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The Stage 装台 Episode 4 Plot

Section Chief Qian wanted to meet Teacher Zhang who sang Wanwanqiang, and Chief Qu immediately asked Tie Kou to make arrangements and took the opportunity to suggest that the Qinqiang Rehearsal Hall needed heating. Section Chief Qian mentioned that the new leader this time is a fan of the theater, and installing a heater is a trivial matter after the performance is complete.

The iron buckle finally found a decent dress for Teacher Zhang and put it on in the regiment. As a result, Section Chief Qian had already left because of too long time. Leader Qu accused Tie Kou of wearing the costumes for Teacher Zhang as a person from the old society, and the Tie Kou replied unhappily. This Qin Opera is now declining, and he is not as good as it is to pull the show for Tuan Li. Leader Qu didn’t argue with him, but took the old gentleman all the way to find the pieces of the instrument he had accidentally lost.

Chrysanthemum saw Sufen count the money and settled the account. In the past, he took out the money in the box. Sufen spoke to stop him, but was greeted by Chrysanthemum. When Chrysanthemum looked through it, she found the marriage certificates of Shunzi and Sufenling. She felt that she had been abandoned again. She picked up the kitchen knife and chopped it towards the marriage certificate, threw the shredded paper on the stove, and burned to ashes.

The group invited Master Ding to set up the stage scenery. Master Ding’s style is particularly accented. He needs Western food for lunch and has to hold an umbrella and put on music. Fortunately, Shunzi is a slippery person. A few words cleared Master Ding’s heart.

Shunzi returned home and learned of the good things that Chrysanthemum had done, so she had to take Sufen to the regiment to avoid misfortune. The mysterious man came to Shunzi’s door and looked in, but was coaxed away by the eighth uncle who came over. Eighth uncle and the chrysanthemum who came out holding Xiao Hei explained that they didn’t think much of her at all, and they were stabbed unexplainedly, and the matter stopped. The eighth uncle of Diaojia Village became a veritable Uncle Scar with a lick of her mouth.

Chrysanthemum walked down the street, passing by the mysterious man. She turned her head back and warned him not to come back to the house and look around. If you dare to hit her, she will definitely clean up him. Without even looking at her, the man walked straight on, but suddenly stopped in front of Chrysanthemum and asked about Shunzi’s relationship with Sufen. This was igniting the anger of chrysanthemum. She shouted that it was illegal cohabitation, but she wondered what it had to do with the man in front of her. The man left dumbly, and Chrysanthemum cursed that he was sick.

In order to retaliate against Shunzi, Chrysanthemum got a marriage certificate with Erdai. The second generation has always liked Chrysanthemum, but Chrysanthemum warned him about getting the certificate. He dared to tell others that he could not spare him. The second-generation father opened a coal mine and gave him money to come to a noodle restaurant in Xi’an. He doesn’t have many friends in the unfamiliar place in life, and only Chrysanthemum is willing to get close to him. The second generation only wanted to be an actor, standing in the center of the stage and singing a good show. Chrysanthemum praised him for his talent in singing Qinqiang, and asked him to sing for himself. The second generation was happy that someone finally recognized his dream.

Although Master Ding was arrogant, but his business ability was not enough, he set off the atmosphere of the stage lighting in two strokes. Sufen sat in the auditorium watching Shunzi and they set up a stage to adjust the lighting, which was not fresh either.

An old classmate called Shunzi, and Chrysanthemum caused trouble again. Shunzi first came to the pet shop to pick up Xiao Hei. This pet grooming treatment cost nearly 1,000, but it was a depositor who had to collect it. The deposit fee of 60 a day caused him a headache. The classmates told Shunzi that he still had to pay for the money for Chrysanthemum to open a room in his hotel. Where did Shunzi come from, he was angry and anxious. The classmate threatened him to sue him for cheating, and Shunzi donkey got angry and insisted that he didn’t want money.

Besides, this mysterious man followed Sufen all the way to the performance hall. He watched him peeping in the background and asked to check his ID. He was originally called Yang Bo. Dundun asked him if he knew what kind of work this bunch of people were doing here, Yang Bo only replied with the word “Taitai”.

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