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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 23 Recap

Yan Ran walked out of Gu Chenyu’s house, said goodbye to Gu Xiyuan and asked him to forgive him, and the two of them exchanged greetings and encouraged Yan Ran and left. Jin Yao woke up early in the morning holding a feather and swept Xie Fei’s body. Xie Fei woke up, Jin Yao then took out a silk scarf and said that she wanted to show Xie Fei something, and said that she brought him a silk scarf and led him out of bed. Yao took out the cactus and asked Xie Fei to touch it. Xie Fei touched the thorns of the cactus and said that Jin Yao had a beard. Jin Yao pulled Xie Fei’s silk scarf down and told him that she was his cactus girl.

Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning’s mother were sitting and chatting. Xiao Ning’s mother said that Chen Yu was too sensible, and the more she liked it, Xiao Ning’s mother also persuaded Gu Chenyu to say that as long as parents and children are willing to communicate, there is no unresolved knot in the heart. Her mother was leaving, Gu Chenyu was very active to get things, not giving Xiao Ning and her mother a chance at all. Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning were sitting on the sofa in the company office.

Gu Chenyu asked Xiao Ning how he saw his parents behaved. Xiao Ning kissed him and said it was a reward. Gu Chenyu pressed Xiao Ning to kiss her when he said it was not enough. At this time Team Leader Wang came in, and he happened to see him. Team Leader Wang quickly retreated out of fright, and the two quickly separated. Gu Chenyu called Team Leader Wang in again. Team Leader Wang came in again and looked at the opposite direction to tell Gu Chenyu about the celebration banquet.

Gu Xiyuan called. Gu Chenyu didn’t take his mobile phone and went out. Xiaoning answered the phone. Gu Xiyuan said that if Xia Xiaoning could make Gu Chenyu appear at his dad’s birthday party, he would willingly call her sister Xiaoning. Gu Chenyu and Xia Xiaoning met Yanran on the street, and Yanran said they wanted to chat with Xiaoning alone. Yanran said that she wanted to apologize solemnly to Xiaoning, saying that she had done a lot of ridiculous things before. Yanran didn’t want to go to the celebration banquet, but Xiaoning pulled her in. Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning mentioned the birthday of Gu Chenyu’s father on the way home. Xiao Ning said that she had a plan and needed Gu Chenyu’s cooperation.

Early in the morning, Gu Xiyuan went to see his dad and said that he would show him the birthday present Gu Chenyu had prepared for him. His dad said that he didn’t want to read it. Gu Xiyuan watched it with his mother. The two looked at it with gusto. Gu Chenyu’s father opened the birthday gift from Gu Chenyu when there was no one. They recorded a video for Gu Chenyu’s father and danced in the video. Jin Yao and Xie Fei are discussing where to go on their honeymoon trip. Xie Fei wants to go to the pink beach, but Yaoyao wants to go to the cactus kingdom. Jin Yao said to vote, and Xie Fei said how the two of them would vote. Yaoyao took out a piece of paper and showed Xie Fei, it turned out that Jin Yao was pregnant.

Gu Chenyu and his dad played Go together. His dad said that he was too harsh on him in the past and the two reconciled. Gu Chenyu’s mother looked at the harmonious scene of their father and son and said that it was Xiao Ning’s credit, and also gave Xiao Ning the bracelet she made by herself. Jin Yao Xie Fei and Gu Chenyu Xiao Ning ate together. They were amused watching Xie Fei’s courteous appearance of Jin Yao. They toasted with Jin Yao’s recent progress. Xiao Ning found that Yao Yao hadn’t drank, so Yao Yao secretly told Xiaoning is pregnant, and all of them are very happy.

Xia Xiaoning fell asleep and opened his eyes when he saw Gu Chenyu sitting next to him and asked him if he was still up so late. Gu Chenyu knelt on one knee and said that because he was proposing to her, he took out the ring and asked if Xiaoning would marry him. Xiao Ning didn’t open her eyes, and said dazedly that she was willing, and Gu Chenyu put her ring on after she finished talking.

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