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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 24 End Recap

Xiao Ning woke up the next day and stretched his waist, found the ring in her hand, and hurried out to find Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu also showed her the ring in her hand and told Xiao Ning to get the certificate. Xiao Ning said that she fell asleep last night and thought she was dreaming. Such an important thing should not be missed. Gu Chenyu asked Gu Chenyu to propose another marriage, but Gu Chenyu said she wanted beauty, and then took out her clothes and asked Xiao Ning to wear a couple outfit to shoot. Registration photo.

Jin Yao got up early in the morning and picked up the prenatal education book in Xie Fei’s hand and called Xie Fei. Xie Fei got up. Jin Yao put the drunken video of Xie Fei that Gu Chenyu had sent her to Xie Fei’s ears for him to listen. Xie Fei woke up. Looked at the video and shouted angrily to Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning were on the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Xiao Ning said that she had forgotten her hukou, but Gu Chenyu said that her hukou belonged to him, and that it was given to him by Xiao Ning’s mother.

When they walked halfway, they were stopped by the traffic police for a routine inspection, but they forgot to bring their driver’s license. Jin Yao and Xie Fei went to give Gu Chenyu a driver’s license. On the way, Jin Yao watched the previous video of Xie Fei being drunk over and over again and said he was cute. After arriving, Xie Fei videotaped Gu Chenyu that he also has today, and the two chased after him. Xiao Ning and Gu Chenyu took registration photos, Jin Yao and Xie Fei were also mixed in, and the four took pictures together.

At this time, the family’s mother Gu Chenyu and Xiaoning’s mother were discussing marriage matters, and they were also choosing wedding dresses together. Gu Xiyuan also said that he wanted to make suggestions, choosing wedding dresses with them, and also called Gu Chenyu’s father to discuss the banquet. The family enjoyed themselves well. Gu Chenyu saw Xiao Ning walking towards him wearing a wedding dress in the bridal shop, which was very charming.

There were happy characters everywhere at home. Xiao Ning was lying on the sofa watching TV. Xiao Ning’s mother said that she was going to get married tomorrow, and told her to sit upright. She also said that she could not meet Chen Yu the day before the wedding, so she went out Discuss with Gu Chenyu’s mother about the wedding. Gu Chenyu confessed the matter to Xie Feivideo, and Yaoyao hung up as soon as he called Xie Fei.

Xiao Ning watched her mother leave with her bag and came to Gu Chenyu’s house to find him, saying that she wanted to watch Wang Chuan online with him. Xiao Ning was holding her mobile phone very nervously watching the countdown. After counting five, Wang Wangchuan finally went online. Xiao Ning said that this was the first drama in her life. She was talking. Gu Chenyu’s mother came back and said Taking their wedding photos, Gu Chenyu quickly helped Xiao Ning hide under the table. Gu Chenyu said bad things about Xiao Ning to his mother, Xiao Ning pinched Gu Chenyu under the table, Gu Chenyu forcibly endured the pain.

In the evening, Xiao Ning and Gu Chenyu came to the recording studio where they dubbed for the first time. Xiao Ning asked when he liked her. Gu Chenyu said that it was the time when he kissed her from the hospital. Xiao Ning said he took advantage of her. The two entered the recording studio and dubbed into the role. Lin Mohan and Gu Zixuan married in Wang Chuan. In reality, Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu were married. Finally Xiaoning finished the line and asked Gu Chenyu how it sounded. Gu Chenyu said that you sound very sweet.

In the recording studio, two children were reading your sweet-sounding script. At this time, Gu Chenyu, Xiao Ning and Jin Yao Xie Fei came in, and the two children called their parents and ran into their arms. Gu Chenyu asked what to eat tonight, Xie Fei said of course it was a pineapple, and then he ushered in Jin Yao’s lesson, and the six of them left together.

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