My husband became a tyrant because thought I was dead

내가 죽은 줄 알고 남편이 폭군이 되었습니다

Serien, a maid and commoner of Count Treeman’s work .

One day , I regain the memory of the 10 years I had lost .

Its original name is Ashaela de Aceh .

Not the common people , but the de Young Ae Aceh prestigious gongjakga

The family was conspired by some kind of incident, and she managed to escape from death .

Having reclaimed all her memories, she reclaimed her family ,

I pledge to return to my beloved husband and imperial emperor Rahader … … .

” Don’t let me hear a word or breath in my ears . If you don’t want to die .”

However, he became a maniac tyrant who all the imperialists feared and looked up to .

Apparently, the man he loved was a cute little boy ,

What has happened in the last 10 years ?

“ There are rumors that the emperor is crazy after losing his lover .”

It won’t be because of me .