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The Stage 装台 Episode 5 Plot

Dun Dun told Yang Bo that they were doing stage decoration work, and asked Yang Bo to climb up the ladder to test his abilities. As a result, he misunderstood that Dun Dun just punched Yang Bo in his eyes. Having done such an unreasonable thing, Dun Dun had to discuss with Shun Zi and put Yang Bo in the team.

President Hei rented out all the houses, but he slept in the car. Such a money-saving method is really not like the first ten thousand yuan household in the village. “What’s the use if you have money? Nobody has any pulses.” The second generation said his mantra and fried fried dough sticks to the people in the group who had a night of work. Sufen stayed with Shunzi in the performance hall for a whole night. She walked to the clothing room behind the performance hall and looked at the clothes and sets with freshness and joy in her eyes. Shunzi grabbed the rice in the bowl and greeted Yang Bo, who was standing in the distance. Shunzi boldly explained the salary situation of everyone to him.

This Yang Bo was originally a drunkard who meant not drinking, he just In this way, he officially became a member of Shunzi’s team. Yang Bo kept staring at Sufen, his eyes filled with joy, but Sufen gave him soy milk expressionlessly, not knowing whether he knew it or not.

Chrysanthemum asked a friend to come out, and Wu Yingge came to a thanked boss Tan. Although Boss Dai was rich, he was a slicker. He talked to Chrysanthemum with sweet words, not to say that he was talking about business. I even took two girls to play golf after a meal. In name, I was teaching them to play golf, but it was actually taking advantage. Chrysanthemum could see clearly, but he held on to the idea of ​​breaking the jar. Shunzi came to look for Chrysanthemum, hoping she could return home and stop being so headstrong. But Chrysanthemum insisted that he just wanted to drive him away, his mother was beaten away with fire tongs, and now it is his turn.

Shunzi returned home helplessly, worrying about how to pay for the daily expenses. Sufen took out the money she had in her bank card and gave it to Shunzi to let him pay the hotel money first, but where could Shunzi take the money she saved to Huohuo. Shunzi told Sufen that there were actually three brothers in his family. The eldest brother went out and stayed in the south. The second brother fell ill and died, leaving him the third. The conditions at home were not good, and Chrysanthemum’s biological mother followed herself because of her bad reputation. She didn’t look down on Shunzi in her heart, and then she followed others and left the chrysanthemums and was raised by Shunzi alone. It is so kind of a father who has been resented by his daughter, which is really chilling.

Shunzi thought about going there all night, and decided to find a way to bring Chrysanthemum back from the hotel. And the best way is to make her believe the truth back then. He took the fire tongs and went to the outpatient doctor. He wanted to compare the blood stains with his own DNA. The other party had compiled a set of professional medical terms, but he couldn’t do such a high-tech job. Shunzi took the tongs and went to the hospital.

The nurse at the front desk also stared. How can a hospital detect this kind of thing casually, it’s the job of the judicial authority. The stubborn Shunzi really took the fire tongs and went to the Public Security Bureau. He was determined to ask for justice to show his daughter Chrysanthemum.

Yang Bo bought something and asked Uncle Scar to help him find an apartment. The house he wanted to rent was in the building opposite Shunzi’s house. Uncle Scar has always been responsive. He found Yang Bo in front of President Hei and finally moved into the room as he wished. From the window, Shunzi’s yard could be seen clearly.

Director Jin came to the performance hall for the final rehearsal of the show. She was amused by Shunzi, who was outspoken and laughed out loud, but she was very serious in her work, chasing the light and adjusting the position carefully. As soon as the rehearsal was over, Director Jin stopped Captain Qu and asked him to quickly make up his mind.

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