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Daqin Fu 大秦賦 Episode 1 Plot

Under the blue sky and the bright sun, the jade steps are high, and the golden walls and eaves of the Palace of the Thousands of Kings, after decades of wind and rain, finally ushered in the Liuhe Gongzhu. However, the achievements of the Qianqiu period will be passed down to the world, and the Weiwei Qiang Zhao has gone. Looking back at the beginning of the pre-Qin Dynasty, the mysteries during the period are sighing.

In 259 BC, the seven kingdoms were struggling endlessly, fighting and fighting for years, leaving many dead souls. Especially after the Battle of Changping, the State of Zhao broke the agreement and refused to cut the six cities to Qin. King Zhaoxiang of Qin sent troops to attack Zhao, thus starting the three-year battle in Handan. At the same time, the co-lord Yingzheng was born in Handan, and his father Yingxinren was still controlled by the city and could not be at ease.

In one day, the yellow sand and rain fell, and the city of Handan stretched for hundreds of miles, but it was approaching precariously. King Qin led an army outside the city, and Pang Xie, general Zhao, was also waiting until Qin’s envoy fell to the city and died. After an order, the two armies intersected in war, and the arrows were like locusts. The trebuchets and ballistas went on to succeed, not only suffered heavy injuries to soldiers, but also caused innocent people to die in vain, and the country was broken.

Frost falls in early August, the season is surly and the world is out of order. Lu Buwei has broken through the years of cold and warm, and the daughter of Ning She still has to escort the stranger out of the city and find another benefactor. Ying Yiren was born in the Qin royal family. He was in the hostage of Zhao for eight years. Now he married Zhao Ji and gave birth to a son. Seeing the war is getting worse, he can only redo his plans and ask Shen to protect Zhao Ji’s mother and son better.

Xiangbang Zhao Sheng suspected that Lu Buwei and Yingyiren had planned a misconduct, so he ordered his subordinates to tie him into the Plains Monarch Mansion, and repeatedly questioned him to no avail, simply instructed Zhao to lead Li Jian to “cut the grass and root.” Lu Buwei sensed the danger and rushed to the stranger’s residence overnight. Because he did not see Zhao Ji’s mother and son, he had to take Ying stranger away first.

However, the carriage escaped the chasing soldiers, and after many setbacks, it was blocked under the city of Handan. Due to the king’s order, the city gate official did not dare to let him go at will. It can be seen that Lu Buwei wanted to be forced by death, taking into account his past kindness, and simply ordered the opening of the city. In the blur of the night, the horse-drawn carriage drove away through the suburbs and wilderness, only on both sides of it was bleak and quiet, and there were no people on either side.

Ying Yiren cares about the safety of Zhao Ji’s mother and son. He learns that the two are still in the city, so he is worried that Shen Yue will be difficult to contend with Zhao Jun, so he decisively jumps out of the carriage and insists on turning back. Lu Buwei knows that Yingren has a honest temperament and no imperial convictions, but he has been in business for many years, and is the best at weighing the pros and cons. The so-called thousands of advice is in his heart, and it can’t be worth a single sentence of the Qin prince. Anyone who is foolish should always understand that he is relying on his clan. , Take charge of public equipment and settle down.

Eight years of quality Zhao is equivalent to eight years of humiliation. As a man of heaven, Ying, a man who knows life and death, but power has no boundaries, and the world has no boundaries. It happened that Mrs. Huayang had no children under her knees. If she was protected by her and embraced as a prostitute, succession would be logical. With such destiny, Ying Yanren finally slowed down, turned around and bowed to Lu Buwei, so that the monarch and his ministers would have each other.

Not waiting for the frost and fog to clear away, a car hurried out of the canyon jungle, crossed Handan and headed north, Zhao Guojiashi was chasing after him. As the field of view gradually widened, the yellow sand dunes came into view, and the car stopped abruptly, standing still like an iron tower, standing still, with one of the wheels stuck in the pit, making it difficult to move forward.

In desperation, Lu Buwei and Zheng Yi ran wildly on foot with Ying Yiren, and finally met the centurion Li Fu halfway, but unfortunately, the formation was quickly broken by Li Jian. When several Qin soldiers fought to death, fortunately, Wang Lu commanded the army to come in time, forcing Li Jian to order a retreat. Since the fighting between the two armies has not ended, Wang Lu still needs to sit in the army, so he specially arranged Yu Zhe Lai Lu to escort Lu Buwei and others.

In the city of Handan, Zhao Ji’s mother and son were protected by Shen Yue and escaped chasing for the time being. The three of them hid in the farmhouse, only to see a girl kneeling beside the old woman with a sad expression. Even though Shen Yue is not good at medical skills, he knows that the old woman is dying and her life is not long. Footsteps came from outside the door. After Shen Yue hurriedly dragged Zhao Ji’s mother and son to the tent, several officers and soldiers broke into the door. Even if they showed disgust, they did not forget to search. The color changed, turned and left.

At present, Qin and Zhao repeatedly fought fiercely. Every time after the bloodbath, they were still unable to distinguish between up and down. They could not attack Handan or repel the Qin army. They were in a stalemate for a long time, and people were in panic. Laiya lived up to expectations, evading chase all the way, and finally reached the boundary of Xianyang, where she successfully joined Fan Yuqi. Lu Buwei used arrows to conclude that the last batch of assassins were pretending to be Qin people. As for why he would kill the son, all his intentions were hidden in the voice.

Precisely because of this uneasy feeling, Ying Yiren set up on the road, and was struggling with saddle horses. When he arrived in Xianyang, the dusk had fallen. Half of the setting sun hung the city head, Ying Yiren knelt in the direction of the city gate with excitement, and the joy of reuniting after a long time rushed to my heart, my eyes were red, but tears did not flicker. In no time, Qin will change ownership, not only this Xianyang city, but also the entire world can be attributed to Ying Foreigners.

However, before reaping this achievement, he still needs to go through a period of hiding in Tibet. After entering Xianyang Prison, Ying Yiren’s original spirit of excitement suddenly sank. There are so many eyes and ears in Xianyang City. In order to catch the inner ghost, Zheng Yi took out the money and silk, and told his brother Zheng Huo to take more care of the stranger.

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