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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 23 Recap

Guan Yunyu and Guan Yongnian witnessed Chen Zhijun buying a valuable bag for Lan Qiaoqiao. Lan Qiaoqiao couldn’t help but kiss Chen Zhijun. Guan Yongnian was furious. Regardless of Guan Yuyun’s obstacles, he rushed to settle accounts with Chen Zhijun. Chen Zhijun lied. Bringing an assistant to buy gifts to customers, Lan Qiaoqiao took the initiative to greet Guan Yunyun. Guan Yongnian didn’t believe it at all, and attacked Chen Zhijun. Chen Zhijun was injured.

Xu Xiulan hurriedly called for an ambulance and took Chen Zhijun to Yanxi Hospital. Xu Xiulan called and called Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng learned from the attending doctor that Chen Zhijun had a slight concussion. Guan Yunyu wanted to stay and take care of Chen Zhijun. Guan Yongnian forced it. She called away, Xu Xiulan asked Liu Shuqi to go home to persuade Guan Yongnian, and quietly reminded Xu Qingfeng to think about her marriage to Guan Yuqing.

Lan Qiaoqiao hid aside and could see clearly. Seeing everyone had gone, she quietly came to the ward to take care of Chen Zhijun. Naturally, Chen Zhijun couldn’t ask for it. Lan Qiaoqiao had a good impression of Xu Qingfeng in Yushu Linfeng, so she asked Chen Zhijun that Xu Qingfeng was Guan Yuqing’s boyfriend. Lan Qiaoqiao went out to buy daily necessities for Chen Zhijun. Lan Qiaoqiao bought two large bags and came to the hospital. , Ran into Xu Xiulan head-on, and Xu Xiulan warned her not to intervene in other people’s families. Lan Qiaoqiao made various sophistry and was severely taught by Xu Xiulan.

Lan Qiaoqiao carefully watched Xu Qingfeng’s introduction in the bulletin board of the hospital lobby, and she was upset. Guan Zhenlei went to get out of the car early in the morning. Unexpectedly, Li Aiguo was waiting in the car and will follow Guan Zhenlei to get out of the car from now on. Guan Zhenlei was worried about complaints from customers, but Li Aiguo disapproved. Guan Zhenlei had to give in.

Guan Yongnian took Guan Yunyu and Guan Yuqing to see Chen Zhijun. He first asked the doctor about his situation. Guan Yongnian wanted to have a private chat with Chen Zhijun. He first admitted that beating was wrong, and then he gave Chen Zhijun a lesson. Suddenly, he scolded him for having no conscience. Chen Zhijun never said a word. Guan Yongnian promised to give him another chance to reform himself. Chen Zhijun planned to divorce Guan Yunyu, and Guan Yongnian was dumbfounded.

Chen Zhijun counted the cold encounters he and Guan Yun had received during the fifteen years of marriage. He knew that he had climbed Guan Yunyu, worked hard and worked hard, and finally became the director of the company, but Guan Yongnian still coldly talked about him, and Chen Zhijun did not want to see him. Guan Yongnian did not want to suffer unequal treatment anymore, he had already had enough.

Guan Yuqing couldn’t listen outside the door, she rushed in and argued with Chen Zhijun. Guan Yuqing worked hard at home and did not expect Chen Zhijun to derail. Chen Zhijun refused to give up. Chen Zhijun condemned Guan Yuqing as having only her family in her heart and didn’t take him seriously. Chen Zhijun said more The more excited he became, he felt that he did not live like a husband or a man. He insisted on divorcing Guan Yunyu, and Guan Yunyu left without looking back.

Li Aiguo followed Guan Zhenlei out of the car. He carefully left the contact information of each passenger and wanted to develop them into regular customers. Seeing noon, Guan Zhenlei wanted to go to a nearby restaurant for dinner, but Li Aiguo had already prepared pilaf and chicken legs. Guan Zhenlei wanted to save the chicken drumsticks for the end, so Li Aiguo ate both chicken drumsticks.

Guan Yuqing went home and shut herself in her room. She washed away with tears. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi stood at the door anxiously, not daring to go in and disturb. Guan Yuqing went into the house to comfort Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing didn’t know what to do. Guan Yuqing treated her Good words to persuade and promised to support her decision, the sisters cried. When Guan Yongnian stood outside the door and heard the conversation between the sisters, he felt very uncomfortable.

Guan Yongnian bought snacks to see Chen Zhijun early in the morning, and proactively confessed his mistakes and begged him not to divorce Guan Yunyu, but Chen Zhijun was determined and repeatedly claimed that he and Guan Yunyu had no feelings anymore. Guan Yongnian tried to persuade him and Chen Zhijun had made up his mind. To divorce, he also offered to raise his children. Guan Yongnian bowed deeply to apologize to Chen Zhijun. If Chen Zhijun did not agree, he would not get up. Chen Zhijun left the ward out of anger. Guan Yongnian was so sad that he wanted to make a living, and finally cried.

Chen Zhijun heard Guan Yongnian’s miserable cry, and he was very uneasy. He didn’t dare to return to the ward, so he called Lan Qiaoqiao and learned that she was going to accompany his father to check. Director Wang of the community neighborhood committee called Xu Xiulan and asked her to come back to look at some old photos. She did not expect that Lan Qiaoqiao would help Xu Xiulan to organize many old photos as a volunteer. Xu Xiulan swears against Lan Qiaoqiao and swears that she will never agree with her. The three exchanges, Lan Qiaoqiao defended in every possible way, claiming to be a victim too, Xu Xiulan didn’t buy it at all and turned around and went back to the house.

That night, Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing met on the balcony. Guan Yuqing felt that there were too many things at home and didn’t want to hurt Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng didn’t care at all, but also faced Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing moved to tears in her eyes. Guan Zhenlei didn’t want to open an online car-hailing service. He wanted to go to a real estate company to apply for a full-time driver. Unexpectedly, the interview was over long ago. Guan Zhenlei vowed to find a decent job and not let Guan Yuqing look down on him. Chen Zhijun waited until two o’clock in the afternoon, but Lan Qiaoqiao did not see Lan Qiaoqiao coming to deliver the meal, he was hungry.

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