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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 21 Recap

Mr. Su named Li Bei to follow up their project, Mr. Sun asked Li Bei to hand over his work and fully cooperate with Mr. Su’s work, and Li Bei had to do it.

Xu Qingfeng thanked Gao Jianling for providing Guan Yuqing with his mother’s preferences. Guan Yuqing won her mother’s favor and agreed to the two of them. Gao Jianling was also happy for Xu Qingfeng. When Guan Yuqing got off the plane, she called Xu Qingfeng and wanted to watch a movie with him, but the patient in bed 703 suddenly became ill. Xu Qingfeng hurried to comfort her and agreed to find the best plastic surgeon. The patient calmed down.

Xu Qingfeng called Guan Yuqing when she got off work and asked her to meet on the balcony. In just ten minutes, Guan Yuqing rushed to the balcony and looked at Xu Qingfeng from the sky. Xu Qingfeng sent a large bunch with a bamboo pole. With roses and a big bag of snacks, Guan Yuqing was enthusiastic in her heart. She was curious about when Xu Qingfeng liked her and what she liked. Xu Qingfeng admitted that she was fascinated by her when she talked to Guan Yuqing through the microphone on the plane. And like all her advantages and disadvantages, two people make full use of this rare ten-minute date and have endless love for each other.

Today is the weekend. Xu Qingfeng asked Guan Yuqing to watch a movie. Xu Xiulan made a rich breakfast. Xu Qingfeng only looked for new movies on the Internet. Xu Xiulan hurriedly grabbed her mobile phone and took the initiative to book tickets online. She also booked three tickets. , To go to the movies with Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing, Xu Qingfeng suddenly felt dull.

Chen Zhijun took his company colleagues to dinner, Lan Qiaoqiao stayed by his side every step of the way. She pushed her boyfriend Xiao Wu aside on the excuse of not having enough seats. After the opening of the movie, Xu Xiulan kept pulling Xu Qingfeng to ask questions, and Xu Qingfeng was overwhelmed. After the movie ended, Guan Yuqing wanted to choose a dress for Xu Qingfeng. Xu Xiulan helped to join in the fun and picked one for Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng chose a pair of 1,500 yuan shoes for Guan Yuqing and tried on her herself. Seeing this scene, Xu Xiulan felt sour. Xu Qingfeng asked Xu Xiulan to choose a pair too. She didn’t think it was too expensive to buy.

Xu Qingfeng suddenly received an emergency call from the hospital and hurried back for the operation. Guan Yuqing called a special car and wanted to go home with Xu Xiulan. When she went out, she met Sun Xiaobai and a good friend shopping together. The good friend revealed Sun Xiaobai’s love for Guan Yuqing. She had a special liking, but she also paid the room fee for her. Unfortunately, Guan Yuqing didn’t move in in the end. Xu Xiulan felt sulk when she heard this.

Li Bei accompanied Mr. Sun to see Mr. Su. The two parties had a very good talk. The bank signed a cooperation agreement. Mr. Su repeatedly claimed that it was Li Bei’s contribution and praised her. Mr. Sun saw it and hurriedly took a taxi and left, let Su Mr. Su always sent Li Bei home, Mr. Su gave Li Bei a pair of shoes as a gift. Mr. Li clearly stated that she already had a boyfriend, but Mr. Su didn’t care and claimed to be single.

When Li Bei came home from get off work, he saw Guan Zhenlei and his parents liquidating the income from online car-hailing this week, but it turned out to be negative. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo, you said and I said to Guan Zhenlei, Li Bei thought of the lavish and handsome President Su. Looking at Guan Zhenlei, who was destitute and impoverished, she was upset and went back to the house without saying a word.

Lan Qiaoqiao used Chen Zhijun’s money to pay her father’s hospitalization fees. She sent a message overnight to thank Chen Zhijun, and promised to invite him to dinner tomorrow. Chen Zhijun couldn’t help laughing and then deleted the message. Guan Yunyu suspected that he had received a message from the girl. That’s why Chen Zhijun asked her to check her phone. Guan Yunyu was not interested.

Xu Xiulan simmered Dabutang early in the morning. Xu Qingfeng gave Guan Yongnian a portion despite Xu Xiulan’s obstruction. Xu Qingfeng missed Guan Yuqing very much and asked her to stay there for a while. As soon as Guan Yuqing walked in, she praised Xu Xiulan’s cooking skills, and she also had to learn from her. Guan Yuqing had a bowl of tonic soup and drank it. Xu Xiulan was distressed that Xu Qingfeng could not drink enough.

Xu Xiulan asked about the relationship between Sun Xiaobai and Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing made it clear that they were colleagues. Xu Xiulan asked Guan Yuqing about several previous relationships. Guan Yuqing admitted that there were two, and the two ex-boyfriends are now with different airlines. The senior captain, Xu Xiulan just wanted to ask for more details. Xu Qingfeng hurriedly interrupted their conversation on the excuse that the hospital had something to do. Guan Yuqing also left with interest. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing met in the underground garage. Guan Yuqing saw that Xu Xiulan was digging a hole for her, but Xu Qingfeng was jealous because of her two romances and did not want her to have contact with her ex-boyfriend. Guan Yuqing disapproved.

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