter could not eat well and sleep well. When her father looked back and saw the children came back, she couldn’t help but stop his hands. Mom asked him to continue rubbing and Luo Shu left Go over and help her rub her shoulders.

Mother didn’t realize it was him. After talking about Chuyao, she continued to talk about Chuchen. She was reluctant to grow up on Chuchen, because he would leave her when he grows up. Every day as long as the children came in and called her mom, she would be so happy. Bumpy, but she hadn’t called her mother for several days in the early morning, and her heart was empty, she couldn’t help crying. Chuchen couldn’t help calling her mother behind her. She looked back in surprise to see that Chuchen had returned, and hurriedly pulled him to ask him where he had gone, so that he would go home no matter what happened in the future.

The next day Luo Shu returned to work at the company. Everyone gathered around him to ask questions. Luo Shu said that he was all right and sat in his seat busy with work. Chang Dale sat down next to him, and he asked Luo Shu where he had been in the past two days, but Chu Yao was anxious. He felt that Chu Yao cared him not only for his sister and brother, but also for girls and boys. Luo Shu looked at Dale and wondered about his sister, so he changed the subject. He watched Coach Zhang and Niu Siyi chatting enthusiastically, and let Dale see that they were flirting and cursing. Dale couldn’t help feeling sad. Luo Shu asked him Hurry up or Siyi will run away with others.

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