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The Stage 装台 Episode 7 Plot

The audience in the audience became more and more fascinated as they listened. The people who were forced to shout now all shout okay, with smiles on their faces. Head Qu answered the phone and went out, his old figure standing stiff. Today, without the leader, no one knows who the middle-aged man in suit and shoes is. The drama has come to superb, and the eyes of the audience are all red. Following the emotional ups and downs of the actors, everyone stood up and applauded to express their heartfelt sighs.

The middle-aged man walked up to the stage and shook hands with the actors one by one. He was not in the mood to know that he was not the leader. He touched his chin easily, but he caught the audience’s palm, making him even more angry. After shaking his hand, the middle-aged man took the microphone and called Shunzi’s name. Shunzi looked up sheepishly, this is not his elder brother.

Brother Diao happily thought that it was his younger brother who had made a great contribution to the Qinqiang Tuan. He received the same treatment as soon as he left get out of class on the plane. He was happy that he paid every staff member a bottle of drink.

With such a big oolong, both Director Qu and Director Jin felt unspeakably lonely in their hearts. Director Jin looked at the shabby setting on the stage and shook his head and left. Sufen cleans the room and prepares for her eldest brother to go home to live. Shun Zi knows that eldest brother, where he will come back to live in this shabby yard with a female secretary, that a capable person will definitely stay in that high-end hotel.

Can’t persuade Chrysanthemum, Shunzi can only come to head Qu. Commander Qu took the food and walked home with heavy steps. As he was about to retire, he wanted to make the Qin Opera Group become popular again. Now that this idea has failed, it is inevitable that he will feel lonely. Shunzi comforted Captain Qu with a few words. On the other hand, he mainly thought that Juhua would listen to Captain Qu’s words, and wanted him to come forward to persuade Juhua.

Boss Tan invited Wu Yingge to dinner, but all he talked about was chrysanthemums. Wu Yingge took pictures of the food and called to invite Chrysanthemum. But Juhua had no patience with Boss Tan, the doorbell rang, and Juhua looked at the leader Qu outside the door and hung up the call.

Chrysanthemum thanked Uncle Qu with a smile, and obediently followed Captain Qu to his home as a guest. This chrysanthemum was also a good seedling for learning music. Leader Qu praised her for having this talent since she was a child, and also advised her Shunzi to always pretend to be coolies and it’s not easy to raise her. She is almost 50 years old, she should be more. Feel sorry for my father. Head Qu was sitting in front of the piano, playing the tunes that Chrysanthemum’s biological mother had taught her. The more Chrysanthemum listened, the more sad she became, and tears could not stop flowing.

Chrysanthemum and Aunt Qu chatted with each other, and she sighed that the lives of people and people are really different. Aunt Qu talked about the leader Qu, a person who only likes music all his life, didn’t become the leader and do the administration. Knowing that the uncle came back, Chrysanthemum excitedly came to the presidential suite he was staying in. The topic was going smoothly, and the naked female secretary stood in front of Chrysanthemum, staring at her. Brother Diao pointed out that this is the mainland, so the secretary is slightly more conservative.

Da Que’er worked hard on the construction site with strength, but this trick wanted to make a fortune by buying lottery tickets. The elder brothers came from all directions to dismantle the station to collect money. They wanted to take a hot bath, but they couldn’t allocate funds for the group. They couldn’t even pay the electricity bill, and there was no expectation of hot water. But the big bird was washed in cold water. The monkey saw that this brother really did everything to save money, and he really worked hard for the mistress.

Tie Kou took the remaining money from the Shunzi installation team and came to Captain Qu’s house. He thought that the play was not successful, so he could just buy some wine with Captain Qu and relax. Commander Qu told him to give the money to the finance, he didn’t want to bear the reputation of corruption. When the play failed, Tie Kou believed that it was all due to Big Brother Diao, so Shunzi’s wages should be deducted. Head Qu was so anxious that he couldn’t have such a conversation.

Shunzi and his group came to the second generation noodle restaurant to eat noodles, and the second generation also invited them to eat meat and drink as usual. The second generation of this house, who lacks nothing in cars, just thinks that he can stand in the middle of the stage even if he is a runner. Dun Dun secretly asked the monkey whether he was talking about five hundred. Seeing that he was reluctant to persuade him to enter the city, let him think clearly.

When it was time for dinner, Diao’s family picked up and became noisy again. Shunzi pedaled his tricycle, followed by Sufen’s urging call, and hurried home. Sufen cooked a table of dishes. Although Shunzi was full, the wife’s cooking was still delicious. He is affectionately called Sufen by his nickname Fenfen, and the newlyweds can finally get close.

The DNA test results from the Public Security Bureau proved that the blood stains on the tongs were smooth. The police also told him that it had constituted a criminal case, and he could still report the case for investigation before the retrospective period. Shunzi said that he married a couple, so I just wanted to forget it. The police chased him out without giving up, telling him that even the behavior of a husband and wife was illegal, but Shunzi turned his head and smiled and let the matter go.

Shunzi took a few hundred dollars to come to the hotel where Chrysanthemum was staying. It didn’t work for her to pay for it. If Chrysanthemum stayed again, she could only let her pay. The manager told him that the ID he had been pressed at the time had been given to Chrysanthemum, and the hotel and pet shop had been paid off. After paying back the money, he began to recite his fellowship with Shunzi. Shunzi was no longer angry and picked up the money on the table and walked away.

When there was no work to install the stage, the brothers under Shunzi had to find work by themselves. The main purpose of their coming to the city was to work to earn money. In order for Yang Bo to survive, he had to go to the street by himself, waiting for the recruiters to come and earn a share of money to support himself.

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