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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 3 Recap

Not long after the day passed, an edict suddenly came, officially announcing that Yingyingren would be crowned at the Taimiao Temple. The crowning ceremony meant that Yingyingren would become the son of Mrs. Huayang and inherit the position of heir. In the future, he would be the best choice for King Qin. In view of this important action, brothers of the same race have discussed and dissatisfied in their dissatisfaction. They feel that Yingyiren has served as a hostage in Zhao for eight years, and has not made any merits, and is not worthy of being a son. It is the driving force behind Ying Yiren’s superior son, which should not be underestimated.

After Yingzai heard this, she was depressed. She thought that Lu Buwei was scheming and selfish, so she didn’t want to follow Shicang’s advice. Now, seeing Lu Buwei accompany Ying and different people into the Taimiao, and the words of others are like needles, hitting his heart, the more and more Ying Liao thinks, the more angry, and then draws a sword to stab Lu Buwei.

Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, Ying Yiren stood up to block the sword, and it was difficult for anyone to understand that as a descendant of the royal family, he would actually protect the uncle with his life. All the people present were stunned by this sudden situation, Ying Zhu immediately ordered someone to take down Ying Yi, and Mrs. Hua Yang ran to check Ying Yi Ren’s injuries.

Although the death of a bargainer is not a pity, the injury of Yingxin is the serious crime of cruelty to the hands and feet. When Ying Zhu was heartbroken to Ying Zhu, Shicang came with a cane to take the blame for Ying Xi. Ying Zhu knew that Shicang was the protector of the lord, but someone needed to be responsible for it. It was better for an outsider than his own son to operate the knife. In the end, the incident ended when Shicang was hanged and Yingzai was expelled from Xianyang Fatai Border Pass.

Fortunately, Ying Ye Ren was only slightly injured outside the skin, and did not endanger his life, so he temporarily lived in the side hall. Lu Buwei lowered his head and thought. After the doctor left, he directly knelt on the ground, regretting himself and being deeply moved. At the same time, his heart was embarrassed. If the other person died because of him, wouldn’t all the previous efforts be abandoned?

Xia Ji was worried about the injuries of her parents and her son. She rushed to the side hall to visit the stranger. The mother and the son had been able to see each other again for eight years. Both of them were in tears. After all, the situation has changed, and the status is different. The blood relationship is not enough for outsiders. Xia Ji’s status is humble and unworthy to serve as a maternal son.

At noon, Shicang was tortured in prison. After a short break, Ying Yiren came to Taimiao still wounded and successfully completed the “three pluses” ceremony under the witness and auspices of the elders of the public clan. Listening to the word Li Cheng coming out of the temple, Lu Buwei was very pleased. It was still the crow-colored promenade. When he looked back, he found that the scenery was completely different, which happened to be quite satisfactory.

In 251 BC, the Emperor of the Western Zhou Dynasty raised the banner of the emperor and attacked Qin together. Five hundred thousand soldiers and horses surrounded Yique, causing General Yingji to be trapped here, holding two hundred thousand soldiers and horses to defend the city. In the face of this disparity, there are nothing more than two countermeasures. One is to send reinforcements to confront the five-nation coalition forces; the other is to lead the army to retreat to Hangu Pass, relying on the pass to block, waiting for the enemy to retreat.

In the Zhangtai Palace, the ministers were controversial. Meng Gao asked 200,000 soldiers to go straight to Yique to break through the encirclement. However, due to the long distance between the two places, it was difficult to reach them in a short time. Outside the Zhangtai Palace, Lu Buwei and Ying Yiren were grilling meat in the room to discuss countermeasures. Lu Buwei was resourceful and accurately analyzed the pros and cons, which happened to coincide with Yingji’s ideas.

In the end, Yingji appointed Yingzhu and Yingji to lead the troops together, bypassing the coalition forces and attacking Luoyi, cleverly seizing Zhou’s King Ji, and opposing the guest. Although the attack on Qin has been resolved, Yingzhu has recently become unwell and can’t stand the suffering of the army. Under Lu Buwei’s proposal, Ying Yiren decided to supervise the army on his father’s behalf and go to Yique to make another contribution.

Just as Ying Ji expected, this was the best time to attack Wang Ji, and it didn’t take long for him to repeatedly report victory, and he went down several cities. After hearing the news, the king of the Western Zhou Dynasty changed his face and immediately gave up Han Guan Gu, and begged the other five generals to return to his teacher with him and rescue the emperor. Seeing the Hanguangu garrison leaving one after another, Ying Ji instructed Gong Gong to lead a hundred thousand troops east to the territory of Zhao State. If Zhao Jun does not return to the division to block him, he can lead his army through the Shangdang and attack Handan directly.

Ying Zhu wrote a letter to Ying Yiren, thus conveying the meaning of Yingji. It seemed that he should ask for peace from the Western Zhou Dynasty and allow Emperor Zhou to continue to live in Luoyi, but he asked the other party to dedicate 36 cities and land population. Ying Yiren came forward to discuss on behalf of King Qin. Zhao Sheng not only humiliated him, but even forced him to give up his terms with Zhao Ji’s mother and son. He didn’t expect that Ying Yiren would not be threatened. The lives of his wife and children.

Zhao Sheng never expected Qin people to be such a tiger and wolf, and his heart is like a solid stone. He could not be like a foreigner and abandoned his relatives. He also knew that if he really killed Zhao Ji’s mother and son, he would surely pay the blood. The peace talks finally ended with a compromise in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Yingji admired the stranger very much, and felt that it was a blessing to have this monarch.

On the way to Handan, a group of people left a long way away, and Ying foreigners rushed to the wives and children in the prison wagons, expressing their thoughts, promising to take them back to Xianyang. Zhao Sheng had won the bow and arrow, and as a long arrow shot towards the mound in front of him, Ying Renren’s progress was blocked, and he could only watch the team leave.

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