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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 24 Recap

Guan Zhenlei wanted to invite Li Bei to watch a movie after finishing work. Li Bei had to shirk the handover of work. Guan Zhenlei received an order to go to China World Trade Center. He suspected that the traffic jam was cancelled.

Chen Zhijun waited for Lan Qiaoqiao not to come to deliver the food, so he had to ask the nurse to help him with the meal. Aunt Ding specially packaged rice dumplings and sent them to Xu Qingfeng, and also introduced him to him. Xu Qingfeng asked Aunt Ding to see the photo of his girlfriend Guan Yuqing on the phone cover. Aunt Ding was happy for them and told him to eat rice dumplings.

Chen Zhijun ate a box lunch in the corridor, and saw that other patients were accompanied by his wife to take care of him. He was very uncomfortable, so he called Lan Qiaoqiao, but the mobile phone kept shutting down. Lan Qiaoqiao finally called Chen Zhijun back, excuse for being busy these days. With regard to his father, he promised to pick him up tomorrow and leave the hospital, and Chen Zhijun was in a good mood. Guan Zhenlei came to the bar to borrow a drink to pour his sorrows. A good friend saw that he was on his mind at a glance, and recommended him to shake his shoes to make money.

Chen Zhijun dressed up early in the morning, waiting for Lan Qiaoqiao to pick him up and leave the hospital. Xu Qingfeng came to see Chen Zhijun and persuaded him to reconcile Guan Yunyi, but Chen Zhijun had already made up his mind to divorce and reminded Xu Qingfeng to enter the Guan family cautiously. Guan Yongnian looked at her son-in-law differently. , He is the sword of the car ahead, Xu Qingfeng feels that the Guan family are all pretty good.

Lan Qiaoqiao took Chen Zhijun out of the hospital. Chen Zhijun invited her to the restaurant for dinner. She admitted that she had always liked Lan Qiaoqiao and wanted to divorce Guan Yunyu with her. Lan Qiaoqiao interrupted him before he could finish speaking, and repeatedly claimed to treat him like him. My brother, I promised to find Guan Yunyi to explain clearly. Chen Zhijun was shocked. Lan Qiaoqiao saw this and hurriedly found a chance to slip away.

Chen Zhijun came to confess his mistakes to Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi, bowed again and again to apologize to them, regretting saying so many bastard things to Guan Yongnian, Guan Yongnian promised to let him go, and Chen Zhijun was grateful. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi made excuses to go out and let Guan Yuyi and Chen Zhijun have a good chat. Chen Zhijun accompanied Guan Yuyi with a smile, but she never said a word. Chen Zhijun claimed that all he said in the hospital was angry and he did not want to talk to Guan. Yuyue divorced and promised to honor Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi, and cherish their home. Guan Yuyue insisted on divorcing Chen Zhijun and returned his wedding ring.

Chen Zhijun begged Guan Yunyu to give him a chance. He swears to Tian that there is no substantial relationship with Lan Qiaoqiao. It can only be regarded as a mental derailment. Guan Yunyu cannot bear betrayal and derailment. What Guan Yunyu said to him is still vivid. Realizing that they had no feelings for a long time, Guan Yun didn’t want to continue this kind of false marriage. Chen Zhijun was dumbfounded. Guan Yongnian persuaded Guan Yunyu to think twice. Guan Yunyu had already figured it out, and he had no choice but to give up.

Chen Zhijun returned to his empty home, feeling exhausted physically and mentally. The original happy life, his wife was scattered overnight, and he was deeply regretful. Guan Yongnian couldn’t sleep at night, holding a family portrait, saddened, Guan Yunyu saw this scene, and secretly vowed in his heart that he must live well and not let his parents down.

Li Aiguo followed Guan Zhenlei out of the car. Guan Zhenlei licked the chicken legs beforehand to prevent Li Aiguo from taking possession of him again. Guan Zhenlei also bought two bottles of mineral water, which was criticized by Li Aiguo. Guan Zhenlei showed off that he did not rely on online car hire to make money. Taking out the Nike shoes that he had lined up to buy, he talked to Li Aiguo about the special skills of frying shoes and the rich benefits. Li Aiguo was eager to try and couldn’t wait to follow Guan Zhenlei to the physical store to see.

Li Aiguo came to the mall and saw many young people lining up to buy brand-name tourist shoes, and the two of them rushed to the back. Guan Yuqing accompanied her parents to a rental house in the suburbs to see Guanyue. She found that the house was outdated and the legs of the sofa were broken. Guan Yuqing felt very distressed and wanted to rent a better house for Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing politely declined and wanted to change her life on her own. , Guan Yuqing no longer insisted.

Chen Zhijun recovered from injury and was discharged from the hospital. Lan Qiaoqiao greeted her colleagues to welcome him back together, greeted him with warmth, and handed in a letter of resignation. Chen Zhijun was puzzled. Lan Qiaoqiao had already handed over the work. Thanks to Chen Zhijun for taking care of her. Chen Zhijun Guessing that she has found her next home, Lan Qiaoqiao admitted to work in Wang Tao’s company where she used to collect debts, and her salary was twice the current amount. Chen Zhijun offered to let her return one hundred thousand yuan. Lan Qiaoqiao turned her face and refused to admit it, calling her Chen Zhijun. Give it to her and return it to Chen Zhijun for an IOU.

Lan Qiaoqiao resolutely left, and Chen Zhijun was so angry that he realized that he had been fooled by Lan Qiaoqiao. Xiao Wu asked Chen Zhijun to drink together and revealed that Lan Qiaoqiao defrauded him of more than 100,000 yuan, which was also the reason for her father’s illness and hospitalization. Xiaowu also regretted not letting Lan Qiaoqiao call the IOU. The two of them had the same illness. Can sit and drink boring wine together.

Guan Yongnian carried the ladder and decoration materials to help Guan Yunyu clean up the house. After the father and daughter’s unremitting efforts, they finally cleaned up the rented house. Guan Yongnian promised to come and help her clean up tomorrow. Before leaving, Guan Yongnian was right. Guan Yunqian exhorted Wanwan, Guan Yunyu was warm.

Lan Qiaoqiao took the initiative to find Xu Xiulan and used her to terminate the labor contract. Lan Qiaoqiao claimed to be innocent and reported Chen Zhijun’s workplace sexual harassment. Xu Xiulan saw her crying and she had a nose and eyes, so she believed it. Lan Qiaoqiao claimed to have found a new one. Xu Xiulan persuaded her to apply for legal aid. Lan Qiaoqiao had no money to hire a lawyer and begged Xu Xiulan for free legal aid. Lan Qiaoqiao brought Xu Xiulan to the hospital to see her father and told her that she was desperate. Xu Xiulan was deeply moved by her filial piety about working to earn money to treat her father.

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