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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 20 Recap

Guan Yongnian asked Guan Zhenlei bitterly about the whereabouts of the money for selling the car. Guan Zhenlei had to confess to buying a diamond ring for Li Bei. Guan Yuqing was speechless. Guan Yongnian raised his hand to fight Guan Zhenlei, but in the end he was still reluctant and Guan Zhenlei was confident. Accusing Guan Yuqing of not caring about him, or Li Bei took out all his savings to buy a car for him, Guan Yuqing gritted his teeth and gave him a severe meal before Guan Zhenlei left in anger.

Xu Qingfeng sent a message to ask about Guan Yuqing’s cold and warmth. Xu Xiulan grabbed the phone and did not allow him to provoke Guan Yuqing to avoid being dragged down by Guan Zhenlei. Xu Xiulan confiscated Xu Qingfeng’s phone. Mr. Sun took Li Bei and others to the hotel to see Mr. Su. After he had enough food and drink, the boss asked everyone to add Mr. Su’s WeChat account, and Mr. Su had a good feeling for Li Bei.

Guan Zhenlei went home and reported the dispute with Guan Yuqing to Li Bei. He also tried to show off his heroic deeds. When Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo heard that Li Bei gave Guan Zhenlei 100,000 yuan, they were distressed and couldn’t add it to them. Frightened to admit his mistakes, Li Bei defended Guan Zhenlei and took out the diamond ring for his parents to look at. Li Aiguo was so angry that he could not put it down. Zhao Mei couldn’t put it down on the diamond ring. I really cared about Li Bei, and cursed Li Aiguo for being stingy and would only buy local stalls. When the two people didn’t agree, they would quarrel with each other. Guan Zhenlei and Li Bei hid and laughed.

In order to raise money for Chen Zhijun, Guan Yunyu did not hesitate to put his beloved bag on the Internet for sale, and finally made up 100,000 yuan. Chen Zhijun gave Lan Qiaoqiao the first time, and Lan Qiaoqiao declined in every way. Chen Zhijun did not want to look at her because of the money. She was unclear with Xiaowu, but Lan Qiaoqiao had no choice but to accept it. She was grateful to Chen Zhijun and praised him as a perfect man. Chen Zhijun’s vanity was satisfied again, and Lan Qiaoqiao made an appointment to chat on WeChat.

When Guan Yuqing got off the plane, Xu Qingfeng went to pick her up, and the two of them discussed to go to dinner together. Xu Qingfeng turned on the phone and received a series of WeChat bombings from her mother. Guan Yuqing lied that her mother had cooked food and persuaded Xu Qingfeng to go home and accompany him. Mother eats. Xu Qingfeng took Guan Yuqing’s hand upstairs and saw Xu Xiulan sitting in the corridor waiting for them. Xu Qingfeng announced on the spot that the two of them were serious about dating, Xu Xiulan smiled and agreed.

Guan Yuqing knew that Xu Xiulan would not agree to their marriage easily. Her colleague asked Guan Yuqing to please Xu Xiulan first. Guan Yuqing didn’t know Xu Xiulan’s preferences. The colleague asked her to ask Gao Jianling to find out. Guan Yuqing opened up the haircut, and she came directly to Gao Jianling. For advice, I learned that Xu Xiulan loves to eat sliced ​​noodles with chili and vinegar, and Guan Yuqing remembers all of them.

Guan Yuqing chose a Shanxi restaurant carefully. She arranged for the two to eat together. Liu Shuqi tried hard to persuade, Guan Yongnian reluctantly agreed to go to the appointment. Guan Zhenlei drove his parents and Guan Yuyi to the restaurant. Xu Xiulan and Xu Qingfeng arrived on time. Arrange a place. Guan Yuqing had been waiting in the restaurant for a long time, and she specially chose Xu Xiulan to eat sliced ​​noodles. Xu Xiulan was a little relieved.

Xu Xiulan ordered some of her favorite meals in one breath. Guan Yongnian was very dissatisfied. Xu Qingfeng publicly announced his marriage to Guan Yuqing. Guan Yongnian had no objection and fully supported their relationship. Xu Xiulan did not object, but she declared in advance To clear the obstacles to the marriage of the two children, Guan Yuqing and Guan Zhenlei must clear up the relationship after marriage, and let the Guan family members write a paper on the spot, and then find a lawyer to notarize it. Guan Zhenlei strongly protested. Xu Xiulan had already seen through Guan Zhenlei’s spoiled nature and didn’t want him to drag down the lives of Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing in the future. Guan Zhenlei wanted to leave, and Xu Xiulan regretted the marriage on the spot.

Guan Yongnian stood up to defend Guan Zhenlei, insisting that Guan Yuqing paid Guan Zhenlei money as it should be. Xu Xiulan ridiculed Guan Yongnian and pushed all the blame for Guan Zhenlei’s unfilial piety on Guan Yongnian. Xu Xiulan got up and wanted to leave, Xu Qingfeng He quickly stood up and expressed his attitude. He really likes Guan Yuqing.

If the family cannot help each other, he will never find a suitable partner. Guan Yuqing promised to continue to help Guan Zhenlei after marriage, but not like Guan Yongnian. The method should be based on fairness. The two families finally reached a consensus and happily finished the meal.

From that day on, Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing have been together whenever he has time, cooking together, and experiencing the beauty of love together. Xu Qingfeng is proud of the spring breeze every day, with a smile on his face, Zhang Ran can see that he has something good at a glance, Xu Qingfeng admits that he and Guan Yuqing are in love.

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