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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 7 Recap

On this day, coach Zhang from Xinyi Technology explained to Chang Dale while demonstrating fitness exercises, but Dale laughed at Big Butt. Coach Zhang felt that Dale did not respect his career. He asked Dale to do one, and Dale casually made gestures. Coach Zhang said that the action was like squatting on the toilet. At this time, Li Luoshu, Niu Siyi and others came back, and Coach Zhang asked Dale to do the actions he had just done again in public, so that everyone could see if the standard was not standard. Dale immediately finished the action with ease. Siyi asked him to do another one when he saw that it was good. Dale made another one and asked everyone how proudly he was. Suddenly his foot hit something and fell to the ground. He did not fall lightly, Luo Shu asked Si Yi to rush him to the hospital.

In the hospital, Si Yi wondered why Da Le always competed with Coach Zhang. Da Le couldn’t understand why Si Yi’s attitude towards Coach Zhang changed. Si Yi said that she did bother Coach Zhang before, but now he feels that he is honest and honest. I can’t help but feel very heartbroken. Then Si Yi took Dale to the gym, and she asked Coach Zhang to help Dale with a back injury to do some rehabilitation training. Coach Zhang felt that Dale didn’t believe in his work ability, and Dale insisted that he didn’t believe it. Si Yi hurriedly stopped him from speaking. She smiled and told Coach Zhang that he believed him.

Li Chuyao helped Lin Yu choose a wedding dress on the computer. Lin Yu asked her if there were any suitable groomsmen candidates. There were five or six bridesmaid groups on her side, and there was only one best man group. She was worried that everyone would say that she would dominate Qin Yun. She asked Chuyao’s brother if he would have time next week. Chuyao felt that it was inappropriate for her brother to be Qin Yun’s best man. Lin Yu said that he was tall, handsome and young and met her standards. She asked Chuyao for help. He promised to help her ask questions.

Dale was doing rehabilitation training in the gym, and watching Siyi chatting with Coach Zhang happily, he was out of anger. Then Coach Zhang asked him to do the bench press. He felt Coach Zhang deliberately fixed him. He couldn’t do this now, Zhang The coach said that these were the basic things for rehabilitation. Da Le couldn’t do it and he relied on others to say a waste. Da Le was very angry and rushed over to fight with Coach Zhang. After Li Luoshu knew about it, he called Siyi and Dale together for a small meeting. Dale watched Siyi talking to Coach Zhang, and angrily wished her and Coach Zhang double-stay and double-flying to give birth to a son. Siyi got up and left.

Luo Shu winked at Dale, and Dale stopped Siyi. He walked over and said that he liked her, and said that he was serious and asked Siyi to give a happy message. Siyi said no, then turned away. Dale turned his head to read Luo Shu, Luo Shu quickly looked away, and Dale grumbled to himself why he couldn’t.

In the evening, Chuyao knocked on Luo Shu’s door and asked him if he would have time next week. Luo Shu asked her what was going on. She said that Lin Yu’s wedding was missing a best man and asked him if he would go. Luo Shu said he was very busy when he had no time. Chu Yao said that Lin Yu had begged her. The best man group was Han Zimo alone, and there were several bridesmaids. Lin Yu felt that the distribution was uneven, so Chu Yao asked Luo Shu to do her a favor. Knowing that Chuyao is a bridesmaid, Luo Shu said that she went and he went.

Then Chu Yao and Luo Shu accompanied Lin Yu to try on the wedding dress. Seeing Luo Shu trying on the best man’s clothes, Lin Yu couldn’t help but praise him for being handsome. At this time, Chu Yao changed into the bridesmaid’s clothes and walked out. Luo Shu looked beautiful She couldn’t help being stunned. Chuyao felt that her body was too grand, and she was ready to replace Lin Yu, but she felt it suits her. She pulled Chuyao and Luo Shu to stand together, boasting that they were a match made in heaven and they were talented women, and Chuyao couldn’t help carrying Luo Shu proudly. His arm says her brother is handsome.

After trying the wedding dress, Lin Li suddenly received a call and heard that a bridesmaid could not come, so she asked Luo Shu to help find a bridesmaid and best man in his company, and Luo Shu let Siyi and Dale go. In a lively wedding, there was a game session where the bridesmaid and best man ate apples blindfolded. Dale accidentally kissed Siyi while eating apples, and Siyi chased after him with anger. Later, someone played this game with Chuyao. The best man Han Zimo ran out excitedly to play with her. Luo Shu couldn’t stand it and turned and walked away.

Then Chuyao found him, and Luo Shu asked her when she got married. Chu Yao said that he hadn’t even had a boyfriend yet. Luo Shu said it was not a speed dating success just now. Chu Yao said that Zimo was her classmate, and Luo Shu asked her if she liked Zimo Yes, Chuyao told his little kid not to inquire, now she just wants to work hard and make money. Lin Yu worked as a planner at a wedding company, and recently held a large blind date but there were not enough people, so she asked Chuyao to mobilize her brother to bring friends to fill the number. After Chuyao went home, he persuaded her brother, Luo Shu was reluctant but still agreed.

Later, Chu Yao followed Mr. Han to the reception, and suddenly received a call from his mother. It turned out that her mother introduced her to an object named He Jun. That day, Chuyao was at home to complain to Luo Shu. She and He Jun had a very embarrassing chat on WeChat. She was talking about her mother coming over and asked her to meet with He Jun tomorrow. Chuyao asked Luo Shu to accompany him to help her. Huang this thing.

The product design of Vena went smoothly, and he decided to release the product at the subsequent technology exhibition. By the way, he told everyone about the blind date meeting held by her sister and friend. Siyi said she would go, and Dale said she was doing it well, and she returned to meet new people.

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