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The Stage 装台 Episode 6 Plot

For the sake of the stage effect, Director Jin made Director Qu determined to work overtime to make the peach blossom net. Director Qu sighed and sat in a chair thinking about her words, this group is already in a recession, and there is no money to do these things.

Uncle Scar watched Basao wearing a very smart dress and carrying a bag and went out. He noticed her strangeness and called and lied that she had found her fake money and wanted to find out where Basao went. Basao actually came to the park to discuss the two with the person he introduced. Uncle Scar not only followed Basao, but also called her to check her voice. Of course, Basao didn’t tell him what he was doing. This blind date is real. He is interested in Basao, but his house is reserved for his son to get married.

If the two can succeed, he will move in with Basao. The two of them hadn’t gotten into the house yet, what a shrewd woman Basao was, how could she easily let go because of his words. The eighth sister-in-law was also open and honest. Although she was divorced from Uncle Scar, the house was still in a courtyard. Uncle Scar was a noisy person and asked if he could accept it. The other party was thinking about getting married with Basao. After all, Basao is a woman with a house and a shop.

Eight-sister-in-law and the subject came to the restaurant to eat after dancing, and Uncle Scar appeared at the dinner table unfamiliarly. A sneeze came out to make the eight-sister-in-law and the two of them could not eat the meal. The angry Eight-sao got up and left. Uncle Scar told Basao that the price of the house in this village in the city would definitely continue to increase. It would not be cost-effective to find such a soft rice man to give him a house. Whether this house is divided is up to Basao’s own decision, and he needs to worry about it. Two people can’t understand each other, but they have an unspeakable understanding of each other.

Director Jin’s dedication to Taohua.com made it difficult for Director Qu. Although a new network would indeed be more effective, the group did not have that much funding. Head Qu believes that as long as the performance is good, the location is not important. The iron buckle doesn’t care about this. Seeing that the leader is coming, this movie ticket will be sold for two or three, so we can simply let everyone see it for nothing. In order to save subsidies, Tie Kou suggested that his family members be the audience, but his own daughter-in-law was unwilling to be the first one. Acting on this stage, there are also acting off the stage, and the group has not been paid for several months, and everyone is very depressed.

The iron buckle really maximized the power of his director. Head Qu arranged his work, and when he changed hands, he gave the tickets to Shunzi to arrange. Sufen, Dundun and others were handing out theater tickets on the street, but few people agreed. Shunzi went to Uncle Scar for help. The heroic Uncle Scar got up and walked under the rented houses to tell the tenants-anyone who didn’t go to see “Human Face Peach Blossom” at night would increase the rent.

Head Qu picked up the theater ticket that had been thrown on the ground, and looked at the local opera not being completed like this, his eyes filled with distress. At this moment, Shunzi came along neatly with half of the village behind him, and the small performance hall was filled up instantly. The iron buckle was standing on the stage instructing people to vacate the leadership positions, and let them look at themselves, laughing when touching their heads, and applauding when touching their chins. Everyone is quite cooperative. You have to do enough on stage and off stage. .

As the performance was about to begin, Director Jin and Director Qu had a temper. The cheap setting made her feel ashamed. She stubbornly left the performance hall, completely disregarding the leader’s face. The iron buckle properly arranged the audience inside and outside the theater, Shunzi also sat down in position with Sufen, and went to the stage to ask the brothers to carefully study the stage setting. The entire Qin Opera Troupe has a spirit of 120,000 points, hoping to become famous.

A middle-aged man just stopped the car and took his female companion to look at the title of “Human Face Peach Blossom”. Seeing the man in a suit and shoes, he hurried to call Captain Qu. The enthusiasm of Captain Qu made the man a little dazed. He was dragged into the theater like this. When he came in, the warm applause of the crowd made him sit down and he was embarrassed to get up and leave.

The curtain opened, and the traditional repertoire was presented to everyone. Director Jin secretly entered the theater and sat in the back row watching the play he rehearsed carefully. Sufen Kua Shunzi’s job is really beautiful, and Shunzi smiled when she was finally recognized. With her words, she also did the job well.

Although both on stage and off stage are acting, people feel that with such a successful performance, the Qin Opera Troupe’s southern tour is also inseparable. The actors on the stage performed hard, and the audience under the stage was able to watch and shouted eagerly. This made Captain Qu finally smile, and the iron buckle standing on the side was relieved.

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