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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 10 Recap

He Jun came again, Li Chuyao hid in the kitchen to choose vegetables, was called out by his mother to chat with him, Chuyao reluctantly came to the sofa and sat down. He Jun brought snacks to Li’s mother and a book to Chu Yao. He talked to her endlessly about successful learning, and Chuyao couldn’t listen to it and got up to cook.

Li’s mother left He Jun to stay for dinner, and He Jun unceremoniously treated him as his own home. After the meal, Li’s mother and Chuyao’s sister and brother sent him out. He kept complimenting Chuyao’s virtuousness and the cooking was so delicious. Li’s mother asked Chuyao to send He Jun off again. She took Chuchen to go back. He Jun told Chuyao what is a new marriage, Chuyao got goose bumps. She ran home with the excuse of being cold. He Jun smiled and looked at her back, feeling that she was so ecstatic about running.

Then Qi Yi told He Jun that Longxiang had recently had a sum of 2 million in funds to purchase additional insurance for all employees, and asked him if he had the time and energy to take charge of this order. He Jun was very happy and quickly said that he had time. However, Qi Yi said that if her boss can’t get a satisfactory discount, she might find another insurance company to talk about this matter. He Jun quickly promised her that he would give her a satisfactory answer after going back to discuss with the leader. Then Qi Yi called Han Zimo to report the incident. In the afternoon, He Jun and his leaders would come to the company. Zimo promised to see He Jun, but asked her not to tell Chu Yao.

Li Luoshu and his colleagues originally planned to promote the product this month, but because Longxiang’s contract went slowly, their initial publicity expenses may have to be postponed. If the publicity is delayed, it will not catch up with the heat of the press conference. He told Chu Yao the situation, and Chu Yao told him not to worry, she went to talk to President Han immediately.

He Jun and his boss came to Long Xiang. When he saw Mr. Han in Qi Yi’s mouth, he couldn’t help being surprised when he met Chuyao’s classmates on the golf course. Zimo was dissatisfied with the 3% discount they offered, and even mocked He Jun’s boss. He Jun was also embarrassed beside him. When he left, his boss angrily asked He Jun to take the order anyway.

He Jun waited for Zimo at the door of the company. When he saw him coming out, he greeted him with a smile and wanted to continue talking. Zimo said he was going to the gym and he followed. On the treadmill, He Jun was so tired that he lowered his speed. He wanted to talk to Zimo about the order, but Zimo adjusted the speed of He Jun’s treadmill to let him finish five runs. Km find him again. He Jun couldn’t keep up and fell off the treadmill. Then Zimo asked He Jun to accompany him to practice boxing, but He Jun was knocked to the ground with a punch.

After Chuyao got home from get off work, he told Luo Shu that President Han would like to see him tomorrow to talk about the preliminary funding. At this time, He Jun called and told Chuyao that there would be new breakthroughs in his career when he was finished. To accompany her, Chuyao let him slowly go to see her without worrying, and hung up the phone.

Then He Junxing rushed to see Han Zimo with the contract. Zimo smiled and said that the number was wrong, not two million or twenty thousand. He Jun couldn’t help being dumbfounded. At that time, he clearly heard them say two million, Qi Yi He said that He Jun understood her wrongly. Their company did have a sum of 2 million yuan, but they didn’t say that they all used it to buy insurance. He Jun fetched a basket of water, and he slumped in a chair holding the contract, not knowing how to explain to the leader.

At this time, Luo Shu took Chang Dale to the gate of Longxiang in a taxi, preparing to talk to President Han about the preliminary funding. Zimo called and asked him to go to conference room No. 3. When Luo Shu arrived, he saw He Jun in the conference room looking desolate. He walked in after Zimo told the story and asked if He Jun still had a policy. He Jun frowned and said that the insurance policy had been ruined. Luo Shu deliberately reluctantly had to ask someone to do his one million policy. He Jun quickly asked him if it was true when he heard it. Luo Shu asked him to agree to a condition, that is, no more He Jun agreed to harass his sister not to approach his family anymore.

Zimo sent He Junzheng away and met Chu Yao. He happily told her that he helped her solve a big problem. He Jun would not harass her anymore. Chu Yao was very happy to hear it. No wonder He Jun sent a message to say goodbye. Chu Yao thanked Zimo very much. While waiting for President Han in the conference room, Chang Dale told Luo Shu that he had settled He Jun and it would be cheaper for Zimo. Luo Shu said that his sister made the decision for his own emotional matters. Dale felt that Luo Shu was generous. Will not give Siyi to Coach Zhang. As he was talking about Mr. Han coming, he laughed and said that the money could not be given to them before the contract was signed. Luo Shu said that it was okay and they would think of a solution.

Since Chuyao performed well on Xinyi Technology’s projects, Mr. Han asked her to continue to follow up the follow-up financing projects of Wanhe Real Estate. Mr. Fang from Wanhe Real Estate heard that Chu Yao said that his financing plan could not be approved, and he was unhappy to write a new one. He asked them to visit the construction site. Chu Yao and Qi Yi left. As they walked up the stairs, Qi Yi, who was wearing high heels, was very frightened. She pretended to have a broken foot and let Chu Yao go up alone. When Zimo met Luo Shu, he was very grateful to Luo Shu for helping him drive away his rivals. He felt that Luo Shu knew Chu Yao better than him, so he asked Luo Shu to help him chase her.

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