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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 10 Recap

Shao Mingzhe waited for Xia Ranran at the entrance of the cinema, but he did not see anyone for a long time. Xia Ranran was sad at home. She always thought that Xia Hongyuan was a giant, but just now she found out that her father was down. It turned out that people were so helpless when he was sick. Chen Luo told him that he had been living with headaches every day since the car accident. , This time is the most serious of the onset.

Before Xia Ranran, Shao Mingzhe entered the theater alone. Today was the Titanic. Shao Mingzhe had seen it with Su Mo. Su Mo was a little sad because they were too big. Su Mo was also watching the same movie in the same movie theater. Unexpectedly, just after the phone call with Lin Xiangan, Su Mo turned around and met Shao Mingzhe. Four years ago, Shao Mingzhe was going to the UK suddenly. Su Mo was very reluctant to leave him because she was leaving Shao Mingzhe. See you again, as if the air had frozen.

The two went to the coffee shop. At first, Su Mo had to steal from the drugstore because of her injury. She was rescued by the kind Shao Mingzhe and sent her home. The phone was stolen and the two met. But at this time, Shao Mingzhe hated Su Mo very much and spoke hard to hear. Su Mo said with tears in his eyes that love can stand the wait, she just wants to become a better person to be worthy of. He, the person who changed is Shao Mingzhe, he is the one who has a girlfriend, and he is the one who wants to get married. But all of this was caused by Su Mo. Shao Mingzhe had been looking for Su Mo for a long time, but only found a little monster doll.

Shao Mingzhe said that he threw the doll away and hoped that Shao Mingzhe would not let down the money he exchanged for his emotions. When Shao Mingzhe left, Su Mo said he was going to get married, and Shao Mingzhe frankly said blessings. However, the deep memories cannot be forgotten. At first, Shao Mingzhe found her in Su Mo School. In order to make a rebellious girl rehabilitate, Shao Mingzhe asked Su Mo to work in his company and carry out labor reform. At this time, after Shao Mingzhe left, Su Mo was still crying uncontrollably in the cafe, and then Su Mo found a taxi and followed Shao Mingzhe’s car.

After Chen Luo sent Xia Ranran home, she received a call from Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran was making noodles and wanted to explain that the afternoon was interrupted by burns. Chen Luo bought her some food and medicine because she was worried that Xia Ranran would not eat well, and Xia Ranran also ignored Shao Mingzhe. Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran to take medicine and made some dishes for her. When Xia Ranran was eating, Shao Mingzhe came again and was very unhappy to see Chen Luo at her house. Su Mo followed Shao Mingzhe to the community, watching him go upstairs with complicated eyes. Shao Mingzhe simply sat down to eat together, running against Chen Luo both inside and out. After eating, Xia Ranran and Chen Luo were not allowed to have a chance to contact, so he sent him away.

Shao Mingzhe looked like he was going to spend the night at Xia Ranran’s house. He took out a newspaper and asked her to read it. Seeing Shao Mingzhe take off his coat, Xia Ranran was a little panicked and could only agree to read the newspaper to him. Shao Mingzhe ignored Xia Ranran’s run. He lay on the bed and said that she had met someone she didn’t want to see. She became more beautiful, more confident, and happier than before. Maybe it was the right choice to leave him.

Early the next morning, Shao Mingzhe woke Xia Ranran, who was sleeping on the sofa, and said that someone had knocked on the door. Xia Ranran ran to open the door shamelessly and found that it was Shao Kai who had given her a gift. Shao Mingzhe quickly declared his sovereignty, and went downstairs to find that Shao Kai had also given Xia Ranran a sports car. Shao Mingzhe took the key and said it was a man-to-man affair. Shao Mingzhe and his grandfather explained the ins and outs. He and Xia Ranran were sincerely in love with her boyfriend and girlfriend.

His grandfather was naturally on Shao Mingzhe’s side. This matter involved the family’s facial problems. Grandpa asked Shao Mingzhe to go to Shao Kai’s marketing department tomorrow. Shao Kai was very dissatisfied. Shao’s mother was even more dissatisfied, thinking that Shao Mingzhe should go to the South Sports Center project. Shao’s mother retired Shao Mingzhe from the hotel room, and Shao Mingzhe had to return to the home full of memories of Su Mo.

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