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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 8 Recap

Li Luoshu mentioned to his colleagues that there was a blind date meeting with her sister and friends, but everyone wanted to go. Luoshu saw that everyone went there as a team building, and everyone laughed and said that he was stingy. Later, Luo Shu accompanied Li Chuyao in the hotel to wait for her blind date, He Jun. He picked up a wine glass as a microphone to interview his sister, what is his standard for choosing a spouse, whether it is suave or handsome. Chuyao said that it is best to be filial. . Luo Shu teased that she had no personality at all, and she deserved to be married. Then they looked through He Jun’s WeChat circle to see who he was. At this time, He Jun sent a WeChat message saying that something was going to happen. Luo Shu couldn’t help but vomit to release pigeons on the first date.

On this day, Luo Shu and Chu Yao went to fill up Lin Yu’s blind date meeting. Soon the people who care about science and technology arrived. After everyone entered the venue, they all looked for seats according to their number plates. A man sat down in the seat in front of Chuyao. Chuyao looked familiar with him. He was surprised to hear him introduce himself as He Jun. He Jun heard that she was Li Chuyao, so he apologized to her and said that he was embarrassed about what happened before.

I don’t want to waste time because I haven’t met each other, but I might as well get to know each other when I meet them here. Not far away, Luo Shu was talking absently with the girl in front of him, while secretly turning his head to look at his sister.

He Jun said that when he saw Chuyao for the first time, he felt a little dinosaur bumping into his chest. The man next to him couldn’t help but chuckle. He Jun ignored him and continued to boast that Chuyao must be so dignified that he must be very prosperous. Chuyao was a little bit unable to sit still. It happened that the host said that the male guest time was up. Seeing He Jun got up and left, Chuyao couldn’t help but relax In a tone, Luo Shu walked over, and he was surprised to hear that He Jun just got up and left.

At the end of the blind date meeting, Lin Yu asked Chuyao if she liked anything, and Chuyao told her that she didn’t like them, but some of them were nauseous. At this time, He Jun walked over to tell Chuyao not to come to such occasions. There are really not many good men like him. Let her seize the opportunity to have dinner together another day and let Chuyao call him.

After he left, Lin Yu wondered how this person was so familiar. Chuyao said that this person was the blind date her mother had introduced to her. The first time she met and put the pigeons, she ran into him here. Lin Yu asked Chuyao to stay away from him. He is a member of the blind date website, and he is a blind date staring at her carefully. After that, Han Zimo couldn’t help being angry when he heard Lin Yu talk about He Jun. This person dared to fight him for the first time. Love is the battlefield. Lin Yu asked him to act quickly to stop He Jun.

When Chu Yao and Luo Shu returned home, his mother already knew that she and He Jun had met. The other party thought that Chu Yao was good, but it was a bit cold. Luo Shu interjected and said that his sister was cold outside and hot inside, and his mother told him not to interrupt. She told him to be gentle and kind to others after Chu Yao. That day, He Jun called Chuyao to invite her to dinner, but Chuyao quickly declined and said that he hung up the phone during the meeting.

Then a phone call came in. Chu Yao thought He Jun was a little impatient. Didn’t he just say that she was in a meeting? Zimo asked her who she was talking to. When Chu Yao heard it was Zimo, he asked him something, and he said angrily Did He Jun come to her again? Chuyao guessed that Lin Yu told him, and Zimo said that he would go to her to help her after get off work. After that, when Chuyao got off work and got in Zimo’s car, he received a call from He Jun. He asked her to play golf on the weekend. Before she refused, he hung up the phone. Zimo heard that if he was angry, he let him go. Chuyao went to see him this weekend.

In the evening, Luo Shu knocked on Chuyao’s room door and wanted to invite her to participate in their product launch. Chuyao happily agreed. On the weekend, Chuyao and He Jun ran into Zimo at the gate of the Golf Stadium. Chuyao introduced to He Jun that Zimo was her high school classmate, and He Jun claimed to be Chuyao’s boyfriend. Zimo smiled and said why didn’t Chuyao say However, He Jun said that it was sooner or later that Chuyao kept a low profile. Then they went to play golf, which was Zimo’s strong point. He Jun felt very uncomfortable watching Zimo teach Chuyao playing golf.

At the subsequent science and technology exhibition, Li Luoshu and Chang Dale had always participated in the exhibition at the door, and people who had always participated in the exhibition had a promotional leaflet for the company’s products. People who helped each other came over to ridicule Luoshu and said that he was a small workshop with no strength and no marketing methods. , And there is no promotion platform. It is true that only small flyers can be distributed. Before leaving, he threw the flyers on the ground. Da Le was so excited that he wanted to reason with him. Luo Shu stopped Da Le from seeing him in general. Then the man went to Mr. Wu and whispered with him, as if he was planning something.

Chu Yao and Qi Yi came to the exhibition with tasks, and Mr. Han asked them to find some good projects for the company. Han Zimo also came. He took Chuyao to the entrance of Xinyi Technology’s exhibition hall on the second floor. Qi Yi had never heard of this company. Zimo introduced to her that Xinyi Technology possesses the advanced technology that many big companies dream of. This company is worth it. one look. So they went to the Progress Hall to visit. After listening to Luoshu’s product introduction, Qi Yi thought it was very good, and asked Chuyao to include Xinyi Technology on the list.

Later, Chu Yao introduced Luo Shu to Qi Yi. Qi Yi learned that Luo Shu was Chu Yao’s younger brother and couldn’t help complaining why she didn’t say so early. She felt that Xinyi Technology was the best start-up team in this exhibition, and hoped that they could work together if they had the opportunity. . Then she quarreled that Luoshu was handsome and talented. Zimo watched her stare at Luoshu and asked her if she would not go to other projects.

She said no, Xinyi Technology is the start-up team that President Han was looking for. Seeing that she was fascinated by the beauty, Zimo reminded her to be careful of being scolded by his dad. Only then did Qi Yi recover and asked Chu Yao to look at other projects with her. At this moment He Jun came. He walked to Chuyao and said while pulling her arm. Zimo walked angrily and grabbed He Jun’s hand and dragged him aside. He Jun let him let go and cursed. With brutal violence, he left angrily.

Xinyi Technology’s product release effect is good, everyone has a happy dinner together. Knowing that Luo Shu is allergic to eggs, Chu Yao put the egg tart in front of him aside, and Luo Shu couldn’t help but feel sweet when he saw it. When my mother saw Luo Shu on the TV at home, she hurriedly asked her wife to come out to watch. The wife quickly turned off the TV and said that her son was taking an exam at school. She must have lost her eyes. Mother felt very strange, so she called Chuchen and Chuyao to go home quickly.

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